: grave counter XIN in jungle srsly riot
an estimated mental age of 13 from the grammar test. a post hurriedly written pointing at the butthurt syndrome.
: when we had 50 champs, there was 3 bans. Now we have close to 150 champs and still 3 bans ?
: Why does Ahri not suffer from any real mage nerfs?
to be honest, ahri is more of an assassin. assassins are generally avoided by the balance teams because it's extremely hard to modify their kit: either the assassin has too much damage or he doesn't have any. and of course they are forced to go with the "too much" option because otherwise the simple concept of an assassin would become totally pointless. to compensate for that, they try to nerf their CC or base stats so that they give the enemy laner a chance to retaliate during confrontations. a perfect example for that would be talon and kassadin who both saw their silences removed for more "soft" crowd controls. however, there are some champions which you absolutely cannot change like zed's kit, yasuo's and ahri's and that's where the difficulty resides: those champions are hardly touched because riot would then take the risk to ruin them
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: THORNMAIL would be a viable item if.....
you do not understand the point of thornmail then. if you just pondered for a bit by yourself, you would have figured it though. the thornmail is designed to counter two things, and no more than that. those two things are: attack speed and critical hits. now you shouldn't be too stupid. keep in mind that true damage is not called that just for show, it has to be true damage or the name would be pointless. and what counters true damage is either stacking health (fixed values of dmg) or for example in the case of vayne, stacking as much attack speed slowing items as possible.
: rengar rework?!
stop bullshitting you fucking %%%got, you were the one who was 0/12. and you know what? match history can go waaaaaay back, and with the general trend of your scores, it's fucking obvious you wouldn't even be able to counter a lux jungle.
: S6 Keystone Flowchart
you junior are too short sighed. if thunderdog's shtree was specially designed for the likes of yasuo and tryndamere, there windspanker's fapping was exclusivery designed for soraka.
Razdiel (EUW)
: Poppy Charges into uselessness
i agree: passive: total gargabe Q: completely useless compared to old Q W: highly situational E:nerfed R: it's like you loan a BMW and when the guy gives it back, it's a fucking lada! poppy had a very unique and intersting ult, for me, that's what made her, her ult! and they completely changed to to something like? throw back? and not even in the fucking direction you want, NO PLAYS ALLOWED! you can only fucking throw back towards their base.
l MrD l (EUW)
: New champion idea
you realize that only the W skill has not the power of an ultimate right?
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Kha'Zix
kha zix is hardly a competitive champion now that most games end in 20-25 minutes. games used to last 40 mins at the very least for most games during s5, which made laning phases much longer and thus gave khazix plenty of time to get fed, but now either you're lucky and get some early kills, or you're totally scrolled.
: Most broken champ now? (my types after 3 months)
except for vayne, you literally ignored all the other OP champions.
Kiaraka (EUW)
: Annie's ult
it's an instant cast ability, why the fuck would they give you time to dodge it? especially since it's an aim and click ability.
Aimist (EUW)
: Vel'koz Top Tips?
: 2-7 bots in every ARAM game i play
is that even surprising?
: Why do people like Zed so much?
because you can just stupidly go in during a group battle, dispatch the adc, maybe also the apc as a bonus then get back where you started as stupidly easily as you go went in.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Which champion has highest skill cap? [POLL (with only 10 choices tho)]
other: taking 10 champions based on your sole opinion about which champion requires the most skill is simply stupid. people do not think far enough for the most. for exemple, think a little bit: yasuo: -he has an anti harass -he has a free +100% crit chance -he has free 0.25sec cd dashes as long as there are enemy units around -a w that can block any projectile on a very low cooldown for what it does -and i will not even mention the fact that his Q offers a much better reaction times compared to a right click, or the fact that his ult offers a free and huge armor penetration boost. so, tell me what is there to be skillful about to play yasuo compared to any other champion? the skill cap is not a fucking stat for champions, it's for players. if you're bad, you won't block shit with yasuo's W, if you're good, you can easily dodge skills with any champion because you know what it can do and what it can't. for me, playing an immobile champion requires more skill than those sissies released lately. ask faker to do the same shit he does with kassadin or zed but using a champion with no dashes? NOPE
Northmund (EUW)
: Illaoi PBE changes?
illaoi is one of the rare champions in the game that does not have a single control ability, no matter what, they will not nerf her kit. maybe a slight nerf to her base stats will come later but even that is not likely. to give you an idea, there are actually 128 champions of which only 8 or 9 champions including illaoi have absolutely no form of CC.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: are they replacing runglave with it?
of course they're replacing it, it would be pointless to have two AP jungle items. but i think you can stack the effect with lich bane if i remember correctly. that will make AP junglers like diana and fizz extremely potent
: Can we see some love for Akali?
