: Kha'Zix says hello.
akali pre heal nerf : uses q heals 200 -> replenishes costs by using passiv (and its energy so come on .. 10 per sec) khazix : uses w heals 200 at best -> has longer cd, only works if you stay in a lot of targets because the heal only works in melee, costs a good amount of mana which he cant regenerate fast (through normal means) at some point he cant use w because mana issues .. yea khazix says "where are my buffs ? i want 4 second cooldown on w, let it heal me as long as i hit anything and let it refund 50 mana on hit so i can actualy use it like akali does"
: AFK should be punished more.
how would your system reset the afk counter ? (in case someone gets a rare connection issue every now and then) what happens to someone who got bugsplated out of the game ?(and what happens if someone bugsplats in multiple games) how would your system detect someone being afk ?(like what if you are afk for x minutes of the game ?) in the end i would like a more strict afk system .. but it needs to actualy work well too ..
Shozis (EUNE)
: Turrets [rant]
i mean .. turrets are not your parents .. you arent suposed to be just unkillable in their range .. however i still feel turrets are to easy to destroy .. and should gain a bit more armor+mr
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Barrier on a support is like, useless. idrc about klepto, but barrier provides nothing to a 2vs2 lane.
many supports who already have great cc / slows do not need exhaust .. and in the current meta where ppl explode instantly when hit with anything, ignite is not realy all that necessary except if the enemys have like a healer or something like that .. so supports like soraka janna lulu zilean and more are taking barrier or heal or even some other weird summ .. also mage-supports like velkoz often stay too far away to use ignite or exhaust anyway so they pick barrier for better escapes (which means less deaths which means less fed enemys which means better 2v2)
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=paranormal0001,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AfpmohB9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-08T22:17:25.996+0000) > > what would happen to those that bought runepages ? > especialy those who bought them with rp .. > refund? people could put that RP to much better use if i'm not mistaken, they refunded already all the rune pages people bought before the new system. > and if that is so then you could just aswell just use the already implemented system, right ? Still does not aswer the "why not"... why would you not want this to be implented. what have you got to lose from it?
> refund i am not sure if riot to this day has a list of ppl who purchased a runepage a couple years ago .. >why not "if it aint broken, dont fix it." would be my response .. there is no need to change it since it already works how it is .. and to be fair .. atleast for me i always felt amazing once i have gathered enough recourses to buy a page .. (felt even better in the past where runes were actualy highly customizable and many ppl had totaly different pages for the same champion)
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Why not give each champion his own rune page?
what would happen to those that bought runepages ? especialy those who bought them with rp .. also i doubt anyone plays more than 15 champions regularely .. this would be the max amount of runepages needed .. and if that is so then you could just aswell just use the already implemented system, right ?
: Looks balanced.
: why this should be...fun?
well .. the idea is that league becomes more of a strategic game since most pve elements are buffed and also to make league feel less 'bruteforce' to win like it currently feels to me ..
Rioter Comments
: Not a bug. His knockup has a projectile component.
+ velkoz w is intended to be blocked by it too
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: zoe oneshots tanks these days
because tanks these days have only 2 viable mr items and mages can negate 40% of it .. tanks these days (if not totaly fed) have generaly not enough defence to survife even 2 second in a teamfight if focused .. like .. i play some mage and just deal half their hp with my 3 basic abbilitys .. or i am a conquror user and ignore their resists or i am an adc and got onehit by some random projectile ..
: Yes, let's nerf the damage for everyone. So we can have tanks being broken op again, cause that's what everybody wants. Can ADC mains please finally understand that they're SUPPOSED to die to an assassin/bruiser if they try 1v1 them?
tanks werent broken because you cant kill them .. they were broken because they did enough damage while being so hard to kill .. take away damage and stop giving tanks basedamages .. and done no tanks 1v9 .. no onehit meta .. just a normal game .. like .. do you realy think an entity that deals 0 dmg but cant be killed except you focus on it for like 10 seconds is worse than an entity that just onehits stuff and can only be countered by onehitting it first ?
: Remove Karthus from ARURF
have you seen xerath, twisted fate, veigar, yi and other very strong champions ? if karthus should be removed then those champions reasonably should too ..
