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: Yes. This is right. Last night I was really overfed with my Jedi Master skin Yi... 30/0/0. And I jump on {{champion:236}}. And that homie just click R on me. BOOM STUNS ME FOR 5 sec... And at that time, {{champion:15}} comes. BOOM STUN FOR ANOTHER 5 sec... And because I am stunned, {{champion:145}} uses her ult to dash to me, AND BOOM, STUN FOR ANOTHER 5 sec... Should I continue, or you got my point? {{champion:36}} ... I think people who obviously lack game knowledge should spend less time in attempts to think... And more time in attempts to acquire more knowledge.
Thats internet foras in 2k19. Uneducated children without any knowledge trying to drag intelligent people down on their level
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: i thought the same until i read the that apparently they are a race i alongside pretty much everyone as well clumped them up with whites but apparently they aren't the same race as us
Neo Nazis is just pathetic. They know nothing about nazism and it's original agenda whatsoever. Nazi germany saw everyone without 2 german parents as inferior. And i bet you 99% of Neo Nazis isn't even of german heritage. Like the other day these polish kids started saying heil hitler ingame.. probably without realising Hitler generally despited the polish and killed tens and thousands non jew polish for no reason
: I feel there might not be enough players in higher ranks. I mean, if you were able to look at how many players in each rank there were the number would probably seem very high, but when you have to start matching them.... Let's make an example: let's say there are one thousand gold players active at any given time. They all go to solo and the algorithm matches them into 200 games total. That's probably how the system is supposed to work. Now let's say that, instead of one thousand gold, you have 100 golds, 200 silvers, 400 bronzes and 300 unranked players. And once again, you have to break them up into 200 games total. Considering that the algorythm takes into account not only rank, but average KDA and a bunch of other stuff we probably don't even know about, the chances of all of those golds to have teams made up of silvers and bronze is pretty high. Honestly, I feel like the problem here is that the ranked game is not attractive enough. The community is super toxic, the meta is absolute, the learning curve is drastic and the time investment is absurd. It's no wonder most people don't actually bother even trying ranked.
Hmm you know that there is about the same amount of gold as silver players? With Bronze having far less then those two
Kakashi500 (EUNE)
: 38/2/4 K/DA, only A+?
3 wards placed in 35 min, 4 cs/pr minute. Possible low damage to objectives etc. Otherwise good job
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: A simple question.
Im suspecting you are sugar coating this whole thing. It's no way he went afk and trolled for no reason after trying. Someone must have upset him.. Those who provocate someone and get trolled can only thank themselves,
: Ban
Just counted and game nr. 1 you had 60 messages written. In an annoying and toxic manner. On average i write 0-2 messages a game. See the difference? The community is just better off without this behavior. The chat function serve no real purpose anyways exept creating frustration and anger
: Hi there again, Clarification $1 As shown in my previous reply, I mentioned that I agree with both of you, but as I assumed, when growing older, you are less toxic than being a kid $2. Can you please share these studies for everyone here to see what you are confidently talking about !? cause you seem there like you are fighting me for some reason, I mean, it is a discussion, and no matter what Riot decides if this post read or not, it will not come out of your money-pocket, so no worries. I understand being defensive of your own ideas and thoughts, but defensive doesn't aggression even if you are right. $1 "Sorry that the way of my commenting-replying is the same as writing an official-professional e-mail, but that is part of my real-life job". $2 "not generalizing that statement, there are some exceptional kids that are calm and good behaved".
Im with you on this one. It would help with a reliable source stating that age doesn't affect toxicity ingame. Because right now it just sounds like words from Hansiman's own cognitive dissonance. Matter of fact is, No one of us know wether a group of 25-30 yr old would equal or less toxic than teenagers ingame. Because it haven't been studied but common sence says that grown ups would be slightly less toxic. And for the record, the studies i've seen and which is common sence says that the older you are - the more likely are you to respond calmer to hostile situations. Such as being flamed, one of your teammates doing a mistake and what not.
: why do they need to build support items blitz can build whatever he wants and so does thresh
Thus removing the support role completely. Do you even think before you type? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: i said remove duo bot lane not the roles do you only see the game from a laning phase perceptive or do you think supports can only work with adc and vice versa??
Im intrigued to know how champions like Thresh and Blitzcrank would even survive laning phase with support items.
: why don't they make support gain the same gold as adc?
Just ignore him. He is a troll on this forum. Previously i saw him made a post about removing the support role and support champs entirely. Making it a 4 v 4 game. {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
Farmzur (EUNE)
: Account suspended
Me personally aren't sure if this is ban worthy. But thats up to RIOT to decide and i never know wether you hidden some of ur chat comments which where of a more abusive character- On the other hand you are toxic as heck. And how can you threat to report people in champ select 2 times in a row? You are NOT contributing to a healthy enviroment with your spamming in chat 24/7. Try to /muteall and focus purely on the gameplay for once . Ingame is not a social plattform
: People need to change their way of thinking.
League in general is a very relaxing game compared to many others. Games with dynamic difficulty such as FIFA is seriously going to %%%% your mental health but in League youre in control of what YOU do. And i appreciate that... In some years time, games with dynamic difficulty will have drastically increased in marketshare and you will really appreciate games like this where good players can trash bad players. What i mean to say is that league is a walk in the park when it comes to stress and what not {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hey, i've had the same issue before. And also some other stuff like the client refuses to launch etc. Luckily i found a solution to all my client errors. There is often a client or launcher running in the background not showing which is interfering with the current one which is creating different errors. Therefore you need to go to the task manager and exit all the league files. Then you should be good to go
: > [{quoted}](name=reprot,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fEesQpHP,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-30T21:24:09.364+0000) > > Dont ask me why but i decided to start a fresh account. And i decided to act like a complete beginner. I would not straight up run it down. But i would act like i never played a MOBA before or have any sort of clue. Such as standing in a middle of a wave farming until i realise i took huge damage. Problem is, first game i went into - **besides me there was 8 smurfs and 1 beginner**. I went something like 0/13/2 which im sure any other completely fresh player would under these circumstances. > > Guess what happened next - I got a 2 week ban for intentional feeding. Keep in mind, this was the first game on a completely fresh account. Which leads me to think how unfriendly this game has to be for new players. If youre expected to do alright against obvious experienced players. > > I can say for 100% sure that if i where a genuienly new player i would have uninstalled immediately just based on the harsh conditions ingame and what not. How did you play for the first few vs AI games ?
Went 0/2 in the bot game. I was surprised i only had to play one for a change
: you said there were 8 smurfs at least, so it wasn't a bot game, so you had already played in bot games till you were high level enough to play pvp you had already been placed in smurf queue where you're matched with other smurfs, you had already proved you were not a complete beginner and the system picked up on that and punished you for inting when you inted New players are new players, they don't go 18/1 against bots and then randomly go 0/13 in pvp, hence they don't get punished for playing badly since it's not intentional
Yep, thought about that too. Which is why i went 0/2 in the bot game. However the system is changed and you only have to play 1 bot game before entering PVP opposed to previous where you had to play atleast 5-10
Hansiman (EUW)
: So you made a new account, **intentionally** played badly, and you're surprised you got punished? Odds are, you did not play as a beginner, simply due to you not being a beginner.
I intentionally played badly but this suspension was pretty much immediate. Which means there was an automatic system picking it up. And not a Riot employee actually checking out the game. How can we know the system isn't suspending thousands of genuine new players every day? Thats my whole point. This specific case doesn't matter
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