> requires skill to play .............select few ..............mastered ................................................. high skill cap. > Oh my god please! please stop, my belly hurt so much from all the laugher! dude i think you're not speaking about the right champion, or are there two akali champions?
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Can Irelia do well while jungling?
don't even think about doing good. except if you are lucky. irelia has nothing a good jungler needs. she will suffer in the early phase, and be pretty much useless all the way up until late game. you can forget about ganks if the enemy team is not too stupid. all you can do is prey that your team is good enough to hold 5 people at once while you try to push other lanes
: Kha'Zix
i agree that kha needs a good buff. but i think it's a very bad idea to buff his mobility. so they should buff his Q for him to feel like a real assassin again. his kit is so fun, but he is unfortunately outmatched by too many other junglers because he lacks actual damage to assassinate. A buff to his Q would be a little bit too much since that's a point and click ability and would just lead to yet another nerf. what would be a good buff would be to the damage of his E and W or adding some sort or synergy between his skills making him deal more damage if he successfully lands them all on his victim.
: Maw of malmortius is broken
poor stupid kid. let me guess, you didn't rush zhonya as fast as possible and zed started to rape you over and over again? for your information, even without a maw, he would still rape you.
: I like the screaming at 0.1s, not all assassins can do that (only Talon and Rengar come close) Also, I'm doing that while not feed and to anyone that's not tanky ^^
dude, don't be stupid, diana can't kill as fast as talon.
Terumie (EUW)
: Talon rework ideas(?)
again with the problem of stupidly dumb people asking for a buff or a nerf without understanding anything....JUST FUCKING STOP YOUR WHINING AFTER GETTING YOUR ARSE SPANKED!!!! for your information, talon is one of the most effective champions when it comes to killing single or even multiple squishy targets. his combo is so fast to chain that you usually take less than half a second to kill an adc! in addition, although it's hard to run away after going in for the kill, that doesn't mean he's totally defenseless. for your information, in late game, you can easily one shoot an adc with just an E-Q combo.
: zed is broken
all assassins are able to kill an adc in 1 second flat. with talon, you can kill an adc is 0.3 sec easily.
: Skarner is broken
skarner, diana, talon, trundle, nocturne are all incredibly powerful champions that do not weaken in any stage of the game, need very little gold to perform well, and have a very easy time clearing the jungle. and THANK god, the sheep community is actually focused on the OP trend and didn't notice them too much.
: Why so much begging for Syndra buffs?
the problem is simple: people are just too stupid to understand that syndra is a very powerful mage (probably able to shut down most mid laners with a bit of skill) but also a very underplayer champion since season 3. since the disappearance of DFG, syndra has been played less and less, but she's still extremely powerful, especially since her kit is so free and adaptable. this was the case for talon after the silence removal, stupid people (the sheep flock) immediately determiner that he was totally useless, until he was picked in the professional scene and those brainless animals almost immediately started spamming him! it was also the same for diana, unknown to most people for a loooong time (and we speak in seasons term) until they discover around the end of season 4 that she was totally op, and all the lowly scrubs automatically started playing diana. as of the moment, she's one of the good bans in draft. so, although i find that riot's way of balancing things out was always stupid, but the only good thing they ever did and saved the game was to ignore this sheep community and based their balancing all around the professional competitions.
: Fizz...
okay, there are some mentally challenged retards that will now come tell you if you play well, you can beat fizz, what you can do is screenshot the posts of such ill intentioned mentally challenged weirdos lovers of op freelos and report them to riot support.
