Chiimz (EUNE)
: Did you say this to me or to Hansiman ?
Hansiman (EUW)
: You've already been answered this question. Deleting your own threads and reposting them because you don't like the answer isn't going to change it. No, you can't moderate.
But if you consider that riot isnt able to moderate themselves, and this is HIS thread after all... well..
: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=BAohu6wE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-06T02:19:23.267+0000) > > A VirtualBox config doesn't mean you've been infected. Are you the only one using your machine? > Why would an attacker need a virtual environment on **your** system? That defeats the purpose of an attack. > Also, if a hacker gets into your machine, why would he knock you off the internet? None of that makes sense. > > You'd be infected and the malicious code would do its thing. Then the attacker would wait for the system to go into iddle state before doing anything with your machine, if the purpose was to be part of a botnet. If the purpose was to steal from you, you'd either not notice it at all or be made aware really fast (ransomware). If the purpose was to destroy your system, well... you'd have figured that by now. > > Anyway, it doesn't hurt to check. Do the following: > > - Download Malwarebytes. If you have a clean machine, you may move the executable to a USB flash drive instead (this shouldn't be needed) > - Disable WiFi adapter or remove the Ethernet cable (in other words, go offline) > - Reboot your system in "safe mode" > - Run Malwarebytes > > If you have a RAT in your system, Malwarebytes should be able to remove it, alongside any other nasty stuff. > Be sure to back up your files, because it may have a trigger to corrupt the entire system (unlikely but those exist). > You may want to remove anything you feel foreign to your system (depends on how well you know your machine). > *** > If you really were infected, you didn't get it from League. It must have been either a link you clicked, file downloaded, or someone in your network (if you have you allowed your local network to share files). No one else touches this pc, i have a premium copy of malware bytes. I have no remote adapters. i never installed virtual box.
>i have a premium copy of malware bytes. Kekked
Shamose (EUW)
: > You cannot lose something that you don't have. What do you mean?
I was already below honor level 2 and therefore had no access to free rewards.
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: >Why does my honor depend on how other players honor? It doesn't. >Youre saying I have to play with flamers because other people are not honoring enough? No? Honor level and matchmaking are completely irrelevant to each other. >This is the first time I see this message in chat. You must play very little or pay very little attention to the post game chat then.
>It doesn't. Stopped reading. It clearly reads "You got a little extra Honor " so it depends on others.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: It happens more often than you think where 2 players refuse to surrender even if your base is already completely destroyed and the enemy is fed beyond belief. There are too many games where 2 players just press No no matter what. It's not because they're trying to carry and actually have faith, but it's purely to either piss people off or they don't care and wanna waste your time.
How does the OP have 9 dislikes and 0 likes, while this post, literally saying the same thing has 3 likes and 0 dislikes? Im once again beyond words with this forum
magr15 (EUNE)
: I have more lag on my laptop q in MO pc (table)
: Because of this, sonetime I see elder dragon icon when in reality, a cloud is coming (it's a bit similar), then I realise isn't the elder time. +Death recap is bugged and the oldest thing in league system. It really need a rework, it sometimes show me a drake got assist for hitting me with statikk or someone kills me and alse assist himself and many other bugs.
But before deciding whether to remove it/update it/rework it or whatever, in the meantime, MOVE IT DOWN A LITTLE!
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IRedEyesI (EUW)
: I think this gamemode has the potential to be all around my favorite gamemode, it's random like ARAM. It got tiny gamemodes inside it like Prize Fighter, and etc... But still keeps things fresh and fun, with we being available to pick our champions. The only thing it needs is seasonally updates to keep it interesting. And more missions for NB if it ever comes out a standalone like ARAM. If Riot does this, i would be more than happy to play NB more than ever. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
i dont think nexus blitz will stay forever. i never played it myself because i have absolutely no interest.
Treplox (EUNE)
i think the reason why modes only stay temporarly is because, if riot were to allow all modes to stay forever, the queue times would increase too long.
: omg i find download all star schedule locate home tab.every time download schedule data.i lost 3gb data.i stop play lol.when all star event close i start again
: You can also just watch the vods, those aer enough for all the missions. You don't need to see it live. Also again: If you could see it live, others couldn't see it live, because they had the exact same problem. Riot Games normally tries to make the games on a normal time for the area where they are played. So everyone will have sometimes good times and sometimes bad tiems. That's completely normal and that's because of time zones and riot can't change anything about it.^^
: this is not happen before.this issue has come since blitz mode patch.this happen to many of my friends.what should we do to this
i dont know man. gotta wait for riot to fix it i guess
: Client download some data everytime when i open client
similar thread was opened some hours ago, and i made a way too large post beneath it. whats new to me is the fact, that this has only been happening since last patch? are you sure it didnt happen before? heres the thread btw
: Got 14-day suspension
Hey OP. I got 2 14 Day suspensions for flaming, and had no chat restriction after :)
karlitocro (EUNE)
: Shit servers
Ok great but, why do you say shit servers? you mean shit programming, right?
