shellsort (EUW)
: Dude, your name {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Nadatari (EUNE)
: It was really fun game! For first five games! After that, I realized I would have more luck in Casino -.- This game is not tactic, its pure RNG! Team Fight RollTheDice gamemode -.-
and it doesn't give rewards unless quests are up not really worth the time
: Last time I had to reinstall, client took about 7 mins, updates took about 12 in total. I love my net :D
yeah sure u have a nasa server in ur house or something
Cypherous (EUW)
: > that's not entitlement to know what exactly are we expecting Sure it is, you're expecting riot to somehow magically predict any issues and predict exactly how each rollout prior to the EUW rollout will go, like most companies they gave you a window of time where it could happen, they aren't going to be specific when it involves things outside their control, expecting otherwise IS entitlement
tft was out and u still defending this shit
: Virtually all strats are hated by both the giving and receiving teams. Remember Sion Int? Remember Yi boosting? The community wasn't fond of either of those. Yet everyone was doing it, because it worked when done correctly. And there are always bans involved (I recall people getting banned particularly during the sion int strat). All I'm trying to say is that this is not the last strat you will ever see - they will forever exist - all you can do is ride the wave and learn to deal with it.
it's not a viable strat approved by community inting sion won games i've seen it with my own eyes even in my elo never saw a teemo "sup" quitting lane determinal to our win as strategy if that ever worked it means the enemy team can't think for themselves to win a single game
Ibn Sena (EUW)
: Buddy that is not a strategy. It is stupid.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Only if you're entitled and demand on having an exact minute and second as a release window rofl, yeah you have fun with that kid
that's not entitlement to know what exactly are we expecting this is not some special VIP thing this is a mode going public and everyone is waiting for it
: even if you hover something before the ban phase doesn't mean you are automatically locked into that you can always pick something else. as well you can hover over multiple champs in that phase that way it's clear what you want to play and most ppl won't ban it ppl aren't mind readers and with 146 champs i'm not gona ask for each one if someone wants to play them as there is a system in place you can use to tell that to the other players also why should it be my responcibility to ask if someone wants to play a certain champ when you ahve a system in place that does that for you
ik but some people are assholes and target ban u just for the lols and bc they are trolls so i don't show my champs until last minute if someone is an okay person they'll let me know what they are going to ban at least hover ban or say something and not insta ban can't trust this community
: i ban based on either how broken or how anoying it is to have that champion on the enemy team. if my toplaner didnt select Riven, i am going to ban her because i dont want to have her 1v9 us, or quinn since she will spent more time roaming arround then being in lane and there is no way our toplaner can keep up with her when she is going past the speed limit, yet it will still result in someone getting angry that he doesnt follow her roams. the game goes on well past laning phase so it makes 0 sense to only focus your ban on the lane youre playing in.
yeah since some people ban ur champ anyways and don't even apologize i learned only the decent people will ask before banning and also calling ur champ is pointless cuz some assholes ban them anyways without saying anything
Stell (EUNE)
: No because the yasuo player could use the intented feature to tell he's going to play it. if he doesn't bother using it, why should the support bother asking in chat if anyone's gonna play one of the 150 champions
how are you going to know what do u want to play if u are the second pick, isn't counterpicking beneficial then?
: no as that's what the phase before the ban phase is for if you wanna play something you show it there that's kinda the point of it
u should ask because not everyone is going to first pick something without thinking?
Cypherous (EUW)
: It isn't "vague" it gave you a specific 12 hour window, that is as specific as they are willing to get and as specific as they need to be, vague would have been "sometime this week"
: Nah there isn’t an unlimited amount... each champion will only have a finite amount of copies in a game’s pool, as this pool is shared between all players in the game you are in no way guarenteed to have enough to upgrade your champions
: except that's what the pre pick phase (before the ban phase) is for m8 it was designed with that in mind so that ppl can show what they want to play if you don't use it it's on you and you can't complain as you were given a chance to avoid it now banning a champ that someone hovered that i don't consider ok but that's not the point of the post
if u are support and u ban yasuo u are not gonna ask ur midlaner if he wants to play them? LOL ok
Mattie010 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=rito are scambgs,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EIpq1foo,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-27T13:37:39.600+0000) > > yes there are unlimited copies but with luck and there are cards (champs) that are rarer than others so u are not likely to pull them out fast > > u can shuffle as many time as u want as long as u have the in game currency > > idk if paying for the game will give u an advantage over others maybe it does but i didn't see any of that on my screen yet Actually no there's not unlimited copies. If someone goes out of the game his champions go back into the pool. So that means there's limited champs right? Idk the number though and would love to know. The limit is for all players though, I'm 99% sure about that one.