Murdarici (EUNE)
: he meant that if not random pick, after couple of hours since normal urf release meta is set and players play only same champions over and over
ahh .. but i mean .. i am for that .. atleast i can choose my champion .. it is so toxic to have rng blocking you from having fun with your fav champions .. like .. i love to play velkoz veigar karthus .. why do i not get to play them .. they maybe are toptier or garbage .. but i want to play them and not be just locked out because of rng .. also when i played urf .. the real not random urf .. there was a set meta but you would definitly not see the same champions over and over .. like of the top of my head what i would like to play in urf are : karthus veigar velkoz nidalee jhin lux ezrael shaco maokai alistar chogath kogmaw sivir twistedfate rengar annie heimer kassadin lissandra and many more .. and i bet most ppl also have such long lists of champions they want to play ..
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Instead of being ARurf, it has been "Maokai-Yi-Veigar"-urf. It has been kinda disappointing tbh.
DeCoqq (EUW)
: Well, if you kill opponent's biggest dmg doer as rengar, you have done your job. If you died also, so be it, your team still have dmg left and it is up to them to finish the job, your team have advantage. Mages can't dive to backline, they can only hit what is in front of them. Mages dmg is based on skillshots, use dashes to dodge those and outplay that mage, create flanks with your teammates. There are ways to handle mages.
if i kill the enemy carry as rengar and die it is good and i did my job .. however the problem i have is that assassines generaly have to risk their life to secure that one kill aka high risk, high reward (which i adore .. i love this principle) while mages can nuke any cced target down as long as the target is not going extremely tanky .. basicly : low (if any) risk, but same reward (the reward being a kill) i am not saying that mages cant be handeled .. but if you are saying mages how they currently are, are exactly how they are supposed to be .. then assassines who **should** be very much superior in killing a target would need some kind of buff since they are inferior in killing a targt if you actualy look at risk/reward aka price/value of assassines vs mages ..
DeCoqq (EUW)
: Assassins are relevant, ADCs not so much. Assassins have capability to oneshot squishies and escape, adcs can't do either. Since ADCs dmg and importance has diminished, the dmg has to come somewhere else, i.e. from support.
assassines are kinda outperformed by mages though .. i mean an assassine literaly has the job to kill one target and that is it .. a mage usualy has high amounts of aoe burst to the point where they are basicly able to oneshot squishys just like assassines can .. but they have more ways to be usefull in teamfights or on other lanes since they in general have higher waveclear and usualy also some forms of poke and cc .. why would i pick rengar jump into a target and kill them + die myself if i can just pick lux hit my q once and then just oneshot them from range and safety anyway ..
Lari (EUNE)
: Ninja support idea
i like where you are coming from (and i am happy that you didnt introduce totaly new mechanics into the game which most of the time are toxic for like 3 months until they get nerfed into the abyss) however : i kinda dislike his ult .. when i think of a ninja then i think he hides in his allies shaddow and comes out for a suprise attack and not just give him a GG-lvl-buff also his r would synergyze too well with vlad i think .. making it a lvl 6 4v5 but vlad counts as like 3 champions because of the stats he got so it actualy becomes a 6v5 .. (i mean vlad getting %bonus dmg and 1000 hp which he converts into dmg through hp scalings and into ap through passiv and the ap is then converted into dmg .. yea too much synergy) however .. if you would change the ult to something like i named above .. then it would be better to make him an assassine altogether and discard the whole support idea :/
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: How does pyke deal with vel'koz's high amounts of true damage?
i mean to be fair .. velkoz has only his e to defend him which is also his only tool to actualy catch you .. he has no mobility and dies as soon as you hook him ..
: Aren't you folks missing very important points here in regards to what happens when you get her "curse" on you? That shit got nerfed big time. That shit was way out of control upon release. And then they nerfed the healing she can get from her hentaiporn, I mean tentacles. I'm not an expert on Illaoi, nor on any other champ since I care very little, but looking at Illaoi today - she seems reasonable. Back when she was released she was the most obnoxious thing on the rift.
i remember when you literaly coudnt play the game for 30 seconds because of that curse xD also you remember the time when her tentacles used to aim at the position you will go when they arive instead of your current position ?
Mak3M3Happy (EUNE)
: Veigar
what i would like is if his q stacks for cannons/big monsters would stack with ap .. like imagine he gets +1 ap per 100 ap for killing cannons/big monsters with q or something like that .. (however i think veiger would be too op with such a change if there would not be a nerf with it ..)
ζζζ (EUW)
: nice hitbox riotarded games
there is also something similar where when you stay close to a minion and a thresh hooks that minion then it has a good chance of hitting you instead
Sefi (EUNE)
: STATS: Really?
this feels more like riot trying to tell you something about your adc skills ^^ no but honestly .. this is funny if it isnt photoshoped ..
