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Afelers (EUNE)
: most of the time if you wait until around 40 min, power outlet gets mostly equalized, also you never know when you opponent makes a huge mistake, like going separately from his or her teammates and your team goes for an ambush or somehow you manage to ace them late-game etc. that is why it is not recommended to surrender, only if one of your teammates decides to go afk or feeds etc, but these go under the 'giving up' offence, that is reportable, so if enough people reports them they can easily get a permaban as well so really, ngu also another point, the system is designed that if you win you get 76 ip as a minimum, but 76 ip for a 5 min game is not so fair hence the 20 min mark
You may win even with an afk or troll on your team, but i dont enjoy playing that. There are games that you, simply, dont enjoy. Like with YOUR anivia support putting walls on your escape ways (has happened to me). I play lol to enjoy it. If I'm having a game like that, i dont care about if i could win when we all are full build, i dont enjoy it. Thats why I think adding surrender vote since the start could be a great idea, reducing the chances of being stuck on a game like that : )
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: try with ctrl and - to decrease the size of the client
Thanks! :D PD: It worked :D
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: No one says he is treating the jungle camps like a conventional jungler. :P Maybe he has a special mechanic, that makes him get xp and gold in the jungle without actually killing the camps. There were many predictions for this. He surely should have any interaction with jungle camps. If he is not a jungler, he is roaming support who has to visit the jungle from time to time (like bard with his chimes). It would be just strange if he doesn't have any interactions with the jungle.
Maybe he got something like Mordekaiser ult but on jng creeps, like Chen's ult in Dota, controlling jng mobs
: Thoughts on Rengar's roar
Yes, it's true, although i was thinking of one with a relatively short cd (less than 20 seconds or something like that) so he isnt restrained to jng (and r) or top (and brush), but can also be mid. I prefer empowered Q than empowered W for jungling because summing up lifesteal and damage I think it will normally keep you healthier (except if youre almost dying) Yess, lets see that rework, I hope they do something good : )
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: Ninja Evelynn skin
Safecracker evelynn is like from DC/marvel comics. I mean another style. Q is a skillshot, you can put any animation. Ult, I dont see the problem, it would be similar to graves. Exactly, she already does the smoke bomb thing, this skin is about matching her gameplay, not lore, skins are for fun
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roaming wings

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