: Perma ban
See this is a problem with league, you're a long time player and have done everything your self. But you got permabanned for using words. Its not like there is mute button or anything?? Funny thing is people can mute you, so not sure why perma bans are still being issued for raging at people who purposely destroy other people games. What i've seen is people are trying to get people mad so they rage in hopes off offering them ban. Its kinda stand spending a whole season to reach a goal just to lose it all because you lost your cool over some matches. If they ever do unban account i really hope yours is one of them, its always sad to see a guy who's dedicated this much time to a game go out like this. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
I Xayah l (EUW)
: "you have disconnected. please check your internet connection and try again"
I also get it, %%%% just lost a placement game just because of it. Some times you got to try like 5-6 times before it gets you into a game, or it just doesn't enter your full stop. -_-
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: Malzatop is actually good vs champs like Teemo, xerath support is okay too if you know the champ and play around it but trying it 1st 2nd or 3rd time is unnecessary. I dont mind if jungler doesnt gank top, i always play like i dont have a jung and enemy does but, if hes not doing anything on map while enemy jungler camps top then i get tilted fast lol also i dont get junglers who gank top when i have 15minion wave in my face, just not worth it.
I was malz top, but when you pick a full ap team, with lee as the only ad what's gonna happen? They had moaki top, build 200+ mr not much we could do, with no tanks and no real dps. I know full well how all the champs i play work, strengths weakness, match ups, so ganks are needed in certain match up.
Loonsteer (EUW)
: whats your worst losing ranked streak?
Na its just shitty pre season, i went from p2 50lp to p4 0lp in 1 month of pre season.
: lol i feel ya, inting botlane every game, my jungler diving enemy riven when im under my own turrent farming, giving free dboule buffs at lvl 2, kha jumping into 3 heimer turrets @ lvl 2-3 and 7 minion minionwave list goes on, guess just got to deal with it. 2 games in row our lucian: is lethality lucian good ? builds duskblade and bork goes 1-7 or smth :D like...if u wanna try shit out go to prac tool or norms w/e
I am not saying my game play is perfect, but i can cs and hold my lane if i am not being camped by mid or jungler. But trying stupid shit like ahri adc while we have annie and malaz top, then picking xerath support. fun fact one of them was pre. Like junglers also don't have the tendancy to gank top because i should be winning lane, good junglers are so random. see the higher elo you get the more you rely on your team, and one guy %%%%s and the enemy campitize it can easily be an ff 15-20.
: Same, dropped 2 divisions in like a week, so decided, nope - normals it is :D
This is an alt, so was just made to see how fast i could climb, but man pre season game's dropped me from 60% win rate to 49%. My main i just to play with friends and stream with.
: That's right. Let's play normals were everyone will troll and throw at the drop of a hat cause "just a normal man". Why i haven't though about that earlier?
Tough look, plus not every one throw in normal's. I'd rather learn a new champ in normal game where people "might troll" where i won't lose any lp or destroy the game of my fellow team m8's. That's what normal's are for to learn new things, not my fault the community has gone to shit over 8 seasons and rages at everything people do. Personal if its not ranked play what you wish how you wish to and have fun.
: New runes, new opportunities. Not everything you kill normals with will work in ranked aswell.
No but that's where you try new things, you learn how build said champ and how good it works in situations. This is high plat/diamond adapting to new champs and runes should much easier and faster. Plus most new builds and how to play comes from pro players.
: Wonder why you got the 14day ban from :^)
Because i like to hurt peoples feelings :)
: I always thought preseason was easier coz ppl aren't playing as serious and all the dia+ people have done their season end climb and don't linger in plat
Sadly i couldn't reach diamond due to 14 day ban, but its annoying i still like to try and win my ranked games. Not have to ff by the 15th min because the team already feeding.
JinKage (EUNE)
: dont play then or stop try harding and have fun,its pre season- everyone is testing out stuff or trying out new things.
Go try new things in normal not ranked games. That's not an excuse to destroy other players games.