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So once again, the team who gets lucky wins. Have fun when the enemy team rolls a Karthus, and you are stuck with.. Kalista.
https://imgur.com/gallery/ERHgM is what you will think every time he uses ult
: Why every player that complains about assassins needs to be support player? Sorry because I even started to argue with u.
the funny thing i can say as an ex support main / now i am kinda getting back into it again : many many supports actualy completely delet the concept of an ad assassine .. zed is countered by janna lulu soraka tarik tahmkench thresh .. the list goes on talon : same list to be honest rengar .. he is always countered by everything that denys him to instantly oneshot or ccs him .. kayne : depends .. wukong : ok he is not realy affected if he plays it correctly khazix depends on champions and playstyle .. but more often than not a non fed khazix will just bounce off of an adc who is suported by nami
Gabresol (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=kisaragi LaKill,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Gr0mttgq,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2019-01-05T15:13:29.734+0000) > > well yeah,every ad assassin builds lethality,maybe because its for oneshotting people and assassins are there to do that idk wtf u want assassins to build titanic hydra or attack speed wtf Items Mages buy early in their match up: Depending on champion in a equal match-up: {{item:3802}} -> {{item:3285}} or {{item:3010}} -> {{item:3027}} or {{item:3070}} If match-up is an assassin -> instead: {{item:3191}} -> {{item:3157}} If up against a bad mage match-up: {{item:3102}} AD-Assassins: Depending on champion in a equal match-up: {{item:3134}} If match-up is an assassin -> instead: {{item:3134}} If up against a bad mage match-up: {{item:3134}} or (if loosing) {{item:3155}} and then {{item:3134}} Laning-phase as an Ad-Assassin is the most simple (not easiest but most simple) task in the entire game. There is no "If X, then Y" scenario you have to think about when playing them. The sheer lack of decision making in the item-paths is what makes them easier then other champions.
you do realize that having basicly only 3 items they can build while having close to only ad and lethality in their items for ad assassines while having a lot of different items with :cdr, infinit-mana, burst, penetration, grevious wounds, and defensiv options as an ap assassine is not an argument that speaks for ad assassines being op, do you ? ap itemization is kinda op to be honest .. you fight an assassine ? {{item:3157}} you fight an ad champion ? {{item:3157}} you fight a mage ? {{item:3102}} you fight a tank ?{{item:3135}} you fight a realy persistant tank ? {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} you fight a squishy carry ? {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} you have mana issues ?{{item:3285}} or {{item:3040}} you need sustain ?{{item:3027}} you feel like you want a huuuge shield ?{{item:3040}} you want to be extremely defensive lategame without anyone realizing it while still having great attackpower ? {{item:3027}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} | and {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} 2 of those| do you realize a mage has options for literaly every scenario he might have to fight against ?
Riryz (EUW)
: Sure, lets nerf her more. gut her like they gutted my khazix in patch 4.21(2?). no but on a serious note neither of those are going to be good for her unless other things are altered as well besides that. Akali right now is pretty garbage IMO (notice that its the opinion from a casual nonranked playing player). She isnt "too strong". Even before the nerfs they recently did her winrate was trash even though her banrate was high. The main reason why she was permabanned is because she was just that annoying to lane against. So im going for option 5. Imo they should give up on Akali altogether and revert her rework. Ill give them a couple of months but i doubt they will be able to balance her properly. So she will probably be gutted and then abandoned for a couple of months, or they will revert her and adjust her stats to fit in again.
to be honest .. i would prefer a revert but they make it so controlwards let enemys see her glimmer (like she does under towers currently) (while she is still visible under turrets) over the new akali every day of the weak .. but even if they completely revert her i think she would still be 100 times less frustrating to fight
Shamose (EUW)
: You can change everywhere.
i am not 100% sure but it might be that he wants to just be able to choose the form in fountain .. without having the whole minigame of dealing damage to champions to get the transformation etc
: It still blows my mind, that a top laner does more damage then our mid and adc together and still he can take damage like he was a malphite.
to be fair .. many toplaners can do that .. nasus illaoi renekton trynda yasuo mordekaiser .. just the time at which they can that and the amount of skill/feed/enemy incompetence required varys heavily .. also something simmilar happens with lategame mages .. xerath veigar etc .. there comes a point here they just legit delete waves and champions with the flick of their fingers .. but instead of selfhealing tankyness they just got huge range
Lari (EUNE)
: When you play Pyke
i wish i could zoom out this far .. and yea that was very satisfying .. thanks
: file:///C:/Users/G%C3%BCly/Desktop/luxy.PNG I feel you..
