: The party rewards I can understand getting more IP and stuff. It becomes a problem when they're giving you an advantage actually playing the game though with the introduction of dynamic que. I'm not hugely against dynamic que but I'd much rather have my solo que back, too often I'm getting put with and against premades who cause so many issues whether it be feeding, flaming, surrender voting and the rest....
its not like you get premades all the time at least in my expirence..... i think ppl in this forum complain way more than they need.
A Plebian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WuTWfcs3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-18T07:04:52.300+0000) > > Pfft. "No wards" is much worse, especially if all 4 of your wards are on the map right now. > Him telling his PREFerence might be a bit annoying because it involves talking but it's not too bad I think. Yeah this one I hate much more x) Yesterday I decided to play some support in ranked (main mid/top) because I got tired of my botlanes feeding insane amounts of kills before 10 minutes (I had like 9 out of last 10 losses that bot was massively feeding). Almost every game there's someone saying (in response to something I said): we have no vision.... When I have 3 stealth wards and a vision ward down, and just sweeped 2 more wards. I mean, what else can I do lol. They get free wards as a passive trinket, all they got to do is actually click 'm on a location... About the whole 'pick tanky supp' - doesn't at all bother me. Sometimes you need a tank. If you're top is a yasuo and your mid is an ahri and your jungle is like a nidalee, you better damn well pick something like alistar or braum as support, or you'll basically be fucked :')
meh when the supp is the only tank the teamcomp still sucks :p
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Hello, Since Jinx release, she was my main and she was the reason I started to play League of Legends to begin with. I was so terrible with her, but I was determined to get better. In the end, I was wrecking havoc with her. Unfortunately, after pre-season attack speed nerf and with season 6 mastery change any ADC with gap close and/or Boots of Swiftness with Alacrity enhancement can smash her in early game. After remove boots enhancements change, I haven't played her yet. But I doubt it will be much difference anyway, unless you have very skilled support by your side and frequently ganking jungler. Right now I am focusing on Lux, because she is [Star Guardian](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTaOzFVZIIY) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Just find what you passionately like in a champion and practice to get better with him/her. You won't even notice, how he/she will become your main.
thank you... i thought i suddenly was to stupid for jinx. i cant win anything with her since this season.
: I play the game everyday for about 4-5 hours and still don't see toxic behaviour every game. Just had a game and guess what? No toxic behaviour.
people just remember the toxic more. since i started recording my games i saw that i maybe have one real douche every 5 games, but that one guy you remember :p
Sffc (EUW)
: It's rarer because people tend to know what they're doing, **and when**. {{champion:104}} with {{item:3742}} {{item:3025}} . Is it crap? Absolutely. Did I do well by building that? Absolutely aswell. My team had no real tanks, and they had a full AD team. By going a bit more defensive I essentailly turned a (jungle) carry character into a secondary support, in other words, I provided enough CC to make up for the extra damage I didn't get. I was still packing a punch, just less than usual. In fights 5v5s they couldn't do anything because I was just too tanky and too hard to deal with because of that, and my team could just mop them up. Most of our team's deaths were when one or another teammate refused to group and we'd get towerdoven. In the end a very bad build was the reason why they couldn't even fight us. Because we adapted and beat them. And Heck, I'm Gold.
i did the same with kindred once when we had no tanks. i went frontline with my "tank build" the enemy focused me but couldnt kill and my team just picked them off
tru3nox (EUW)
: A silver saying support is the hardest role. When you hit master you will be able to talk about that. To me you're like a new player saying Ashe ADC with TP is the best choice because you can reach lane faster. Bullshit.
maybe his mechanics suck? (like mine). doesnt mean he cant think.
tru3nox (EUW)
: It's not all about the tanks, Brand isn't a good pick with a Kog, specially with a silver one that doesn't know how to position.
well if you allready have 2 tanks to protect kog in teamfights, you can pick brand to make up the lack of early dmg of kog but in terms of protecting him in lane it still sucks ofc. depends what you lane against i guess
Kialon (EUNE)
: Diss agree, my friend has 4keys and 2key fragments and 0 BOXES. Like.... WHAT THE HELL RIOT?!
