Alyiza (EUW)
: I honestly think Mastery 7 is enough for now, Getting 3 S'es or higher isn't that simple for most to pull off on some champs. I wouldnt want to think what Mastery 8 would be like: Get 3 S+'es? that'd be very hard and I honestly think we have enough levels currently ;s
maybe making more masteries unlockable through playing the game more, once you play the game over lets say 100 hrs you get the choice to get mastery 8 on a champ you have mastery 7 on and then you get lets say a skin or smth
: but that would encourage otp to play one champ instead of trying new ones and we all know that yasuo,rivens,zeds and vaynes are gonna be in eevry game which would kill the fun imo lvl7 is good since it requires 3S to achieve so plebs with 20/0/0 kda and 100cs wont be getting anything.
i wouldnt knock that tbh, i dont mind playing against those champions as you can counter them pretty easily, that and there could be something more than getting just s+ 3 times, like missions were you have to play similar champs ? something like that anyways thank you for commenting <3
: The Idea in itself is not bad imo, but it should have some requirement other than having 100k mastery points, like getting 3 S-Grades and one S+ or smth.
Yeah, i think thats what the idea needs the most, it would bee kind of boring/ easy to get these then, you could go the route of getting multiple s+ grades but that may be hard for support champions to get, maybe the idea needs some way of balancing it
sSsmroku4 (EUNE)
: Getting banned cause of a bad game?
rip my friend i would suggest you go to player support, if you know you were in the right then you should be un-banned pretty quickly
Ìxeas (EUW)
: +1 as long as it doesn't cost 100k BE
I was thinking that you could get more mastery the more you play as in if you have 100k mastery level you become mastery 8 and so on thank you for your opinion :)
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