>file:///C:/Users/G%C3%BCly/Desktop/luxy.PNG um .. sadly you can not upload / share pictures like that .. because the path you gave us is not a link but .. well as said a path used for your computer as refference .. we sadly are not in posession of your computer or have acces to the data of it by legal means .. if you are still willing to share the pic .. then try to either provide an actual link .. or if you dont have the original scource then load it onto your browser (like you propably did in this case) and then rightclick it while selecting the "search with google" option .. there you will very likely find the scource of the picture which then can be actualy send to us so that we are able to see it aswell ..
Zycolance (EUNE)
: What is it that Zed really needs?
>he lacks dmg i like math so .. lets look what zed can output .. scenario : lvl=3 bonus ad=15 (10 from item and i hope 5 from runes) zed q dmg : (min=56)(max=94) zed e dmg : = 82 electrucute : = 54 so if he uses w then slows with e and then hits 2 qs (one of which will be weakened since it flew through minions)then : dmg = 82+54+56+94 = 286 if both qs are weakened : dmg = 82+54+56+56 = 248 if no q is weakened : dmg = 82+54+94+94 = 324 i mean .. for lvl 3 poke it is quite ok .. and dont forget he uses energy .. so he can always do it when it is off cooldown and the second scenario i want to look at is : lvl=6 bonus ad=25(serreted dirk only and no runebonus to ad is counted .. so it would actualy be slightly higher) zed total ad = 101 zed q dmg : (min=104)(max=173) zed e dmg: = 90 electrocute: = 84 zed r : all dmg *1.25 (+25%) and +101 (100% total ad) passiv: 6% miss hp -> 3-6% max hp and combo he has to land is : r+q²+e+attack+passiv (so he hits 2 qs) his dmg if both qs are weakened (unlikely but still .. ) : (104+104+90+84+101+{3-6%max hp})*1.25 + 101 = 705 dmg + (3.75% to 7.5% max hp) hitting 1 weakened q and one normal : (104+173+90+84+101+{3-6%max hp})*1.25 + 101 = 791 + %dmg hitting both qs impowered : (173+173+90+84+101+{3-6%max hp})*1.25 + 101 = 877 + %dmg a veigar usualy has 876 hp and 38 armor lvl 6 .. zed has 17 lethality with sudden impact+dirk so he ignores ~13 armor (actualy 12 but i rouned veigars armor up .. so lets make it even here) so the armor veigar now actualy effectively has is 38-13 =25 -> 1-(100/(100+25)) = 20% reduction so the combo i described (with only one attack in it and 2 qs hit) would on average (1 qweakened) deal 633 dmg + (3-6% max hp) .. this is not enough to kill him 100-0 .. but i mean you need to somehow get 243 dmg poke to him and welp .. you got him also dont froget you have ignite which again does its dmg .. (i picked veigar because i main veigar .. it has nothing to do with champion stats etc ) so in the end .. regarding the dmg statement .. i would realy disagree .. since you dont even need to hit the full combo to basicly 80 to 0 a midlaner lvl 6 .. the argument that he is forced to pick electrocute : i mean imagine he could almost delet someone with no keystone rune lvl 6 .. i think that would be broken ..
Gebba (EUW)
: In the first one, the ashe arrow didn't proc its hitbox on yasuo yet. You can look closely and see the corner of his windwall before it traveled away from Yas, hit the arrow's hitbox before the arrow hit Yasuo. Not a bug, just lucky timing. This is basically Yasuo's version of the Yi meme 'I was in alpha' which isn't a bug but an intended mechanic based on how the proc rates work, which also makes something called disjointing a mechanic that wouldnt otherwise work. The hitbox is just like an arrow. <==< (Edit: Not really, see screenshots below for what happens) , the tip passed through Yasuo's back, and then the tip hits the corner and removes the whole arrow, instead of the corner of the arrow hitting Yasuo first. [Here is screenshot 1, Arrow looks like it misses Yasuo](https://i.imgur.com/CimOnn9.png), [and here is screenshot 2, the corner of the wall procs the tip of the arrow and removes it.](https://i.imgur.com/2OCoUxo.png) Hope this explains. I know it looks dumb but visual feedback is not how the game's internal hitboxes and programming works so sometimes you don't want to look at what the game is showing you, sometimes you want to know how it works internally. The second one i can't explain though, either bug or netcode issue. Can't be Yasuo's problem cuz he has 7ms so its not internet. Super fkin weird. I don't think either Riven or Yasuo is toxic. Yasuo is probably the most well-designed champ in the entirety of League, there is no champ that has ever been as popular as Yasuo, and stayed as popular ever since release. Sometimes he has been too good, and pre-conq he had no keystone and was much weaker. Overall he has been just about OK though. I'm also not saying just because Y does it so shall X. You aren't arguing for Yasuo to be nerfed, you're arguing for an entire design to be removed, and saying it's a toxic mechanic and unhealthy gameplay. I'm saying its not. I want Yasuo to be more balanced in lower elos but i dont want to directly re-design the champion or change him too much, because then he gets fk'd in higher elo and i havent seen a Yasuo in over 200 games already. It says his pickrate in diamond is 20% which is high (Well i play norms in preseason), he is also never banned, but i just don't see him played ever.