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: Going to take a break from LoL
Its the only way to stop **** from getting to me. Since i play mostly ranked, bad players get to me the only way to cool down is take break. Played this game from season 1 and the more i play the more i just want to quit for ever, but thats easier said then done. Break do help.
Hesha178 (EUW)
: Feeders and Trollers
The problem its solo/duo que. If it was only solo q you'd get less people whom of lower skill level, because the only way to climb in solo q would be of own skill, but with duo q you have higher chance of being boosted, and using broken mechanics to improve. Just played 2 games. Game 1: diana who hasn't played in 2 months Game 2: bot lost 2 turrets 10 mins in, and mid finished the game with 75cs in a plat 3 game.
: low elo problems ...
No its every elo problem.
kabotsha1 (EUNE)
: why should i lose LP in such cases ? its just unfair in ranked
Because league doesn't reward you for being good, in order to get anywhere you need to also carry the players who'm can't do the basics. Its had this problem for years, they'll never fix it the only way to climb now is to get (lucky) and hope to god you don't get the players who feed. Example 1 - Got a diana who'm hadn't played in 2 months, doing nothing and being useless lost. Example 2- Bot lane feed there ass off, lost both turrets in 10 mins, in a counter lane. Mid lane ended the game with 75cs in a plat 3 game. Also pre season ranked is aid's.
: There is no reason to play ranked in pre-season anyway.
No there isn't, other then i stream league and draft and normal games you get way to many trolls. only said other option is to quit till next season.
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Niffler (EUNE)
: It does not matter whether you intended to leave or not, if it happened you are screwed. The system can't be smart enough to distinguish blackouts from intentional leaves. Some time ago on my old laptop I used to get bugsplat errors from time to time, during loading screen you get the error, the client starts repairing itself, takes at least 5 min. or so, by the time you get back they have voted for a Remake and you lose LP + the leaver buster system screws you even further after it happens a couple of times. Point is.. forget about it and move on, Riot won't give you back your LP.
there was no remake tho, i just lost the lp. I don't want lp for the win, because i wasn't there. But i was already level 10 when i dc'ed i don't see why i'd lose lp.
: " blackout "
Well it was, since i was streaming...
Smerk (EUW)
: If you are marked as a leaver you will get defeat no matter what the actual outcome of the game was
That's annoying.
: The game now identifies whether you were afk or not, and if you were, you won't get the rewards for winning. Happened to me in a normal game and I didn't get anything :(
I lost lp for the game even tho we won, i don't mind not getting the lp.
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: Boosted player
Wait wait wait, how does one play that many ranked games?
: Well, there's just potato days like this. The other day I got trolls banning my main in select. The other a Support that has no Support champs because... yea, he doesn't need Support champs, right? And he played exactly with that kind of attitude. Then a Support that is like: qq we lost one fight, I abandon the lane and roam from mid to top. G5 elo btw.
Its very frustrating like i just want to climb and hit diamond, but that's impossible if games are just full on unfair. I can support but since its an alt, i don't own a lot of support due to being a top main. The other games when just unfair, not even my fault. Like to game with gold 1's playing with plat 2's and 1 game with afk how do i won them?
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: Less tanks --> more enjoyable games. For all i care they can buff assassins into oblivion as long as i dont need to see another rammus malph or maokai ever again.
More tanks since everything is glass cannon, making tanks do more damage while still building resistances, its tank heaven.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: So you can accurately judge a system based on a single case experience, while Riot bases their data based on millions upon millions of accounts, in even more million games. I'm quite sure they have better insight as to the balance of matchmaking here. Using 10 games, on one account, as a representation of how the system works doesn't work.
LMFAO, if an account can hit plat 5 of 10 games, with no previous rank, but an account who finished plat 2 last season can start the season in gold 4 with 8 wins, ye kinda of a floored system if you ask me. The alt got a higher base rank then main its got no rank.
