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: apc ap attack based carry like adc.
a also think about lulu with her passive and Q. i try it on the test mode and {{item:3285}} +{{item:3087}} or {{item:3094}} is great and they are diffrent stacks. also then you need no boots so full 6 item build
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: ARAM ranked
would we have bans ? i think it could be balance randomness. like each team gets the same roles fighter mage adc tank ect. but in that role a random champion. so game 1 each team has 2 mage 2 tanks 1 fighter and in game 2 its like 3 adc 1 support and 1 assasin or something
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LordMilan (EUW)
: Looking for Flex teambro's
i like waffles! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Matisiks (EUNE)
: Winter map is ...
i love the winter map. i have no drop in fps or ping like no diffrence. but sadly not every one has the same. dont have a pro pc or any thing. have cable not wifi more stable
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: Placements - imo innacurate
season 6 first time plat 5. pre season got to 4 6 win 4 lose silver 2
minikor (EUW)
: Solo duo fucked MMR bs
have the same thing here plat season 6 (first time) 6 win 4 lose silver 2 even around same mmr. not really mad but confused expected to be placed into gold low/mid tier . so you have to clime back to plat.
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ModMayhem (EUW)
: 2v2 Map Concept
what program did you make the 3d style map ? i got a 5v5 map idea but need a better art tool/programe
6 8 (EUW)
: Extra Bonus RP
thx for posting ididnt even know it. hope thay update it fast
: New maps
make a map for it . i just posted this map idea
: New Gamemode/Map Idea
the basic idea sounds good. is there also 1 spawn point or 2?
: new 5v5 map idea
thx i think a better drawing/art program would help too.
: Champions favorite pizza
{{champion:18}} OW i like the look of this baby who want some you want some gunpower-pizza {{champion:36}} Mundo favorite pizza no spit on it Mundo eats his own pizza allot or else he forgets has happens befor.
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: M7 summoner's icon / custom portrait
i also want you got 100k score 150k score 200k and so on. that mastery 6/7 champoion its shows that too. i would also like if you got like a special ad on in the loading screen like with the honnor thing but a bit bigger and more unique.
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OwOlaire (EUW)
: Small streamer looking for tips!
quality is always a good thing why watch bad fps and not hd or too much background stuff. and mabye stream/duo Q with similer size or slightly bigger channels ps hi snorlax
: sick of supports that dont pick a support
the problem is: there picking there champion they want to play in the role the didnt get just to play him. or for the reason its just way more effective then a real support champion and thats not easy to fix. i dont mind see a lux support but that he can 1 shot me in a team fight wht only ap items and then its basicly a second midlanner . i dont think supports should be weak but be really good to help your team. if you look at lux or morgana they have a shield thats nice and a binding 1 aoe spell and morg has a cool ultie to stun them thats all great for asupport.
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Lorillyth (EUW)
: Dutch girl looking for nice english speaking people (preferably with TS) to play normals with!
Lorillyth (EUW)
: Dutch girl looking for nice english speaking people (preferably with TS) to play normals with!
: When I heard Ahri might get nerfed
ahri is fine as it is. have 200k mastery score here no joke. ahri is solid its the player thats makes it strong or too strong. and i dont see here allot unlike the oriana spamming this few weeks only thing that i could see is late game healing with Q on a full lane. but thats like a replacement for shields lux has or viktor diana they can block allot too.
: Changing borders ?
it doesn't but i feel Roit could make them allot more special. like there dare but at the same time its barly any thing.
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Smerk (EUW)
: There is one problem with your suggestion, in ideal situation it is possible to kill a total of 5 elemental drakes before elder one will spawn. And I'm sure that it will be 3 infernal and 2 mountain dragons all the time, other two are situational, but you can't go wrong with first two
the 5th dragon can pick the game random. or you have the problem of why can our team pick only 2. but said in a reply if they ad 2 or more buffs or a debuff to enemy.
: You know the result would be only Infernal and Mountain Drakes. But knowing ppl I know they would vote for only Infernal because they dont know what Mountain does and consider the other two weak.
ther they make the other 2 better or at like 2 or more dragon buffs. or a debuff for enemy maybe? atleast this way you can get the buff you want to have that alone is better.
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: I personally don't care... but we all saw what happened with dominion. A lot of people don't know that riot had announced dominion ranked when it was released. The same goes for 3v3 ranked exists but they don't even bother balancing it. And the same would happen on any other new map. They would need a new balancing team and even then there is always bound to be 1 best map so that means that every other map will be irrelevant. It happened 2 times already. And it would happen a 3rd time aswell.
balance is true if you have same number of players and same items. then jungle and the map it self need to be balance. that needs to be doneby a balancing team indeed. or its true what you said that no one carest about it like dominion and twisted tree line. it's just dota 2 map looks similer and heroes of the storm looks like treeline. is there a moba whats has a more unique map designe/layout?
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: I would like to see something as 10 vs 10 maps or 5 vs 5 vs 5 maps.
a 5v5v5 is realy hard to balance 70%+ of the time one team is going to get double teamed. think capture points like in dominion would be the best way to make it work. a 10v10 would take some time to find al the players
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: Omege Squad serie
omega Squad tristana /ziggs plz
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