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=person,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ncVptmWE,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2018-12-07T22:32:32.008+0000) > > yeah but bro, 1 am where? Australia? thats the issue i have As mentioned above, 1am your local time. The client and site adjust based on your local computer time. So if it shows 1:00 that 1:00 at the time your computer will say 1:00 (in 99% of cases, your local timezone)
lol I was writing more in my post but i didnt save. Yeah I did read your post and fully understood it. if it chooses the time based on my machines time, its ok. Was just wondering if maybe it chooses the time based on my IP, which would have been bad, but it doesnt so... thats the question i had in my post which i didnt save. but tbh you guys should still add AM/PM and the timezone. if I was wondering what those times meant, other people will too. But I guess it doesnt really matter, because the all stars will be over in like 2 days, so it might not be worth making any more changes to the site at that point
Psychmike (EUW)
: League client consumes a lot of data ?! 2018
>As when I log in to client now it consumed around 100 megabytes Holy %%%%... I just tested it out myself. I downloaded 124 MB of data. 63 MB when just opening the launcher, without logging in (the allstar background has already been downloaded previously, so if it were saved on the sdd, it wouldnt need to redownload.. and more importantly, I have turned both animation and sound off, so really it shouldn't be downloading anything other than the picture, which definitely doesn't take up 124 MB of space), and the login itself took another 61 MB... damn. That's definitely an issue that needs to be addressed, because there are many people out there who sadly still have throttled internet or traffic restrictions. I remember having the same issue with Steam, which downloaded 2 MB at login, which took me on my 64 kbit/s phone connection about 5 minutes.... I posted it on the forums and eventually Valve fixed it, and added support for people with bad connections. But that was just 2 MB, here we are talking 124 MB, that's HUGE. _**kinda offtopic shit starts here**_ I'm generally unhappy with the menu client, it eats lots of ram, lots of cpu, lots of gpu, and thats just the launcher, not even the game itself. Even when I have the launcher minimized, my cpu and gpu usage does not go down completely, same with the game client. I mean have a look at those stats: League game client in windowed 1024x768: - Mouse active in window -> 21 % cpu, 21% cpu (thats normal) - Mouse inactive in window, but window still open -> 2.5% cpu, 1.5% gpu (also normal, because the fps drop to like 17, which is wanted and correct behaviour) - Window minimized and mouse inactive -> 21 % cpu, 21 % gpu (wrong, the window is minimized, so the GPU shouldnt need to do any work, and the cpu also a lot less, since the mouse isnt active, which means the fps should also drop like above, which they apparently don't) League game client in fullscreen 1920x1080: - Mouse active in window -> 21 % cpu, 35% gpu (normal) - Mouse inactive is not possible when a fullscreen window is not minimized - Window minimized and mouse inactive -> 2.5% cpu, 0% gpu (correct behaviour. In windowed its incorrect) The ram usage is in all cases about 900 MB, it doesn't change. Also 900 MB ram for a game is pretty good in my opinion. But the League menu launcher......... Well, lets say right off the bat, when you are ingame, the usage of the menu client is low, but if you're inside of a lobby for example, this happens (menu is at 1280x720, and of course windowed): - Mouse active in window -> 5% cpu, 24% gpu (wow... 24% gpu for just idling in a lobby, the league game itself in windowed mode ate less gpu!) - Mouse inactive -> 5% cpu, 24% gpu (same as above. notice the league game client was at only 2.5% cpu and 1.5% gpu with an inactive mouse...) - Window minimized -> 2.5 cpu, 10% gpu (ok well it went down a little bit, but gpu should be 0%, just like the game client in fullscreen was also 0% when minimized, but it isnt) And the RAM: Well... the Ram always changes around by hundreds, but right now its at 960 MB....... Yes the menu is eating MORE ram than the game itself.... Not acceptable. I suppose this is partially happening because of all the animations in the menu and pictures/music/video elements. I just hate all that stuff. It does kinda look nice, but I'm a person who likes to browse through his menus fast. **_To summarize the stats above up: Both game and menu in windowed mode eat way too much, the game in fullscreen is fine_ ** _**even more finepicking kinda offtopic ranting below**_ Next thing about the menu client is, that when you press buttons like "Play" or "start game", it takes significantly longer time than it did with the old menu client. Yeah I'm just overall unhappy with the performance/bloatness of the menu. But it does look nice though, so I'm not saying riot completely messed up. I give it a 4/10. The navigation is also not that easy, just to let that off real quick.. And don't tell me about how everyone has 16 GB of ram and that it's not a problem... Those people clearly never had more than 5 programs opened on their machine at once. Also permanently eating the GPU means you pay for energy costs, just saying. If youre logged in all day in the menu, and sit in a lobby, who knows how much money you waste on energy to power your GPU. Lol Just to give you a quick perspective on how things are properly done: I downloaded a complete IDE for assembly programming the other day, and when I opened the program, it used 0.0% cpu, 0.0% gpu, 0 kbit/s network and an astonishing **0.3 MB OF RAM**. Now that's how you save resources. But thats an exceptionally great result, the whole thing was written in pure assembly if im not mistaken. It would be dumb writing the entire League client in assembly. Yeah enough written in this post... I feel like I went too off topic.