i mean there are enough copies to upgrade a champ twice i think but i am not sure too
: m8 you are not in the wrong here just don't let it bother you some ppl are just stupid
hes kinda in the wrong bc if u ban a champ from a different lane than u the decent thing to do is ask if u should in case someone is planning to pick it not insta ban, insta ban, insta lock are all annoying but not bannable
: Why TFT is not giving xp
why pbe doesn't give capsules when u level up
Cypherous (EUW)
: It said (PM) What part of that is not a "time of day", its not a specific hour but it gives you a 12 hour window, the earliest being around 7PM in the EU and the latest being around 6AM, not my fault people can't do simple logic
it's not ur fault its riots fault for being vague
Styros (EUNE)
: no , closed
: still he is asking a good questions, as in cards game you have limited cards in the card deck! - here is limited and if so which is the number? - is limited/player or for all players ? - is infinity random so you can get as many copies as you are lucky to get ?
yes there are unlimited copies but with luck and there are cards (champs) that are rarer than others so u are not likely to pull them out fast u can shuffle as many time as u want as long as u have the in game currency idk if paying for the game will give u an advantage over others maybe it does but i didn't see any of that on my screen yet
Mizognida (EUNE)
: pool of TFT champs
idk but u are not going to get ur champs by choice it's like a card game a lot of luck and shuffling
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Te eM Pe (EUW)
: TFT is now up and running on EUW, have fun guys!
: People get angry at me for banning a champion they didn't pick
Cypherous (EUW)
: > u write annoncements for the average user vague statement are on u not the reader There was nothing vague about it to people who actually read more than 1 section, ignorance is not a defence
Mada (EUW)
: Maybe get a less shitty name then
no, did i decide for u ur ign "mada" or thought it was shitty and kept bringing it up my ign is not even that bad i saw much worse
: did this man say jungling is the hardest role LMAO
i agree with this man i can't jungle for shit
: Gave new morde a fair shot. Dont like him so im quitting league permanently.
yeah new morde is terrible if he was my main i would quit too
ßlameMyADC (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=rito are scambgs,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=3Mvsmzfy,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-27T02:51:52.142+0000) > > honestly i don't love riot so much but this account has a little "story" behind it not just omg hes so edgy he hates riot for no reason and this is why he creates account with offensive ign!!1!1! > > so i had this little nice "smurf" account on euw server but let's just call it an alt different than this one and i had lux in it and i opened elementalist lux permanent shard from a loot chest! and that made me so happy bc i love both lux and that skin this is like the only time riot has done something good for me in all the time i played cause most lootboxes chest skins are CRAP > > anyways being the little toxic fuccboi i was at that time i was flaming whenever i had a trashtalker on enemy team or feeders on my team i got 14 days suspension i stopped playing and forgot about the account fast forward few months i go back to playing this account and i completely forgot about previous suspension (really bad mistake) > > and to my bad luck all the games i played on it at that time were tilting so many games in a row only feeders feeders feeders feeders and shittalkers in enemy team i snapped i lost the account permanently i lost my luxie skin my best skin i had > > that might not look important to u but that made me really sad at the time, that sadness turned into pure anger why would riot give me 1 nice thing then take it away from me while constantly throwing trash allies and assholes in my games non stop > > I couldn't explain to myself i couldn't deal with it, i eventually decided fk rito create a new account troll every game for the rest of my life so i pay this shitty community back for trolling me and demeaning me so much for all this time and the name is self explanatory at this point , i decided against it before i troll even a single game, playing the game for fun and winning was much much more fun than mindless trolling, i was sad a bit for being put on the smurf queue even if i wasn't that good tho (currently bronze/iron) > > but it was still kind of exciting playing against people better than me, the point is i don't think i am that evil i didn't troll after all not that time but i was just angry for losing the only good thing i had from playing this shit game for too long and that's it i guess Holy shit, no one cares. You complain about "assholes" in your team, in the same few paragraphs in which you admit to being toxic. Get a hold of yourself, get a new account and reform or gtfo. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
lmfao lovely league community think of this as just a story i am not complaining i didn't lose a main account i just lost a skin i loved and this was long ago just felt like posting it really bc people keep bringing up my shitty name already half- reformed no suspensions in game for months {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: ***
still not a fake account u are level 51 u are almost as high in level as my eune account that i never play in congrats lmao my euw main account is triple ur level not that level matters but it seems like it matters to u so just laying it out there my grandpa can solo carry with ryze and u cry about easy champs on boards seems like he got few things going on for him that u dont