how is that riots fault? he needs to get a s rank
: > [{quoted}](name=pistachio,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HtWP1BBA,comment-id=000d00000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-05-05T17:39:23.048+0000) > >1 - lol are you kidding me? allright lets do that, im waiting for you returning here crying that you got banned for a bad game. >2 - the idea of banning people for playing bad is so stupid i dont even know how i shoud argue against it, because i doubt you can comprehend anyhting i write. 1 - So be it. On that sense, will be my own fault to get banned and that means that i must improve a lot to avoid that like happends on normal sports yet unlike the situation "we" have now on the comp. side of the game, that anyone can get demoted and even banned because 1 player have decided to troll the game or are clumsy enough to fail to do objetives and report you for no reason at end... So, picking your option, you have not right to complain to players who made you lose your promotions into upper ranks. (remember that this is a double edge sword, so, whatever you can throw at me, i can throw it back at you) 2 - Yet the ones complaining the most about my solution are players who, in example, can't reach 100 creeps at min 20 consistently...
in which sport was anyone ever not allowed to play it anymore because he was bad? guess what, you can suck at any sport, you can still play it in lower leauges. the only difference to lol is that people in real sports in a team personally know each other. you just cant ban someone if he tries his best and fails. yes maybe he is stupid, maybe he doesnt learn, then he will be in his division forever, and thats enough "punishment".and every day people play their first ranked games ever, do you want to ban them too if they fail? most people suck if they start ranked and thats ok.
: > [{quoted}](name=pistachio,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HtWP1BBA,comment-id=000d000000000001,timestamp=2016-05-05T11:21:18.192+0000) > > 1 - its not like you play every game with that guy. > 2 - and if people get punished for having a bad game the severs a empty faster than you can watch. > 3 - and the main reason of toxicity are toxic people who got no self controll and think they have to rage over a losing videogame. 1 - However, that player will keep messing with others' games, which is bad. So, we (the community as a whole) will have a problem as long as that/those player/s either L2P or is/are banned... Which one do you prefer? . 2 - So be it. Competitions are NOT for everyone. 3 - The main reason of toxicity on this game is players which make waste other players' time. EDIT: Always talking about SoloQ on Rankeds. Not on other games types (normal, custom, etc) or premades.
lol are you kidding me? allright lets do that, im waiting for you returning here crying that you got banned for a bad game. the idea of banning people for playing bad is so stupid i dont even know how i shoud argue against it, because i doubt you can comprehend anyhting i write.
: > [{quoted}](name=pistachio,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HtWP1BBA,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2016-05-03T15:27:33.057+0000) > > you cant punish someone just because he sucks in your opinion. if you suck you get demoted sooner or later anyway The problem is the amount of people who that player will take with him along on his/her "free fall", which is the main "source" of toxicity on both forums AND in game... Why is this that hard to understand? O_oUu
its not like you play every game with that guy. and if people get punished for having a bad game the severs a empty faster than you can watch. and the main reason of toxicity are toxic people who got no self controll and think they have to rage over a losing videogame.
pistachio (EUW)
: idk, as far as i remember either the rouge or the warlock were op at all times :p i played from vanilla to cataclysm so maybe its different now
: Well...there was, but then there wasn't a competitive scene back then so I guess not...
idk, as far as i remember either the rouge or the warlock were op at all times :p i played from vanilla to cataclysm so maybe its different now
: I think that he just has to take it on the chin and learn from his mistake. Personally, I don't want to hear offensive language in the game; what people shout at their pc is their own business. And, as it is PEGI 12, then I think that Riot is perfectly justified in their approach to offensive language. You are a good mate who is just standing up for a friend, that's great. But, to be honest, coming on here and complaining is going to get you neither sympathy or a lift of the ban. So, move on and tell him to try and keep his cool under pressure.
you are right complaining doesnt help, but he has a point. i never got a chat restriction or flame anyway but i caught myself coming really close to flaming at some point because if you get trolled flamed in 3 games a row you explode at some point. im not saying it is the right thing to do but i really think the circumstances when giving out bans should be considerd in some cases.
: WoW fucked up their balancing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HtWP1BBA,comment-id=0001000100010000,timestamp=2016-05-03T09:54:00.691+0000) > > No, but being low skill is not unsportsmanlike, he specifically said that he is reporting people for being bad at the game. > > Ugh no I wouldn't that's why ranking exists, what does saying that reporting people for being bad at the game is false reporting have anything to do with matchmaking. > > Someone being bad at the game is not a valid report reason. Well, but as far as i concern, i think that he is refering to newbies on rankeds, which means "reporting bad players on competition" which, for me, is a valid reason to report those players. We are "competing" not "playing to have fun", isn't it? that's why i do not consider "report bad players" as "false report" unlike if the same is done on "normal games" or other games where i don't use the report system at all for "bad playing". Also, i think that players not reporting bad players are just as guilty as the latter ones because the former are allowing the "toxicity" and the "unfair game" running wild on the system. That does mean that, in example, if i report them for "unsportman behaviour" is a false report? Because i dont think so.
you cant punish someone just because he sucks in your opinion. if you suck you get demoted sooner or later anyway
Adabo (EUNE)
: ***
lol man kiddo grow up, no one cares about you here
: yellow trinkets......
now if we are all compeltly honest we all know that the supps who dont buy a sightstone very often dont bother to use their trinkets, because at least in low elo its true that this full ap supps dont give a shit about vision or protecting their adc.