Fendokil (EUW)
: I dont care about compensation, its a free to play game, we have no right or claim to compensation for server instabilities.. I just want to know what the issues are.
People who put money in their account in my opinion do have a right for compensation. Although for this specific issue that they have right now (downtime), such compensation probably does not apply. _You just cannot guarantee 100% server uptime_
: ***
I dont think they keep it to themselves. When you find yourself in a situation like Riots, where their main server suddenly goes down, time means MONEY. They need to work as quickly as possible to get it up again, and theyre under a lot of stress. And when you try to debug errors in your program/server or whatever, you often tend to have only half complete answers to what the issue really is. I mean think about it, if they knew what the issue was, they'd fix it right away, and that I think usually doesn't take long. But they probably still need to find the issue and then fix it. The programmers are probably concentrated on fixing the problem. There probably is someone else, other than the programmers to publish information about the status, but that person might not get any answers from the programmers at the moment, because they're really busy fixing the server. I think that might be a reason/the reason for no transparency of what's going on. And it's not like there is no transparency at all. I just checked the status website, it says they're having troubles with division tiers and account transfers, and something related to OSx.
: It has happened two times in a row and before that, it was quite a while ago. Give them some slack, they are not magicians
yeah this lol. I own a small server with little stuff on it. its quite an undertaking writing all the necessary scripts to ensure everything is running at server reboot
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=person,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ncVptmWE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-07T14:22:07.222+0000) > > this is what i see > You can watch the VOD's for the missions, but the times are 24 hour - so 01:00 is 1am. 13:00 is 1pm :-)
yeah but bro, 1 am where? Australia? thats the issue i have
: > ever heard of timezones riot games? Yeah, ever heard of it? It doesn't matter when they stream it - at all time it will be night for someone.^^
yeah but i wanna watch the games live so i can get the missions bro
Eambo (EUW)
: If this is in client, it's your local time. The hubs adjust to your date/time as necessary based on your local clock.
this is what i see
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DerPunkt (EUW)
: What does it have to do with each other. Everything. the GDPR got really bad press for restricting companies to much. and now, where some realize that it actually has some nice features for the customer, I some (like you) want it to be more restrictive. You have to realize. Riot does not want to share this data. No company wants their customer to know how much you know about them, especially for IT companies thats true. So the only way to get your data quicker, is by the EU to make the law tighter. If they hadn't put inplace that 30 day limit at some point. Companies would propably fund a way to just "forget" about it and make you wait years. Look at it this way. Technologically it was always possible to give you your data, but they just do it now that they are forced to do it by law. What do you think will make them do it quicker :D Just as a simple example. When you request your data, you might be able to extrapolate from that which individual store offers you will get next (granted that easy anyway just look who you play most often) and thus you might not buy a skin now, but wait for the next individual offer. This would make riot lose money Or handing out your data: Eventhough it is automated data collection and basically just a print out of their database, somebody still has to get that print out and send it to you (email the PDF) So it takes away resources, thus costs money. By taking their time, and also declaring that in public, you might get some people to not bother with it since it takes so long, this saving some money. I don't know the exact reasoning, but Riot sure has a reason to make you wait, they wouldn't do it otherwise.
stopped reading
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DerPunkt (EUW)
: Well... just a few month ago you didn't have to wait 30 days, you just wouldn't get your data :D So the argument of "MY data, especially not in the age of electronic devices that could handle such request within milliseconds" is kind of invalide. But hey on the other hand people are complaining like hell about the GDPR, "it takes so much time" "it's bloated bureaucracy" "Nobody needs the cashgrabing EU" "GDPR costs millions for companies and thus the people who buy their stuff/services" Well how about that, now people complain that it didn't go far enough with their GDPR :D Cool cool.