RusSs0R (EUW)
: banned again but this time i was not toxic at all
Don't worry it's Bs, one of my account got a 14 day suspention after 1 game of me chatting crap. The last time the account was punished was 4 seasons ago. Riot care more about words then people who troll and feed on purpose. As Long as you don't say stuff in chat you've got 80% chance of never getting banned while trolling.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: MMR is a representation of current skill, which is why it matches up players of that. Visible ranking is not actually a good representation of current skill, and matching players based on that would be absolutely terrible. You complain about imbalanced teams now, then you wouldn't appreciate a system that matches people based on visible ranking, since skill isn't taken into account there.
Ok so you're telling me the system is balanced, This account hit gold 3 of promo's in 8 wins and its never been ranked before, So much for "skill" and it hit plat 5 in 60 game's, this account was getting better team m8's then the main account threw out low plat and i was doing the same thing, this account climbed to plat 2 faster then main playing the same champ. Then i saw a guy who was a smurf as well hit plat 5 in 10 placement wins. The ranking system is fallowed as %%%% and the ranks no longer represent people skills. Got to love a system that allows a new account to hit plat 5 in 10 wins.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > how can I play this game if the matchmaking gives me bad teammates and the enemies are so good?!? You're experiencing negativity bias. The matchmaking isn't giving you bad teammates and good enemies. That's a conspiracy theory. Matchmaking finds 10 people of roughly the same current skill, and divides them up into teams. Sometimes it can get things a bit wrong, and sometimes perfectly equal teams may still result in a stomp on one side. That doesn't mean matchmaking itself is the problem. There's no system ensuring that you always have bad team mates.
Match making doesn't find people (roughly) of the same skill level. It just find people of around the same mmr, skill has got nothing to do with match making that's why its a fallowed system, if a plat 5 can play with gold 5 then you need to fix something.
: What's annoying me is that they didn't communicate that they turned on loss prevented <.< I wasn't gonna play if I knew.
Same here i just lost promo's, and was like i only need one game to get back in and i earn 22pts per game. Finished the game and i got 10lp and 3 of promo's. I want my 3lp because i don't want to play another game just to lose out.
Viavarian (EUW)
: Well, tell it to the Rioters who enabled loss prevented.
Great now i need to play another game, just for 3 lp to get back to promos. That's unfair.
DeRoo (EUW)
: Probably a loss avoided game
Na there was nothing wrong with the game, no one lagged no dced nothing. I've seen other on the board getting 9lp...
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Rioter Comments
: That's not a big difference.
No difference between most of the team being plat 4 + and this guy being gold 3 and only being in the group because he's preing with plat 3 and then gets destroyed in lane?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: That's not even bad Played against diamonds, had lvl 27 players on my team And i'm gold 5
Ye but this is ranked, i don't expect gold 3 playing with plat 4+ because they're preing with a plat 3.
: The whole idea of solo q being also duo q is just stupid.
I can agree with you on that one, it should be only solo q.
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Renold (EUNE)
: who said that??i win easy games with {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:201}} and no ardent.. {{item:3504}} on soraka..no cc no tankiness not big deal. {{champion:40}} nerfed as hell.{{champion:117}} decent ye. I play {{champion:12}} into your ardent soraka and i destroy it easy.
The nerf did nothing, it wasn't the champions that where the problem I was the item. Plays alista into soroka but never get close enough to combo her, oh wait you're trading with the adc free heals all day along. In low elo's it might be easy but in the higher one's people aint so stupid to stand right next to their adc as a defensive support.
Ìxeas (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=pwn u hard lol,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uJUdQLJs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-11T14:05:00.118+0000) > > No. Its let buff ardent to the point every other support is useless, and if you don&#x27;t have an ardent team you&#x27;ve lost the game before its started. Sure, Ardent is really strong but it doesn't decide games. Aggressive supports as Alistar, Leona or Tresh can easily stomp Ardent's botlane.
Oh but it does, the support you're talking about are useless. Oh lets pick something like say, karma, janna, sona and sorka. Pick any adc really and you've got an easy line, because you don't need to engage the support sits back and play turret hogging, give a shield every 7 seconds and it free trades all day long, then add ardent it becomes a free lane.
