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: yyeah thats what i mean each champion is unique and works better and worse against stuff and other stuff if i pick teemo top, renekton is easy, if i take yi top, renekton can easily shrek me same for master yi, wanna obliterate him?? > {{item:3157}} this fun item here completly bricks his focus and can just yeet him in a teamfight
sorry to say, yi doesnt get obliterated by zhonyas :P had got one in a velcoz game... undertower zhonyad, he legit went and killed everyone else then came back to finish me off...
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: what build he has? Shrader? or Crit?
nope. guinsoos and bloodrazor.
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: lul.. I have tresh main with me that game and still YI win 1v2 under our turret. hi has only botrk, berserker greves and pick axe. he needs nerf on Q and E. Reksai is the worst pick you can have against him. Teemo is not good eather, after the blind goes off you are dead. Stunns, YI use his Q to dodge that (if its YI who can use brain). Zhonya??? NOPE if you solo there he just wait until the Zhonya goes off and BYE...
yeah... had a teamfight under tower, the guy killed me (was lucian) with a q and 2 autos. fun point: I even built black cleaver and armor boots so im not too squishy yet death recap said his e alone did 1190 true dmg out of my 2240 health. like seriously wtf.
Noctiss (EUNE)
: See there is a reason for that too An Assassin, much like what it means, is someone who can instantly kill an unsuspecting target fast, without being seen much, and unexpectedly. A Bruiser, is a sustaining lane and team fighter, meaning he should be able to win a 1v1 that takes more than 1 second or that isnt an array of oneshotting spells So if ur an ADC with no way of protection, a talon combo will kill you, unseen, fast, deadly, An Assassin But a bruiser as yi, he can dodge or deflect ur combo, OR outsustain it with lifesteal and then defeat you with autoattacks. Better in a 1v1 fight that isnt a oneshot fiesta, A Bruiser look at it this way, if yi was so op, all challanger players would abuse him to get trilions of LP yet thats not how it is....
on the contrary, many bruisers have so much sustain or health gain it feels stupid to fight them .-. renekton r - big boi rage nasus - his w. oh and his r i guess... 0.5 Qs are too much for me hecarim - man you seen his early game E dmg? feels like getting hit by a truck even when he builds cinderhulk yi - eh his w feels bs for all assassins (50% dmg mitigation. really?) also his e deals true dmg thats higher than his ad dmg idk and so on .-. like personally i'm fine if you have damage resistance OR sustain, but it feels deadly when they have BOTH with the added bonus of some CC renekton - that rage w nasus - man his w slow feels like a 3 second root + exhuast irelia - q healing + w reduction and yeah I wouldn't think they are broken, they are equally as problematic as their counterpart, adcs (i mean theres a balance here) but assassins feel to be only capable of killing adcs atm. doesn't feel right that irelia or yi can run through a entire team while assassins exhaust their entire kit (WHICH HAS NO SUSTAIN) to just kill a key character...
: Your comparison is stupid, you compare bruisers and assasins dmg/tankyness. Assasin are mainly played mid (yasuo/Talon are better mid than top). Assasins have more felxible and mobile kits, while are neccessasry on a short lane (midlane), while bruisers have a longer lane and have higher dps than assasins. It doesnt matter if you buff the dmg of assasin because they Overkill the adc/mage anyway, bruisers on the other Hand lack mobility and get hit by adcs/mages in teamfights, therefor they Need more defensive stats while still having enought offensive stats to be a thread.
sooo... you are claiming that AD assassins are much weaker in stats but compensated in mobility? that confuses me as many assassins have less mobility compared to bruisers... speed - yi, hecarim, udyr completely decamates the movespeed of assassins as they were nerfed in response to the common use of yoummus ability mobility - this is hilarious ima just list it 1. zed: only mobility on w which is both main dmg source, escape OR engage (not both), which has a stupid 22 second cd for most of the game in comparison to other champions (it is one of the highest non-ultimate ability cds aight) 2. talon: except for e he has no other mobility unless its a wall. also it has a 150s cd... then theres tanks and bruisers! :D Forget about listing them, how about giving me a list of bruisers that dont have a strong mobility tool :D by the way yasuo classifies as a fighter / bruiser, not an assassin. so he is supposed to be "less flexible and have less mobile kits" compared to assassins and I can confidently say that is BS with that e. no a lot of the times overkill isn't an issue, its underperforming in the early stages of the game to the extent that late game the ONLY thing you can do is kill their carry and then sit back and watch while waiting for a 16 seconds cd on your sole mobility and engage tool without dying by playing frontline with terribly bad stats.
Noctiss (EUNE)
: See now, No. Lets imagine a scenario, a Yi with a bloodrazor, Botrk, and Guinsoo rageblade is solo pushing top, attacking turret so he has full stacks on guinsoo, and enemy team walks to him one by one, ofc they all die, but thats just bad gameplay, not champ design flaws. If you go as team and do 1 good stun, yi gets torn to shreds Or teemo, reks yi as well Or rammus Or simply any stuns Or zhonya etc etc
... one part I don’t get. Why are bruisers better in 1v1 compared to assassins who are supposed to punish isolated players? It feels like bs to watch khazik, zed, talon etc get demolished by Yi or renekton and sht
Antenora (EUW)
: MissAllStillKill
... they buffed his q dmg and nerfed his base dmg... he only has 1 skill shot which is 80% of his dmg... how tf u got that conclusion...
: NoRiskEZKills
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cat ín The Hat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lrjBnLki,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-13T07:24:45.871+0000) > > Jinx has been overbuffed from the before crit changes but she doesnt get nerfs Jinx has as much base hp as a Dr.Mundo or Darius... She's supposed to be squishy as well XD
Fun fact: most assassins base defence stats are worse than adcs!
Shamose (EUW)
: You know what I don't get? Ornn being obnoxiously strong and then nerfed to unplayable and left to rot. Urgot being obnoxiously strong and then nerfed to unplayable and then gets buffed the next patch to god tier again.
Hey. At least it ain’t zed which has a kit so broken and flawed that balancing it is impossible, people who are not good enough keep crying, has been nerfed to the ground for several years and for once has a chance to shine by merely shifting his power spike in a adjustment in 9.4 then gets immediately “reverted” which makes him literally worse than prior to the patch 9.4 in merely 4 patches time! Yes we are a multi billion indie company who has no idea what we are doing :D
: Both games have several layers of balancing... According to high level players there is always something overpowered or underpowered. If you want to generalize Dota is more imbalanced. Exploiting that is actually a core mechanic ...
At least they don’t constantly shift metas and characters every few days...
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: Please Fix Anivia's's been 4 years!
same.had so many games thinking i should e but finding out despite it clearly hitting on the visual it appears to have missed the target.
: My own account can't find itself after changing servers...
update: seems the 'my match history' button on forum page doesnt work but can still be used by manually entering username again, but is still broke on their end.
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