: Help us find out what it takes to become a legend by participating in our research survey. < 10 mins
Done... would be interested to see what kind of results you get and conclusions you draw from them
: Playing support in solo queue
as a support main i will say thanks... but you must understand that i dont play support for you or anyone else.. i play support because i was sick of no-sightstone-buying autofilled lux supports when i played mid and jungle
: Infinite level repercussions
really dont think many decent experienced players will think of it as a measure of either skill or experience since it has come to league so late in the day. Maybe someone played for 7 seasons at level 30 then had a little time off. I think it's more likely to be the less experienced whining about how they had no chance vs that level 150... though ofc that probably isnt any better.
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Youpwned (EUW)
: Let's talk about the losers of runes reforged
Karma feels extremely weak as a support atm... havent tried her in top or mid yet but my hope is that they balance around her as a support rather than as a solo laner.
: Destruction of choice
if you click grid mode ont he runes page you can reassign your runes quickly without the annoying animations wasting your time.
zifoooooz (EUNE)
: old runes back
i'm ok with this system but not with the complete lack of balance. Is this what riot think their players want? once a year for them to completely break the game and spend the rest of the year trying to fix it? i was enjoying league recently but theres literally no point playing now until they balance this shit.
: So, it is just me that likes the new changes to the game?
I think the rune system is probably a good thing in the long run, but i think the initial stat passes to compensate for the lack of raw stats from the old system need revisiting
Cheini (EUNE)
: How long will it take so the game balance is justified?
It's the same every year... We have 6months of relatively decent balance, then they change every thing and spend the next 6 months trying to get some semblance of balance back, then we have 6 months of reasonable balance before everything changes again. Just get used to it, they already stated that if people dont like change then league isnt the game for them because they plan to keep changing it. If you want to play ranked be prepared to play the FOTM champs for the next 6 months or so.
: Can not open blue essence orbs
same, and also the same with mastery tokens
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: 7.21 Loading Screen Bug
same... black screen and could not connect please check your internet message... well i checked my internet and its fine.. couldnt connect to a promo game thanks to this
: Does Riot expect us to buy the emotes? (450 RP)
they do seem a bit overpriced to me, but i'm sure some people will still buy them and riot will make some cash.
: silver 5 lookin for silver 5 to duo :=)
Of course you love coffee, what self respecting swede doesnt? I also live in sweden, (though english is my first language) and i'm silver 3, main support but play all roles except for adc.. gonna add you in game
: 5 ban sytem problems
i dont see the problem. If he was balanced he wouldnt be perma ban. So maybe it will result in better balance. Until then, good riddance to him.
: What is the easyest champion?
its a toss up between teemo or garen
: Im getting lvl 5 players on my team wut
cool story bro. In other news - you have a map - try using it.
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Βroken (EUNE)
: The game after 3 years for me.
personally i really like taliyah... different strokes for different folks i guess. I have no problem with them adding new champs often, even ones i dont personally find fun. However i really dont enjoy the "change everything and completely ruin any semblance of balance" strategy they employ at the start of each season.
Rinark (EUW)
: "There is a problem with your connection" Infinite Loop Bug. How to fix.. (kinda)
seeing that simply destroying any semblance of balance was failing to completely kill of the player base, riot released a new patch which simply stopped people being able to connect. Their goal with the systematic destruction of a popular and profitable game remains unclear.
: Is playing ARAM a viable way of developing team fight skills?
it's kinda good for learning how to dodge skillshots but i'm not sure it really helps much with teamfight skills
BenatPro9 (EUW)
: If you could "delete" any champion...
teemo ofc, anti fun for everyone except the one playing him
Stell (EUNE)
: Free Kayle Skin
Hadnt seen this so thanks for the heads up :) will set aside plenty of time to take advantage of the double IP weekend (also free skin is nice i guess, will have to see if i prefer it to justicar but choice aint a bad thing)
: The model would have become too complex.
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BreraYT (EUNE)
: How did you manage to ruin the Ascension?
teamwork focused team games? what madness is this?
: If you press R+E is summons shields for everyone around you right? well that doesnt work it just doesn't com it's like i haven't pressed anything.
are you targeting the e onto yourself or an ally as you would with a normal non-mantra e? only thing i can think of
itayz (EUW)
: IP earnings, champion costs
completely agree, even though i already ahve all the champs i actually i like (still missing 19 champs) i started playing in leagues infancy... the barrier for newer players is huge and ever growing, and riot, imo, need to be constantly reevaluating IP rewards and champion prices if they are going to be constantly adding champions.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: So where exactly is he insulting anyone? I think I missed that spot.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: Do you play on a gaming mouse?