Frozen379 (EUNE)
: 1. I always ward, even spam pings on my adc to back off, they die and blame me/mid even if it was jungler or top? 2. If I heal someone else (soraka here) than my adc, he starts flaming... 3. It's me who most of the time calls baron/dragon in my team as our jungler seems to care more about kills and his own jungle farming. 4. I don't mute anyone because I need a way of communicating, people ignore my pings because they basically want me to be their bitch with no right to ping or tell anything. 5. I don't really like blitz that much because people like to chase low enemy adc after I hooked them and they flashed back, then die most of the time and it's of course my fault for not having my hook at 3 second cooldown to hook them again right after they flashed. 6. But I will use most of the tips regardless of how hopeless my teams are (thank you people who aren't like that and make around 3 out of 10 semi nice to play even in ranked)
just mute them if that happens. helps you focus on the game. i got myself out bronze with sona and taric in season 3, i even won alot of 4vs5 because my adc went afk because KS SONA YOU NOOB!
Azymuth (EUNE)
: ***
im not offended by that shit, its just annoying to listen some kiddy cursing and crying every single game. if u want to play with other people it can be expected from you not to be a asshole every time something doesnt go your way.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: That looks like a nice fairy tale, but sadly for you, some of us aren't that weak to have to believe in something that doesn't exist, like you believe in a God that can't be seen, heard, smelled nor touched nor that anyone that's still living has ever managed to be in direct contact with. Thanks but no thanks. I'm an atheist and I'm in the so called _**"elo hell"**_ because I'm still not good enough to get out of it with my own skill and strength not because of some religion mumbo jumbo. Sorry if I am offending anyone with this post, but I'm sick and tired of seeing religion being shoved everywhere into my life and the life of others that also have no God nor believe in it.
lol u really took that serious?
xNinjagOx (EUW)
: Permanently banned FOR WHAT ?????????????????????
i love how u dont even see how toxic you are.....
: > [{quoted}](name=TheCurSADer,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IaIzYtVL,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2016-04-15T11:03:32.911+0000) > > There is a difference between generic swearing and swearing directed towards someone. Keep in mind that for a permaban you don't need to do something super severe, you just need to keep being toxic and get permabanned because it's your 4th punishment. Also - don't compare yourself to other players - they get judged and banned for their own behavior separately from you. And yes - since the official number of permabans is <1%, the community believes that you are being consistently toxic. > > And nobody is talking about not being frustrated - I have screamed, cursed, hit my desk and do other stuff many times, but I don't put that into the chat. The general idea of wanting to make someone feel bad because they make you feel bad is wrong. Revenge isn't acceptable since ancient times. I guess I'm just used to other games not being like primary school lols. I am convinced though that if I didn't swear as I did I wouldn't have received the ban, fuck the generation I live in. Edit: I'm not used to people being sooo very insulted by stuff such as this, so I don't deem it to be "offensive language", seems like people these days are so sugar coated and have no backbone whatsoever. I get that people can deem it to be offensive but a majority as it seems really worries me about how people are being brought up, I encourage this behavior from my son, albeit not to this extent. But in the respect of not being offended to easily and being another society sheep, fuck being PC aha. There were times were I posted my chat logs of when I got banned, got the amount of shit I got. Calling me a disgusting human being etc, what is the world nowadays. People come online jump on the band wagon and be a keyboard warrior, then get offended by the slightest thing. I know I've gone a tad overboard but the way the world is really fucks me off at the moment and league of legends seems to be another thing to conform this PC shite regarding how easy it is to get a permanent ban for minor comments such as I've shown. The world RL is now influencing things online, ugh comment over.
lol.... really?? now you blame your generation? because you cant handle your anger? m8 insulting other people like you do was never ok... you no what would happen if you talk to someone like that irl? they beat the shit out of you and they would be right. You are just looking for an excuse for your childlike behaviour. "i dont get what i want so i scream at everyone". Thats exactly what you do. That has nothing to do with being "PC" or not. You sir, are just an idiot.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Or you know you could just realise they are probably some 11 year olds that have nothing to do other than insult people, mute them and then report afterwards?