first video : i just had no better footage of the first one .. but he can do the same thing with veiger ult .. or any other targeted abbility i mean changing his w to just scale with his passiv while consuming it isnt realy a huge change to be honest .. 80% of his kit would stay the same .. but to be honest i would already be very happy if they would just make his windwall a thin thin thin line so that he cant just stay in it and be unhitable like in video 2 (it doesnt happen all the time but when it does it is worse then getting camped) and also so that it punishes yasuo way way harder for bad placement of his w .. i mean dont get me wrong .. i see that the champion isnt performing well at all at the moment .. but it is so terrible to fight him or have him in your team because he can only perform realy well or be a flaming feeder achieving nothing for most of the game game .. to the point that rather then trying to change his numbers, actual mechanics need to be ripped out of his kit or other forms of counterplay need to be introduced so that he can then be buffed by numbers into 50% winrate without him having a 100% banrate in my oppinion .. (if you understood the last paragraph then you dont need to read further .. i am just gonna try to explain it again a bit better if possible: usualy if a champion has << 50% winrate he would need a buff however if a champion is toxic to fight/has a huge banrate then making him have a 50% winrate would almost always result in a ~100% banrate -> noone can play him and he has to be nerfed or reworked.. so making him less forgiving or introducing other ways of counterplay to his kit would reduce frustration when fighting him a lot .. allowing riot to then buff his number until he is at ~50% winrate without having a huge banrate .. )
Sioox (EUW)
: I had a novel before, but decided to cut it down, maybe I mispronounced myself in a few places, especially since English is not my main language. > i like that .. but i think there would need to be a nonlinear scaling to it or some kind of cap to height Yeah, that was in my mind. > in your hexagon they are suposed to kill assassines .. how are they doing that with no dmg ? You're right. I should have used "counters" rather than "killing" at this point. > Tank Items should have much less armor, and much more magic resistance and health so that the AD Carry can take on the task of destroying the tank. > what about corcki or other hybrid carrys ? > why is magic now so easy to counter ? > would that not make adcs completely game deciding ? Corki can reduce opponents' Resistances with his E ability, and to my knowledge, other Hybdrid Carries cause True damage or scaling with the life of the target. Because most items with magic resistance are those that are for tanks and have life. And when champions scale in size, they buy more attack surface, which could have been protected by a tank with, for example: Solaris. Yes, definitely yes. But would not that be a good thing? The ADC needs to be protected so he can destroy the tank and the fighters - especially since I think the fighter is currently above all, because of Conqueror. > also in your hexagon fighters are suposed to kill apcs .. but how are they suposed to do that if mages get so much defence ? By armor reduction. For example, the altered form of the Conqueror or by black cleaver. Especially since Last Whisper might be for Fighter and not for Carries. > you nerfed splitpushers hard with this while also making a 5 man waveclear comp able to never loose the game .. You're right, I did not think about it. But maybe the other team could take assassins and fighters and destroy the Waveclear team? > now you 100% deleted splitpushers Think you're right. Maybe someone has an idea to adapt mine? > you nerfed every melee champion in the game if i understand that correctly Or maybe they do 100% damage to melee range, and the farther an opponent is gone, less. All I care about is that she is not directly killed by tanks and fighters. > so make all dashes slower but more often usable ? .. i am not sure but i think the nonexistend melee champions are now even more nonexistend Who for example? I mean, all the Assassins win because they can try to kill the Carry more often, and they're not always killed by all the mages, who have more armor from my change and can hold more against Lethality. For example, Xin Zhao would also come to mind if he uses Dash more often and can tear the opponent team apart with his Ult to give his team more opportunities. So that one could only react to all the thousand champions with all their dash, I would have liked to increase the animation time. > an be abused to constantly hit someone with it by rotating your champion instantly .. (Aurelion Sol) I'm not so sure about that > wouldnt be balanced .. if they make it the same time always then it would be much easier to catch ppl from range and then just cc+delete them with your team .. (Bard) Well, I think it would be Balanced then. > what about comet ? also arent mages already doing enough aoe dmg ? (Sorcery Key Rune) You did not understand what I was after. My mistake. I meant a key rune that gets activated when AoE damage appears - Dark Harvest on Karthus is only because the rune is not just focused on a single target, an AoE ability. Aery and Comet would each hit only one target at a time. > who is gonna give such things to the melee assassines who literaly loose a 1v1 vs any adc or apc with your changes ? Well, if the Melee Assassin can do anything with the other Resolve tree runes. The tank is the one that should stand longer in the opponents / with the opponents. > the problem with your hexagon is that you created it and ballanced it only on 3 roles to be honest .. adc apc and tank .. all other champions are either completely deleted in your chnages or just so hard to pull of that they would never be played .. Thank you for the comment and I disagree with you. And I have to say that I did not pay attention to the splitpush.