Furiama (EUW)
: Riven is too op
let me tell you how to counter riven: 1-do not be stupid 2-never engage her at level 1-2-3 3-do not be super dumb 4-before engaging, think about what stupid people would do to kill riven, and do NOT do that. 5-pick tanky, burst or ranged champions, any of them would do. a riven can't do jack shit to a careful darius or nasus that wait for level 5+ to start fighting. 6-do not stupidly pick stupidly op champions that you do not stupidly know how to play to counter her. 7-when she stacks her two first Qs, why stupidly stay close? run away until she's forced to use 3rd Q on minions.
chozen ones (EUNE)
: Will league players get mystery skin from Riot?
there are skins that are discounter each week by a good margin, if you buy some, then the saved money can be counted as a free gift so that you can buy additional skins for nothing!
raggnir (EUW)
: why would you pick akali for the jungle? what would you even gain by playing akali in the jungle? you would be totally unexistant before level 6, and only god knows how long you would take to actually reach that level by jungling. after that? every lane is at least 1 level/item ahead of you and if they are just the least bit attentive to the map and ward a little bit, you will not be able to do jack shit. that will make you more and more behind until they figure out that you can no longer even take half of the health of a squishy with you full combo and at that time they will simply see how as a 300 (or less) gold bag.
> [{quoted}](name=raggnir,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qhW9T39q,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-12-19T11:53:33.937+0000) > > why would you pick akali for the jungle? what would you even gain by playing akali in the jungle? you would be totally unexistant before level 6, and only god knows how long you would take to actually reach that level by jungling. after that? every lane is at least 1 level/item ahead of you and if they are just the least bit attentive to the map and ward a little bit, you will not be able to do jack shit. that will make you more and more behind until they figure out that you can no longer even take half of the health of a squishy with you full combo and at that time they will simply see how as a 300 (or less) gold bag. oh and by the way, let's not forget that if your team has no consistant CC, you would be even worse off
: Akali top mid jungle
why would you pick akali for the jungle? what would you even gain by playing akali in the jungle? you would be totally unexistant before level 6, and only god knows how long you would take to actually reach that level by jungling. after that? every lane is at least 1 level/item ahead of you and if they are just the least bit attentive to the map and ward a little bit, you will not be able to do jack shit. that will make you more and more behind until they figure out that you can no longer even take half of the health of a squishy with you full combo and at that time they will simply see how as a 300 (or less) gold bag.
Agidyne (EUW)
: The new AD Assassin Item. Thoughts? Source Inside.
no death mark will not hurt like fuck, in fact, the assassins that will benefit from this the most will be one with extreme burst damage relying on on-hits, which is not the case of zed. generally speaking, a zed will ult in, use his shadow and chain Q and E before returning to his original position. adding an auto attack will make it harder to make a good combo. champions like talon on the other hand will benefit just far too much from such an item AND of course it means there will be incoming nerfs for assassins, again... so it seems they finally understood that they vastly fucked up by changing Last Whisper so stupidly (like every fucking thing they do), so they give us instead an item which is neither nearly as good as last whisper, not as cost efficient and easy to build. while i agree that the serrated dirk is a very good early game item, building from that all the way up to a 3000+ gold item is simply not a healthy path for assassins that need that burst damage all game long, especially since they are the most useful during the laning phase by picking squishy lanes over and over again.
markeyto (EUNE)
: what champion should i buy next that can help me raise my elo?
: I think this is the best way to fix THORNMAIL
you certainly would have blood on you, not yours that is..
: He said "Essence Reaver is now CORE on Rengar"
if you're building a crit renger, this item would obviously be a core item, is there anything strange about that? that doesn't need any arguments since it's pretty much self explanatory: you build crit till you reach 40 or 45% cdr, then you switch to another important stat for assassins: armor penetration. for any other rengar build, this item is totally unneeded
: A more meaningful and interactive nerf to Tahm Kench
and how the fuck are you supposed to deal enough damage to a tank that runs at the very least 30% faster than you? CC him? FUCKING hell why would he have to swallow his adc if to begin with you cced tahm kench himself? he would just peel while his adc can freely skin you alive!
: Riot, I am really disappointed about this year Snowdown
dude everything riot does is disappointing, it's just the the base game is so good that no matter how much they mess it up, it will stay the number 1 moba worldwide
TrollP4trol (EUNE)
everything is about business, they won't bring out an ultimate skin at the end of the year when many other opportunities are present.
: Is VI stil VIable? Get him?
to give you an idea, a vi can break down an inhibitor turret all alone in 6 seconds flat, is that op enough for you?
TAKaiser (EUW)
: AP GameStyle/Gameplay/Champions have been kicked from the game.
it's a cycle dude, one season it's the era of assassins, another season it's the era of mages and so on and so forth. season 5 was the season of bruisers and tanks and season 6 is going to be the season of ranged and melee adcs.