a) he does report them he just want harder punishments for this actions... and b) i think we are all perfectly aware of the fact that guys who write this bs are 11 year old shitheads who never touched a girl..... but that doesnt change the point that wishing someone cancer is like the biggest dick move you can pull in this game
: even 100 perma i should deserve , even 10000 even 10 years of prison , coz saying afk report can send you to jail or even to the electric chair . SORRY RIOT IM SUCH A BAD GUY I DESERVE TO HIT MYSELF AND COMMIT SUICIDE FOR MY BEHAVIOR , SORRY THAT I RESPONDED TO S0MEONE WHO TOLD THAT HE LOVED ISIS AND HES WILLING TO KILL MORE PEOPLE AGAIN .
dont you want to understand? it doesnt matter what that nida said, you flamed her and your whole team, thats the fact that matters. just mute that sucker and forget about it. If you flame back you only get yourself in trouble and feed the troll even more.
Pankhart (EUW)
: honestly I think if people are being abusive in chat the worst punishment should be forbidding them from typing or emotes ... not fucking banning them and making them lose their accounts with ton of money just because they sometimes wanna poke fun at someone...(lost 2 accs alrdy just cuz I tend to be asshole to bad lane opponents, both accs were diamond and had lot fo skins) anyway this situation is getting well out of hand with people finding new and new ways how to get offended. I cant believe we are seriously having a thread where someone is complaining about people writing "easy" ... well you lost a game, it was easy and enemy has every fucking right to say it was easy and not care about your princess feelings ... we are raising a generation of victims.
you sir have absolutly no i idea how to act as a sportsman. You dont say that. You dont humiliate the other team. You say nice game, GG or whatever and move on. Thats how you behave in every other sport. But little nerds like you who were never good enough for any kind of team, dont get that. All guys like you see, is yourself. You dont even get that saying "easy" is a bs move because you make other people mad on purpose. Is it really so hard to be nice to each other? Do you really need to compensate your micropenis by being an asshole on the internet?
: Then don't reply. Also, looking around the comments people do agree with me, hypocrite!
lol... that guy JoefreySlayer (EUNE ) is like the prime example for a toxic player.
: >passive aggressive is when some1 you say "you are good player zed :)" and zed is 0/10 in 10 minutes. >passive aggressive is when you say gj just after some1 dies. That is sarcasm. Passive agressive is just being inderectly hostile towards others.
im all for punishing flamers, but if what he did is considerd hostile and passive agressive, we can stop this game right now, because in 1 week everyone here who isnt a bot is being permabanned
: I get flamed because of my gender ;-;
im not saying its ok to flame you for your gender, but if you call everyone a "nerd" in your games like you do in this post, i kinda can imagine why they flame you.... you dont sound like the prime example for good behaviour yourself, and that has absolutly nothing to do with gender.
: Riot= computers who only know how to ban
you allready call people "idiots" in your post, and u expect us to believe that you are not toxic?
kauketsu (EUW)
: I dont think it has anything to do whether player is in a 4 man premade or not. just had upside down game experience for your premade experience. Played in a 4 man premade, the random player who got into our got babysitted and died about 5 times, he flamed jungler and stated that hes gonna go AFK, we asked him nicely not to AFK as the game was not in a point that i would of been quaranteed lost, so he didnt go AFK and finally we carried him. At the end of the game he started to trash talk for enemy team "GG easy" etc.
idk man i play this game for 3 years now, and never really gave a shit about flame and i dont really get mad because of a videogame, but this guys really pushed me to the edge. the experience to being matched with 4 premades was the most awfull thing i had to endure in this game till now. Ofc we cant say every 4man group is toxic as hell, but i think quiet a lot are.
Rioter Comments
: It's not only for this it's for every major bug. This allows us to get free skins but the ranked que update didn't, and we got nothing in return for it.
and what exactly did you lose from that except a few hours of gaming which are worth only a few virtual points, no one really gives a damn about?
: IF euw bugs out with hextec crafting
oh stop crying allready. riot doesnt own us anything. they even give us the chance to get free skins with this update, and you cry because you got it later the someone else.....