Mada (EUW)
: adc in season 6: I feel a little underappreciated... rito: let's make botlane great again! players: this sucks
No. Its let buff ardent to the point every other support is useless, and if you don't have an ardent team you've lost the game before its started.
: Nice snitching strategy Riot
https://gyazo.com/a6faad642d4e8885a81ed1a0b09c6398 The pointless survey once you lost the last 5 games, hhhmmm never get one of these when I am winning...
: Nice snitching strategy Riot
https://gyazo.com/d497ab8d47890b437e59fc68abc95121 Here we go, the losing spree has started, so lets start explaining. The first game what can I say I had to 2 autofilled player's both plat 2, So the jungler was an adc main playing jungle, while the mid laner was also an adc main playing mid. Jungle was to say the least alright, but mile's behind the enemy jungler in everything he did, the mid lane had 0 pressure and the enemy mid was free to roam at 8 mins. Second was the worst, Yey lets get a shaco main, whom only plays shaco who was useless in the comp we was running, had no pressure in jungle and no pressure with the gank's, so that went tits up, oh ye they had ramus jungle so shaco was beyond useless. Third game what to say we could of won that game, Except we had a support who was 0-12 for most of the game except he few kills he got late, mid lane went 4-12 was useless as well, I won top pretty easy and their top and jungle was useless, but that doesn't matter cause the enemy adc was feed as %%%% and 3 shooting every 1. not much you can do vs a 21-7 adc by 25th min. Out of all the games, 1 and 3 could be won easily. First game if had a jungler and a mid, third game if I didn't have a trolling support/ useless mid. So why did the quality of game play go down, with the higher mmr? Ill wait for an explanation
: No it isnt what happens when you win. There is a range of MMR of players in certain division. That's why you skip divisions. The moment you win too much games, matchmaking algorythm tries to make both teams with equal average mmr. But you are on a winning streak and your MMR is skyrocket high for the division you are in. While enemy has similar mmr players and average MMR of x, you have much more MMR so to make the teams' mmr similar you get players with much lower mmr than you so your team will also has an average mmr of x. That's where from comes winning and losing streaks. You either go 75%+ win rate and skip divisions and then even if you still have more mmr than average for that division and get players with lower mmr than you in team, their mmr is much higher than players from before you skipped, or you just going to have winning and losing streaks untill you very very slowly climb up, which is a waste of time. Matchmaking in this game is bad and sorry but that argument of "you just get better opponents" is old and false. Plus you don't play rankeds so you don't even know how reality looks like. Please stop repeating bullcrap and try to make idiots of people.
https://gyazo.com/d6591a442d49b5f3f48c393f3fad8737 This what you mean?
Gaddafi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=pwn u hard lol,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iNyFWQtZ,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-10-07T02:00:15.995+0000) > > But season 3 was (fun) because the game wasn&#x27;t oh let cater for just the pro&#x27;s, I had fun with the stupid op shit, it was what made the game good, everything was broken. %%%% you could do some dum shit and people didn&#x27;t get mad, know its like her der just pick the meta shit or your chances of winning go down by 60%. I do miss my old ad sion :&#x27;( Oh... Sion. The day LoL destroyed my main. Can't remember how many Teemo's were simply left out of game after few Q + emopowered E... Oh, those days. Thnx for reminder, gotta watch the bastard on youtube now :)
The worst thing was jax with dodge, not sure what riot where thinking. Lets not talk about shaco being 90% banned in ranked because of being able to take double buff.
: Thats called tilting... easy as that how do people not get it,that there of course is a higher chance to get a bad team/game after a good team/game?!?
The point is you don't just get bad teams, you get teams which makes winning the game impossible. There is difference most game after a win streak are mostly stomps. This accounts a smurf, it hit plat 4 promo's in 6 game's after hitting plat 5. Both promo's game's trolls, first game fizz buying 5 boots, and second game bot lane which where 0-12 with turret down by 8 mins, the next 3 games all loses and unwinable. Know I am on win streak, I expect the losing streak to be in coming soon, I checked all my games ranked the one's I lost I had the lower ranking teams except 1 game.
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