Stop Hold Attack move Trinket and 3 items buttons Though i only actually tend to use Stop, trinket and the item buttons from the mouse
: would you buy single player campaign episodes?
yep i sure would... might give me a way to get my girlfriend playing (she's scared of pvp)
: My League experience
learn another champion.
Weenaru (EUW)
: Wukong, stealth and ignite
Why would he get revealed? Does ignite have some sort of stealth reveal property on the Ascension map that i'm not aware of? Or are you under the incorrect impression that damage taken by wukong reveals him from stealth?
: Reported in aram
just block them, being bad at a champ isnt an offense no matter how many times you played them or in what game mode. as for ranked.. pretty much spot on, i avoid it like the plague cos it's just full of flamers who think lol is the entire meaning of life (maybe it is for them)
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sakis 1 (EUNE)
i cant imagine why you would have got banned you seem like such a friendly and well mannered fellow!
sakis 1 (EUNE)
: Jizas Do you even know what 'tolerate' means? WHEN YOU'VE SPENT 3 YEARS PLAYING THIS GAME WHEN U'VE PUT 100 E PAYSAFE? WHEN YOU'VE BOUGHT 100 CHAMPS? IM NOT GONNA CRY IM GONNA DELETE IT 4 EVER. Furthermore I'm not toxic! I mean even if I was a little.. we are humans everyone needs a second chance.. but I rarely ever flame! I start a game like : 'Hallo Hf Gl'
yes i do know what it means. And your declaration that you wont tolerate this ban is akin to a criminal declaring "i wont tolerate this!" when he gets arrested. You have no choice but to tolerate it.
sakis 1 (EUNE)
you wont tolerate this? what ya gonna do about it then? cry.. more? Perhaps if you could have written this thread without swearing and raging people might be inclined to beleive that you're not toxic... but you couldnt, could you? You dont get a choice of whether to tolerate this or not.
: In a bit of a pickle with Draft and Blind
levelling all the way to 30 in co-op vs ai doesnt equip you to play against real players and was bad advice. it's gonna be tough for you now. you could make a smurf yeah or just play pvp on your level 30 and suck up the losses untill you get used to the game. It's worth trying a smurf at least to see if that gives you noticably easier games.
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2 Shadows (EUW)
: Can someone explain the grade system?
it compares you to other people playing the same champion in the same role and grades you accordingly
JakiStow (EUW)
: Ping instead of saying "look at map"
If you die because of low map awareness, its your fault, no matter how much you try to place the blame elsewhere. Trying to blame others for your shortcomings ensures you will never improve.
bulz7 (EUNE)
: Ziggs recently got this capability, diana got her passive and because of her items, kyle isn't exactly played fully ap, and azir also but he got special items like diana. Not every ap can get lich bane and nashor's tooth, they are alot other items way more important for some champions.
and not every ad champ c̶a̶n̶ should get attack speed, whats your point? If your priorities lie elsewhere accept the trade off and the fact that killing towers quickly with autoattacks isnt that particular champions forte. BTW, ziggs has always been good at killing towers, even before the satchel charge buff.
bulz7 (EUNE)
: That's not the point, it's just that ad reigns over ap in tower destroying and farming. Why not making the AAs on turrets and minions scale with ap not ad for ap champions?
What, you mean like it already does? > "When basic attacking a turret, the damage is based on the base attack damage added to either the bonus attack damage or 40% of a champion's ability power, depending on which one is higher. Even though it may use an ability power scaling on the basic attack, it still is entirely physical damage." The difference is that you dont tend to buy AS on most ap champions. Still there are AP champs who excel at taking down towers just as there are AD champs who have to take their time. Ziggs, Diana, Elise and Kayle are all capable of taking down a turret much faster than Renekton for example. And those arent the only examples, they just happen to be the ones i play so i know what theyre capable of.. but im pretty sure akali and probably plenty more have good turret killing potential. You think AD champs take down turrets fast without itemizing in such a way that they gain turret killing power from their items? Ever heard of lich bane?
bulz7 (EUNE)
: Balance
yeah we should just make all champions the same, or better still just have 1 champion. I'm so sick of each champ having individual strengths and weaknesses, it completely ruins the game.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Unpopular Opinion - Riot should remove Bans from the Draft Mode
completely agree actually. i think "just ban them then" mentality is counter productive to balance, and removal of bans would force riot to be much more careful with balance and to address extreme cases quicker.
: Time to leave the game. Tribute to Riot
did you know that it's actually possible to just stop playing a game without making an attention seeking cry post on a forum to announce it. Bye, you wont be missed.
XhieF (EUNE)
: Why do you care if noone playes her?
good point, and furthermore, how does he even know she is overpowered if noone plays her
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