: What is with the french in this game?
i think they are not more toxic then anyone else, its just that they often insult you in french, thats why you notice it more. same goes for spanish i think.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yes I am Bronze 4! Is that a problem to you?!
i never understood this elo hate. i mean no one would call me a moron just because i play soccer in the lowest tier. i only see this in e-"sports". As long as you have fun dont mind the haters. Im bouncing around in silver for 2 seasons now, and yes maybe thats the elo i belong too, its no ones buisness but mine.
: ***
woah bro, calm down. he asked you a question, no reason to elobash here
Rioter Comments
: If somone feeds it's completly fair to get what they deserve (flame).
lol are u serious? this is a game and it just isnt important enough to insult someone..... lol get a dog or a girlfriend or something that shows you that this virtual points you get for winning are just meaningless in the long run
: You don't have to question LoL (or Riot at that). It's a game for christs sake, why do people think they need to make the enemy angry? If I win a Tennis match with 6:0, 6:0, 6:0 (used to play tennis and preferred 3 plays instead of 2 as amateur) I still called it a "well played and good game". Like really, do you actually have to be an ass just so you enjoy the game yourself? That's one big ego Problem. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
same here. i played volleyball on a high level (for my country :p) and even if u stomp 3:0, after that its always "good game" and NOT "u guys suck pls never play again". but i guess a lot off ppl here never did any kind of sport :p
: ***
man you are talking some bs.... thats not freedom of speech, thats unsportsmanlike behaviour..... there is some kind of code of honor in every sport, if you play football and are talking shit you will get punished too. The destruction of the western civilization? i think its a sign of progress when it is not ok to insult someone. I would really think about how i see the world if i were you, because boy your worldview is fucked up its not even funny anymore.
: I haven't forgotten, believe me...noone forgets that experience :D But why do you care about these comments? Mute them, chances that valueable information will be in such a game chat full of ragers is next to zero anyway. Are your chances to carry games lowered because of these comments? No. The same ragers will be found on the other team as well, only difference is: Your team statistically has one less rager.
dk if u want to know but i tell you anyway. you were right, took me 7 games or something and i am back in silver. but now it gets hard, since there are all the guys who dropped from g/plat x)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lìnea,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=8lb5ysi2,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2016-01-22T02:03:12.544+0000) > > alteast you agree, not the other people who typed, might be they are just silver so it dosent matter for them. If you are referring to me being silver I've played since day 1, thousands of games and about 20 of those being ranked, I did my 1st ever ranked placement 3 weeks ago in 6 seasons, 6 seasons before i even thought about ranked . I've avoided ranked due to trolls etc etc. I won 6 out 10 of those games the other 4 were thrown/trolled as I suspected they would for the last 6 years of dodging ranked.
lol idk why he even mentions your ranked.... it has nothing to do with this thread
: So? Then mute them, carry the game, and report them afterwards. You are a silver/gold player, why do you care for toxic comments at bronze? You will leave these guys behind anyway.
i guess u are lucky enough to be out of bronze long enough, that u have forgotten what it is like ^^ i didnt hear KS NOOB in 2 years in ranked but now its all the rage again....
: So? I don't see the problem. If you were S1-G5 last season, you should have no trouble carrying yourself out of bronze. If you can't climb out, then the placement was correct.
its not even the thing that i have to carry myself out.... its this toxic ppl who think they are pro down here..... just played my first game b1.... SO MUCH FLAME! ppl told me to get cancer at least 30 times
Rioter Comments
A Ocean (EUW)
: What a quick shift to the right-wing propaganda. Tell us more how your parents dropped you as a baby.
that wasnt even right- wing his Argument just made no sense at all ^^.... but we could just call right wing dumb it is the same after all
: Anxiety and ranked games (+confession time)
batman knows allready who killed his parents! get your Facts straight! ^^
: Ok, man. I kinda understand you now, and I think you kinda understand me too...
uhm guys you got fixed on that "endless game Thing" that was of Course over the top, what i really want to say with this post, is that asking "why?" after a mistake or start calling someone stupid is not helping at all. And as Long as i dont Play with master Tier gods i expect mistakes, and there is absolutly no harm in that.
: > [{quoted}](name=pistachio,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WJdh03iE,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-06T13:27:53.844+0000) > > lol would be just one endless game.... so stop being so mad about every Little Thing that goes wrong in a game... summoners fuck up thats how this game works.... > this "Why?" after every missplay is just stupid. You can make no mistake and still lose. You logic is wrong, and your "expectation" of mistakes is even harmful.
lol how is that harmfull? its not a game of live and deaht, its about digital Points which give u nothing except a bigger e-penis
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