: Upgraded scanner
yes it's pretty useless at least in my opinion. that kind of short lived stuff needs to have a cooldown which is at most 20-30 seconds, or i don't see the point of buying it.
Orionka (EUW)
: Malzahar
> no cc i stopped reading here, and i was very lenient.
Krucho (EUW)
: Poppy nice, Illaoi horrible?
if you don't know how to play a champion, don't play it. her kit brings out enormous amounts of damage while still building almost all tanky. she has a low cooldown dash on targets which is already a lot but she certainly doesn't deserve more mobility or even worse: crowd control.
: How do i survive in lane with Veigar?
actually, everyone suffers against brand, his kit is just too stupid and if he aims his pillar of fire with your right in the middle, you will get damaged even if you try to dodge, you can train to move all the time, but he can train to anticipate your movements all the time, which is easy, so that logic has a limited utility. his stun procs way too easily so.....i'm absolutely not a reference, but here are some advices: 1-do not ever W on the minion wave, leave the minion, that will at least block his skillshot. 2-your Q has a long range, and can damage the first unit hit AND the one behind it and both count as a stack if you kill them, so farm from afar, it will help a lot in dodging his pillar since he will have to come a little closer to use it, you can then run. 3-if you apply number 2, you'll notice that if he plays aggressively (most brands do, or it would be pointless to play him) he'll pull closer and closer to your turret to poke you, because he knows after you farm up and gain some stacks, you can utterly rape his arse before his first ability hits you, your jungler can pull off some easy ganks. 4-if you're behind (by a lot) and your jungler isn't doing great/has no cc), tell him not to come or it might be a double kill for him. 5-after you get your mana item and can sustain easily, start poking, poking and more poking, you can one shoot him with a single combo, but that's at the condition that you do not get stunned before he dies. but if you poke, your later trades will be much easier. 6-zhonya as soon as possible, and build a ROA
: Help me understand Shyvana!
shyvana is not a tank, shyvana is a bruiser, that's her primary role, but her passive boosts her resistances by a good amount. she doesn't have any complicated mechanics like some other champions, she has an on hit Q which deals quite a bit of damage, a W that does aoe damage as well as greatly improve her movement speed on a low cooldown and her E allows ranged poke and grants % health damage (don't remember if physical or magical) on hit for the duration of the effect. her R allows engages/disengages and improves her abilities as well as her passive. she can do well with just a botrk, while the rest being tanky items, but if you add in a trinity, her damage becomes astonishing while she still stays a little bit tanky. shyvana used to be THE fast jungler which could clear camps faster than anyone else, get her two buffs, then get to your second buff before you. she really shined in that playstyle back in season 3 (or was it 2? i think it's 3). after that, lots of change came to the jungle, making shyvana's playstyle become less impactful. her ganks being average at best, she has been played less and less since then. now i would class shyvana as a situational jungler, useful in games where you know your lanes can play safe and stomp their opponents, in which case you can focus on harrassing the enemy jungler, not giving him any time to clear camps, gank or anything else because you're always there like a roach, taking his gold, preventing him from taking levels. as for the top lane role, it's totally viable, but you risk to suffer against ranked and/or hard engage champions.
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: New Assassin-Mastery on Jungle champs worth considering?
even on proper assassins, i doubt it's a really worthy mastery, i prefer to pick the more tanky masteries to help me get to level 6 and let me live longer during exchanges except if i'm 100% sure i'll stomp my lane.
: Lost 4 matches in a row, dodged one also, didnt get relegated at 0lp
: Swain's W patch
the damage of his E Q combo is way too high, add in a 2 seconds root allowing you to throw in additional empowered auto attacks and the enemy is either dead or forced to recall (in non stupid cases). so the W nerf was totally justified especially since lately, a lot of swain players go mid where most champions are super squishy and the combo hurts them a lot! on the other hand, they REALLY need to improve his auto attacks to ease the farming. his auto attacks are the worst in the whole game, karthus's AAs are horrible too but his Q is perfect for last hitting.
: Change akali e so can fit with her kite.
so, with the burst she already has, you want her to be buffed? also if you know league of legends just for a bit, please stop your bullshit. any experienced player knows that out there, there are champion that are super strong but still underplayed simply because 99% of the community are a flock of sheep! akali has always been strong, and by that i mean OP, and she certainly doesn't deserve a buff.
Breakbenj (EUNE)
: 5.24 patch notes lol
the wind of change...
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