: Dude, you got my respect... First Yasuo main saying he has some problem... And you made me laugh as %%%% XDDDD Oh and if you want to feel good again and kill all that demons play kat and get good at her. She is a skilled champ since the rework so... it should resolve your problems :P (I'm a kat main and I don't sleep with any demons, just feel like in haven knowing that when I wake up again I will rekt some more noobs out there XDD )
Thanks. Respect is needed in dark times like these.
: Don't worry, since you have a mastery 7 yasuo all of your brain cells should've been killed by cancer already.
you got me there
Einoj (EUW)
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: you should spam {{champion:17}} for like 200 games and it should be gone
But is there a way that doesn't include destroying your brain cells?
Einoj (EUW)
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seisymi (EUW)
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Don't play god.
Einoj (EUW)
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{{item:2050}} {{item:3693}} {{item:3642}} {{summoner:-1}} {{champion:106}}{{item:1006}}
Einoj (EUW)
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Rismosch (EUW)
: I know how you feel. I mained Yasuo before they descovered Tank Yasuo. I have like 50k points on him : ^) But Riot doesn't remove Mastery Points for whatever reason.
So I just have to live with my demons and never sleep well? : ^)
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