>Well... just a few month ago you didn't have to wait 30 days, you just wouldn't get your data :D So the argument of "MY data, especially not in the age of electronic devices that could handle such request within milliseconds" is kind of invalide. what does one thing have to do with the other? just because the laws have gotten better doesnt mean theyre perfect. theyre far from perfect, and in my opinion you should be able to request your data immediately. if the support isnt sure its you who is requesting it then its another story.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: For Riot is is basically just for filling minimum requirements. The European Unions decided on a 40 day limit for processing that request and shortened it to 30 days with the GDPR. Basically Riot could just send you the files right away I'd guess, but they make you wait as long as possible. Probably cause they don't really like the idea of transparancy. Just imagine what data you get. What you spend on Skins, how much time you waste. All things nobody wants yoo realize. Some peopel might stop spending money and wasting time. There might be other reasons as well, but bretty sure, fetching the data is an automated process, there is no young low wage employee with an exel spreadsheet fetching your data piece by piece from the server. Its basically just a command - give data of account XXXXXXXXX
>Probably cause they don't really like the idea of transparancy. this. but we dont give a shit if they dont like its. its MY data. i shouldnt need to wait 30 %%%%ing days to get MY data, especially not in the age of electronic devices that could handle such request within milliseconds
: It's for safety. Imagine someone stealing your account and getting access to all that information immediately. That's everything you need to know to permanently steal an account.
Telegram also has that safety. Its 1 day. If you dont realize ur shit got hacked within minutes youre screwed beyond anyway
Etnîes (EUW)
: The thing is that you cannot make any type of conflict in the chat at all. Any conflict you make in the chat toxic or not you are prone to be reported and punished. My main account got permabanned because i had a toxic history from before and since i made a conflict i got permabanned. It was not really something in particular what i said just that you made a conflict with your teammates. I'l give you a quote from a Rioter after i made a ticket. Read it carefully. Riot DeadEyeColt "There isn't a specific word or sentence that you used which displayed toxicity as the system takes into account everything that is said in the chat. I'll refer back to what I said in my last reply - retaliation, in any shape or form, is not acceptable. That is not the purpose of the chat feature as I already explained. And the reason why you receive a permanent suspension is because you have received several punishments prior to this and further action was needed to take place. If you have no concerns that are not related to this matter, please consider this matter closed. Thank you for your understanding."
>retaliation, in any shape or form, is not acceptable Riot youre %%%%ing crazy feminists {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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: You account will be flagged for each report, more reports higher prio on investigating your account. If you then have done small amount of wrongdoing boom punished. You will be punished for say sarcastic "ggwp" etc and the punishment will be the same as if you said "get cancer" etc. So yes and no, amounts of reports doesnt punish your account, but you will get flagged and investigated and small things will be taken up. 2) More reports slower climb rate, something Riot has said.
i also noticed that more reports mean that you play alongside with more flamers. i dont know why this post is getting downvoted
: Send a support ticket under "data request". It takes 30 days for them to send all your info. Report history, chat logs, login logs etc.
30 DAYS WOW. Such a request should be immediate. And please don't tell me their servers are just that slow, that it would take them 30 days to collect data about 1 person.
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: ***
You dont understand the game. ill make it short like that.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Don't get too cocky with yourself, what you're aiming for is S+ you need to show the best possible performance for that and every detail counts.
>you need to show the best possible performance Again, im THIRTY TO THREE. the enemy literally said I need to get a life. how much greater of an performance could one give?
VaVoem (EUW)
: play soraka top and win lane & game. 100% positive you get a S+
Erarrion (EUNE)
: You probably focused on kills and didn't care about vision/obcjectives (other than turrets), am I right?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: What do you mean "ONLY S" that's high that's almost the highest you can get.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: So just have all the males turn up identifying as female, problem solved :P
Jökër (EUW)
: Getting Permabanned.
>a lesson learnt haha no
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: I got mine this morning. Try writing to support.
great i put effort into this mission just so i have to put even more effort now into writing a support because riot DOESNT any effort into their game and players... real great
: Thats beside the point. The point was that online communities would be better off without toxic dumpsterfires like you, even tho those dumpsterfires dont even care anymore that much, that they are ranting on the boards year after they left them.... for better games. They just dont care anymore and thats why you are here right? You just dont care. Thats why are you mentioning state of game and how unfair and cowarly is to be banned. Nope, instead of that, challenge ppl in chess over facebook, man that will prove your point. Yo bro HMU on ICQ for some sick minesweeper game, Im sure ill slaughter you. Done with ya vermin.
>toxic dumpsterfires and youre saying hes the one that deserves a ban? funny
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