IdanLo (EUNE)
: I got the same reply. Frustrating.
For the lols - just send them a ticket and paste the link to this discussion or just make your own so they at least have to follow the link (if an actual human takes a look at this). Just an idea. Maybe they'll actually take a look at it. I'm literally just trying all my options. Hope it works out for you.
Declined (EUNE)
: You only need to create 1 ticket. The first response you receive is almost always a generic reply, it's exceedingly common, you just need to make them aware of your situation in as few words as possible, so they'll know what it's about.
Trust me, 1 ticket explaining everything even more detailed with actual public IP and all data wasn't enough. Bot generated feedback everytime. The system just doesn't care.
IdanLo (EUNE)
: Do you have any update on this? I also got banned for the same reason and support is very stubborn and won't un-ban me. I am trying to talk to them and I have opened an account recovery ticket but this seems like a fight that I can't win.
I've been actually just spamming to Riot support on different types of issues so I hope at least one of them gets read through by an actual human, because the last 2 or 3 tickets aimed exactly at the suspension type were all answered with the same generic answer and no real resolution. I actually just sent them the link to this discussion so I'd see if they actually did follow the link and see the issue. I don't really have much to do, but to be annoying enough to make them at least look at the case.
Drda (EUNE)
: There has been a high amount of cases like this. I think riot is doing this on purpose to people they dont like. First it was bad situations in ranked, now theyre permabamming us
I don't know what I did wrong tho. I never tilt, spam, flame, nothing. I play my favourite champion GP on top "as I should" and everything was fine. I actually gained honor level a few weeks ago.
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings presneto, First of, do yourself a favor and don't tell us anymore about your account, there is a risk you may compromise your account if you do. Now I have full confidence with support, and you should take your concern up with them, and let them help you figure it out.
I actually sent two different tickets both times explaining the situation. Both times I was given the EXACT SAME answer and no choicr of further help. I honestly do not care if the destroy this profile. It's ruined already.
: I'm so afraid of this. I met a hacker in one of my games today, trolling to get someone's account banned and cause he thought it was fun. He told me he just hacked the client API and through that he was able to do all kinds of things. He then proceeded to tell me my account was next :/ I thought it was all bullcrap until I looked at him in my match history again to see if he trolled more games. He'd changed the name of the account, he changed the summonder icon to one that was never released (Tencent Olaf) and his profile background was changed to the black Alistar skin..... Let's just say I'm starting to believe him and am very afraid to lose my account to something like this now.....
I am studying computer science and I'm still triggered how there aren't at least some kind of two-factor authentication systems. They actually let you be signed in without typing passwords now, so everything even at your home computer might be very accessable. I only now realized this the hard way.
Forte (EUNE)
: I hope you get your account back buddy.
Darkfoton (EUW)
: How did you get hacked? Logged in on a fake league website? Hope riot will do something about this.
I wasnt logging anywhere online. I only played a couple of urfs and arams the day before. I actually sent two different tickets both times explaining the situation. Both times I was given the EXACT SAME answer in a message that I am repsonsible for my password leak and that the ban was rightfuly given. I am lost.
IdanLo (EUNE)
: Falsely accused of third party software usage - permanently banned
I feel you. The same exact thing happened to me recently and support is not acknowledgin anything.
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