to be honest .. based on your answers i have to say that now your idea looks more reasonable/ more realistic to come through (everything before asol) it might very likely be possible to actualy make simillar changes to yours work in a ballanced fashion by changing the values a bit / making stuff not so binary but i am not sure if that would then still be your idea / how you thought of it .. for example instead of champions being unable to deal dmg to inhibs and nexus, they just have 200 armor and mr vs melee champion and +0-100% more resists against ranged champion making the 4k-8k hp quite difficult to break through but not completely killing splitpushers .. also a change might be to let conquer apply an armor debuff which also can apply on structures .. making such splitpushers viable/ not nerfing them as hard and maybe let grasp proc on structures with less max hp gain but it ignores structure resists to make champions like yorick able to do their job sprinkle that with not completely taking out the waveclear from those champions and .. it might work about assassines (the ad assassines since i think ap assassines will be better then they are now after such changes) : i feel like assassines will not be viable if the game works the way you describe it except you make them terribly overpowered or you make their items / runes op af because in the end with normal teamcomps -> (adc-support) apc tank assassine : there would only be 2 characters who the assassine could actualy try to go for .. depending on the support+adc synergy maybe even just 1 champion .. and that one champion is the enemy assassine .. i mean apcs get tanky vs ad, tanks are tanks, adcs are protected by supporters and vice versa .. like why would you pick an assassine if a second tank or a mage seems more viable .. lastly i feel like many of your ideas were greatly thought through however then on their way they become preverted in a process that i call ballance-fetish ..example : an interesting mechanic is added via a champion to the game : it is terrible to play against because it was designed without openings in mind .. howevr the champion including that mechanic isnt good at ending the game -> has a low winrate so instead of addressing the issue which lies in gameplay and fun/counterplay of the champions mechanics, more attention is brought to ballance (the winrate) which makes it even more terrible .. (i cant realy give you good examples so please make do with this champion example .. however after having a day of thought in between i think your idea [even if strongly distorted due to previously mentioned issues] might actualy be worth a try ..)
Gebba (EUW)
: Minus the shield part which i would either need a video of to see the mechanic or if it's a bug, everything else could be said the same thing about Riven, but why is Yasuo the one that gets all the complaints? Does Yasuo even have a 50% winrate right now? I wouldn't know, nobody plays Yasuo the higher rank you get, just like most of these champs that people complain about.
this is what i am talking about : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWGuIzU-IhQ i also found this gem : https://gfycat.com/AdmiredRightLhasaapso dont get me wrong .. i feel like riven needs atleast as much fixing as yasuo needs .. however just because there already is a champion with toxic mechanics or bad gameplay to fight against doesnt mean it justifys an other to exist .. example (might be choosen badly but pls bear with me ^^) : just because rengar can onejump kill you doesnt justify lux to 100%kill you when she hits her root once .. they both need some work done to them ..
Gebba (EUW)
: Nah that's not fair, it would make him garbage honestly. He already has to skillshot the tornado so its not fair he needs wind for it to knock up as well. It's also the only way for him to proc ult without somebody else doing it for him, and nado has a lot of counterplay.
what realy isnt fair is that yasuo can block projectiles in front of him by windwalling behind him (one yasuo actualy did that to me (veigar r) just to crush my hopes of killing him since he failed his w .. but still blocked it) also .. to be realy honest his tornado isnt that hard to hit .. and dont forget that it has no cost like every other of his abbilitys other than cooldown which for his q becomes miniscule pretty fast.. i would realy like it if they made his abbilitys scale with the shield bar while consuming it (even if only w) and give him some serious downsides to his abbilitys ..