: They must be dishing it out in groups then because it aint out for me yet ;-;
the guy posted about it was a troll sorry for assuming other league players are trustworthy lol
: ***
how is it a fake account when i am playing on it are u serious u might need some help dude saying i shitpost when u complain about champs being too easy and thats ofc why u lose right? omegalul u are the only tryhard here
: ***
nope unless u've been through tons of events with vague timing theres no way u can tell anything accurate from that bs announcement also stop dropping an insult every other message it makes u look kinda insecure
: As I, hundreds of people here, community managers and devteam themselves already mentioned there is a simple reason why they dont want to tell number
people will be confused then
: lol, PM means that TFT will be ready during 12 hour interval. There is a solid point why they decided not to provide straight numbers. Looks like its hard for you to understand reasons of such decision. Not to mention that they told about it dozen of times. And no, it s not up
12 hour interval? from what still need number to go off
: they keep banning you because you ruin average IQ stat for a whole server. There is **bold writing** "**PACIFIC TIMEZONE**". And under this you can find out that EUW is written right in "**PM**" section
yeah but since it's a different timezone "PM" means abolutely fkin nothing we need numbers why is that so hard to understand also it's already up so be quiet about it omg
: to understand how stupid your question is you have to google what "**P**DT" means. Especially letter "P" in it
you can't tell me what time is it on ur clock
: lol what? time of the day. They wrote time of the day for every server. For EUW it is PDT PM
what time does it say on your clock now pdt pm or pacific time?
: **BOLD FONT** is vague? Riot making a post on **NA** board and using **Main NA Timezone** in it while still mentioning obvious fact of using on **NA** board **Main for NA Timezone format**, because of such r.e.t.a.r.d.s. is vague for you?
theres no time of the day in bold font or normal font i keep repeating myself i might be a parrot at this point this is why mods think i have anger issues and keep banning me bc of people like u who refuse to understand or give up
: "average lol player" I think that average schoolchild and older has to know that sun is going around the earth and because of that local time depends on longtitude of your location. If somebody doesnt know such basic things its better to restrict his access to computer and send him to read some %%%%ing books
yea the least we need is a time of the day it's not that hard lmao riot could easily provide that but instead they kept it vague probably because they weren't sure themselves when will it be up and it backfired with wide confusion
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its only silly to write that if they were quoting it in an EU timezone and posting on the EU boards, they did neither Its entirely down to the people to actually read the whole thing instead of skipping to the parts they thought were important only to have no idea wtf is going on
read a vague statement that looks like a lie do u really not see how easily can someone be confused by that or u just so busy defending riot to realize it? u write annoncements for the average user vague statement are on u not the reader
Cypherous (EUW)
: The release post literally says pacific time in bold and the release itself specifically says (PM), which would have meant that the earliest it would have launched would have been 5 hours ago and could take up to another 6 hours to launch, its not rocket science, just takes you 60 seconds of googling to find out what the current time in PT is and then to work out what time it will be in your area at the latest time it could launch and still hit the release window
"pacific zone" because the average league of legends player knows what the hell does that mean without a time of day for reference to convert it with google too vague bro
: >initial statement had no damn time of the day that takes us back to "cant find trustworthy resources"
so riot isn't trust worthy enough?
: thats the point. That you cant find trustworthy info resources and/or read
the least i can do is read and initial statement had no damn time of the day and it had me so confused
Cypherous (EUW)
: No they stated in bold that times quoted were based on pacific time, they shouldn't have to assume people are too dumb to read
lol i just saw dates no time of the day to start with so there was a timezone for it
Cypherous (EUW)
: Timezones are too hard for you it seems
tbh it should be the server time zone not na' time zone but i saw that there was no exact time on their initial statement so ik something was not right maybe they meant the day the server closes in preparation then it would be accuate lmao
Cypherous (EUW)
: To be fair, the ones complaining are actually complaining because they fail at understanding timezones and didn't actually read and understand the announcement that stated all times quoted were based on pacific time
it was promised to be 25th to be oce's release and since it's the only one of two servers that gets it first that's actually english language i waited just for that but i waited till 9 pm and server went out of maintenance so i gave up and just played the next day
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Saphro (EUNE)
oh i forgot about the requirement it was kinda convenient for me because i already have an oce account
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