: Of course not. There are many things in our lives that are completely out of our control. It is the perception that one is not able to influence their own life that is the problem. The most succesful people in life (including games) are those that have a strong internal locus of control. They are actually very critical of themselves when the lose and seek ways of improving themselves. A lot of the people who complain about their teams seem to lack the insight into how much they are personally able to influence games.
>Of course not good, then maybe you shouldnt say such things
: A classic example of external locus of control.
i just looked that up. i dont really see your point. just because someone always has excuses doesnt mean hes wrong. also my point is that their english is terrible
: Try to %%%%in lose me another ranked game %%%%y Riot. I dare you.
I love it when people say "lose us" and "lose me".
orkginok (EUW)
: Change of Email, if u dont have acces to the old one?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Paid about $170 on KDA Bags, here is the result
>So overall I got my money's worth highly doubt that
Maíko (EUW)
: I don't think its a storage problem... i have it on a HDD and i need like 5 secs
Yeah i highly doubt that considering my high end level SSD takes longer
Febos (EUW)
: Poor fellow. I feel you. You can't wait 5 minutes to waste 30 more minutes of your life. All those slow loaders be damned! \#FirstWorldProblems
yup and also the stupid menu client that eats all ur ram and cpu
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: The more you reply to me, the more I am sure I was right with my first answer.
The more you repla to me, the more I am sure I was right with my first answer.
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: https://i.gifer.com/WHC0.gif
: It's not. New players don't know what the game is about, what works, what not, so you don't know what to expect from them. I did play on a smurf with them and seen stuff I would have never expected. It's just normal. Because they are new.
GLurch (EUW)
: Language filters aren't omnipotent. In a global game like League of Legends, where people who speak hundreds of different languages meet each other, having a language filter that'll really work good is next to impossible. The language filter not only doesn't censor some words, it may censor some words that are completly normal in some languages, and may be an insult in another. Beyond that, you don't need the filter disabled to tell when someone is insulting you necessarily. For example, someone could write the following: "%%%% yo mom" "you %%%%%%% %%%%%%" You may not necessarily know what these words are, but you *will* know they're insults, most likely targeted at you in some way. There are also certain phrases, like "commit suicide" that may not be censored because "commit" is a normal word and "suicide" also is a normal word. Only when you combine them do they become death wishes.
So when i say robin williams commited suicide, i wished him death? lol
ImSingle (EUNE)
: Swear words, flame and language filter
btw while we're at the topic of language filter: why is "hitler" an illegal word? yes, hes a bad guy but... how is saying his name a swear word? stalin or lenin arent *** out. I dont really get it.
: No, because I've never seen some and I know donkeys with their physical properties cannot fly by themselves; if we exclude medieval catapults and mangonels used for donkey propulsion. But when it comes to new players, treat them like you treat children and elderly people as pedestrians in traffic: They might walk over the street randomly, stand still, jump (in case of children), be very slow or fast (only children) or just turn back where they came from. Same with new players. If you havent played the game long, you have no feeling for how important Flash is, that its good to preserve it and/or just use it for fun, which I've seen A LOT in ARAMs for example. This is still a game after all and especially new players are expected to play and also discover it. Im sure Im glad I dont remember what I did as a new player and new players, from the point of view of a seasoned player, arent trolling, they are just bad. Simple as that.
>But when it comes to new players, treat them like you treat children and elderly people as pedestrians in traffic: thats the stupidest thing ive read all day
: No, just new players. Though you not killing the Quinn right away might count as trolling.
You think new players just randomly Flash all 3 of them?
Smerk (EUW)
: Level 13 game, I'm not sure what you're trying to show there
that has nothing to do with level 13. it only takes 2 games before you get to your old skill group ;)
: It is indeed as you got me to believe there is some trolling in the clip when in reality this topic is the advanced trolling. Well played.
is there no trolling in the clip?
Evyi (EUW)
: ***
>This is not trolling > .. >it may be an IQ >the only troll is inting what did i just read? https://media.giphy.com/media/1jnyRP4DorCh2/giphy.gif
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