Sioox (EUW)
: Balance and Gameplay Concept / Request / Suggestion:
i looked at your hexagon and have found some major flaws .. (i will note them later) >All Champions grow in size by purchase HP. i like that .. but i think there would need to be a nonlinear scaling to it or some kind of cap to height >Tanks should neither die nor cause harm, but just annoy. in your hexagon they are suposed to kill assassines .. how are they doing that with no dmg ? >Conqueror Rune should penetrate armor rather like black cleaver than cause true damage. appreciate such a change .. it would be better that way >Tank Items should have much less armor, and much more magic resistance and health so that the AD Carry can take on the task of destroying the tank. what about corcki or other hybrid carrys ? why is magic now so easy to counter ? would that not make adcs completely game deciding ? >Mages should have more items that increases both Armor and Ability Power. so .. mages counter adcs now ? also in your hexagon fighters are suposed to kill apcs .. but how are they suposed to do that if mages get so much defence ? >Minions should be the only soldiers doing damage to Nexus and the inhibitors. you nerfed splitpushers hard with this while also making a 5 man waveclear comp able to never loose the game .. >All classes, except the AP and AD carry, should be inefficient in waveclear. now you 100% deleted splitpushers >At full range, a shooter does 100% damage, the closer the target gets, the more damage the shooter makes. you nerfed every melee champion in the game if i understand that correctly (i am certain that if an adc deals more dmg in melee then you have a problem that an adc beats melee champions in general and since adcs can be picked in every lane as an answer to melee champions the melees would just never be picked into any lane .. only possibility is jng where stuff like kindred will delete them since she now is even stronger) >Decrease all cooldowns of Dashes, Teleports, Jumps, etc., but extend the animation duration of all Dashes, Teleports, Jumps, etc. so make all dashes slower but more often usable ? .. i am not sure but i think the nonexistend melee champions are now even more nonexistend **aurelion** >... lets its passives circle in ellipses rather than in a perfect circle. can be abused to constantly hit someone with it by rotating your champion instantly .. **bard** >It would help most players if Bard's Ultimate ability has the same flight duration for all ranges. wouldnt be balanced .. if they make it the same time always then it would be much easier to catch ppl from range and then just cc+delete them with your team .. **teemo** >It would be great if you could destroy the Teemo Mushrooms with short range attacks - if you have not already stepped in on this short range. melee champions that arent tanks cant be played .. and since tanks have total magic resist i think that such a change isnt needed .. **Sorcery** >Please add a key rune to the sorcery rune tree, which can cause damage to multiple targets. what about comet ? also arent mages already doing enough aoe dmg ? **resolve** >Please add a key rune to the Resolve Runes tree, which will make the wearer some sec. unassailable shortly before 0HP. a get out of jail free card for tanks ? who is gonna give such things to the melee assassines who literaly loose a 1v1 vs any adc or apc with your changes ? the problem with your hexagon is that you created it and ballanced it only on 3 roles to be honest .. adc apc and tank .. all other champions are either completely deleted in your chnages or just so hard to pull of that they would never be played ..
: I've only had one game with her in and when she transformed her minimap skin was the same as whatever she changed into so I'm unsure of this. But yeah the scoreboard thing does sound glitchy.
he means that neeko isnt transformed but still has a different icon on the minimap ..
: Uninstalling until riot do something about damage and mobility.
if you realy uninstall just to reinstall it again .. then for the sake of your hardware .. pls dont .. just dont play the game instead of uninstalling
Chief Adham (EUNE)
: Crit Items..
i wish they would make a complete defence rework and bind crit into it .. like for example : imagine armor now is a stronger stat defending you from ad more effectively but : attacks reduce armor by some%dmg for a couple seconds (stacking or layering effect but cant go beneath 0) while crits reduce armor by 2-3 times some%dmg .. that way adcs can still not delet squishys(that was literaly the reason crit was changed to begin with) but have a good way to quickly (but not insanely quick) reduce a tank to nothing .. i mean i would atleast like to see such changes instead of just adding a huge amount of dmg into the game which makes tank just unatractive ..
: > [{quoted}](name=MirirPaladin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=O02bQH0T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-29T14:57:58.571+0000) > > at least you could counter her... You countered her by not being squishy and instakilling her. Face it, she was extremely binary and really unfun to play against if she got ahead.
yea .. old akali wasnt nice to play against .. but it still feels like you used to have graham's number times more counterplay compared to how she is now i mean she used to be countered by pinkward for god's sake ..
: Why do you lose 10 lp for a dodge?
because if there wouldnt be a penalty for dodging then there would be too many ppl who just dodge because they dislike the teamcomp .. or maybe they wanted an other role etc ..
ΑοΚι (EUW)
: Jungle is the better role for having impact, but keep in mind that you will have to deal with much more flame than playing on top.
most ppl i know call toplane the torture-lane .. and i mean when i see the stuff that happens there (quite frequently if i may add) and i think that i could have been the poor soul that got tortured that way instead .. i am very happy that i play jng & mid a jungler can also get tortured quite hardcore .. however it happens basicly never compared to toplane and even then a jungler *often* is suported by his team in such situations ..
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Will "adc" be better s9??
i feel like a mages outclass adcs during almost all stages of the game except the hyper lategame .. but wait (maybe i am wrong) but wasnt season 8 the ardent meta (also called the coinflip botlane meta) or am i mixing things up here ? (for me every season after season 4 was preseason 5 anyway xD)
Shamose (EUW)
: > Mobility: Check Other than some MS on her W, what mobility does she have?
still more than veigar and malzahar or velkoz .. syndra or lux .. compared to other mages she **does** have mobility .. but compared to other champions sure it is laughable .. also with the invisibility + the clone she can actualy escape many situations quite well ..
: Still not healthy... punishing enemies for getting fed isn’t something that should happen, nor should mages be punished for buying something they have to buy.
yea you are right .. but i was more reffering to the 2 posts before me .. i dont realy want veigar to be changed ..
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Since you want to start schooling atleast do full research . 1. His Q was a PNC ability yes but it didint pass thru anything else It was one target spell I don't even know where did u get nonsense . On top of that this was his ability that gave him ap similar to Nasus or Sion by Killing , doing an actual work and not like now by braindeadly casting his spell . Ap gain was based on target you killed by it , from minion up to a champion 2. His passive was for every 1% missing mana you get an increased mana regen 3. No it's not a big nerf it's actually an overpowering idiotic buff cuz back then he was considered as an anti mage. And I had no problem with that since he didint gather shitload of ap just from nothing . You play well with your Q you get ap . Fair nuff. Now 1/10 veigar comes with higher ap than my 7/2 mid and blast him with q+r just cuz he got that %%%%%%ed ap gain just from casting spells . How is that a fair gameplay ? 4. Yes his stun was instant back then but with kit like it was before I had no problem with it , now hovewer . It's just a free kill every time he cast it in team fight. 5. you say garen shouldn't suppose to do much dmg since he is a tanky champ yet he does shitload of dmg since riot tought it was a great idea to implement a black cleaver into his e . So if veigar is an ap caster do a damn ult that scales from ap . What is this missing hp BS. Yet it has both .
2 : to the time he had that passiv, mana was actualy very valuable and couldnt be sustained by 1 item like now .. he only needed to buy 1 mana-regen item and had basicly no worrys in lane if he doesnt spam all of his abilitys .. 3: he literaly 1 click deleted any mage mid to lategame .. compared to that, his ult now is just a feather tickeling you a bit .. 4: i (someone who mained him back in the days) had free kills left right and center because i could instant stunn an enemy with my e use w and q +r to kill them .. rince repeat .. it was actualy to the point where i literaly played 1v2 and still won lane against most to all matchups just because i had so much waveclear and that oneshot with 0 counterplay due to stunn .. 5: what is even your point ? garen does damage so nerf veigar ??? veigar is a mage .. a huge damage source and not just a gnome that waits till you kill him ..
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
or they could make him scale with enemy ap again .. that would be kinda nice .. (i mean not like deal 80% enemy ap dmg but instead something like deal +10% dmg per 100 enemy ap ..)
BM Electro (EUNE)
: Most of your losing games you were just AFK farming all the time.
i know, right? what a coincidence xD. i have a friend too who if he is tilted doesnt realize that he actualy makes his team play 4v5 by simply powerfarming and then later "split pushing"(basicly just farming a lane while trying to maintain or increase his kda .. so that he can then argue with kda about how bad his team is ..)
SaulTight (EUNE)
: Since i started posting about my situation the teams i get are now ever worse...I know Riot is trolling those who spread the truth about this rotten game because it happened to others too.Seriously there is A LOT of evidence on facebook if you know where to look. So to carry a really bad troll team you will have to be good with a really OP champ like yasuo or zed, thats the other side of unbalance in this game.
zanador basicly summarized all there is to say .. just try not starting the game with the atitude of "my team is made of monkeys with 1 hand on meth with 0.2% blood alcohol" .. very often just by giving out such an atitude to your team you are already demoralizing them and therefore will more likely make them play worse .. dont think you arent affecting the very team you play in ..
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