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: roel5551: you bad roel5551: no im 2/2 roel5551: you're 0/2 roel5551: don't need to help if you werent as bad roel5551: vladimir???? roel5551: 0/6 botlane roel5551: 0/3 roel5551: so why you die? roel5551: if you know he is gonna gank? roel5551: udyr is tier 2 jungeler atm roel5551: can you talk %%%%ing englihs you turk roel5551: english roel5551: 0/3 roel5551: 0/4 roel5551: 0/4 roel5551: you dont have an assist roel5551: so how can i ks? roel5551: stupid %%%%%% roel5551: you are support roel5551: and dont have a sighstone roel5551: you know im righ you nigge roel5551: the funny thing is your ks'ed roel5551: im drunk and i play better roel5551: stop pushing roel5551: no shit nigge roel5551: %%%%%% roel5551: %%%%%%* roel5551: DIE %%%%%%. roel5551: lynch your family lol roel5551: nice lucian build %%%%%% roel5551: lollol If you legit think you are not deserving of a 14 day ban, I wouldn't bother logging back into League. Sooner or later you will be permabanned if you keep up this. From now on, don't even talk. Just play.
Best comment i have seen so far
: > and on the other hand. i would take that comment as a threat to my family and prosecute you with law for death-threats. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
How can i tell people im a joker and not to take me seriously when i plat games
: >roel5551: lynch your family lol in my opinion. this would not warrant a 14 days ban. this one sentence would warrant a permanent ban. we do not live in the American civil war era any longer. Lynching is not tolerated anywhere any more. and on the other hand. i would take that comment as a threat to my family and prosecute you with law for death-threats. >but I was drunk Drunk or high. NO EXCUSE FOR ANY BEHAVIOR!
The thing is that i was not serious about it , just joking
: you knew that no one would agree with you xD
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: you realise she is in the bottom of the tier list when it comes to adc right? :L like bottom 5 for sure the worst is kalista for sure I guess it would make sense to put urgot in 4th place corki i would put 3rd or this might be a tied spot between varus and corki and the best of the worsts aka vayne! yes she can be scary but if you have cc and high burst then she is absolutely useless because of her low range and her only damage output being every 3rd hit which is completely terrible honestly when you have to dodge all the tanks and cc that can get to you easier because low range....she is good but honestly she has so many weaknesses which make her so bad compared to the best adcs in the current meta like ashe or cait any of the champs i said though CAN be viable it just takes an incredible amount of knowledge and skill to pull it off I main mordekaiser ffs trust me i know exactly what it feels like to main a bottom tier. hard as hell but damn is it worth it when you pentakill with the things people call "trash" #fuckthemeta
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: League of Junglers?
jungle is kinda a jack of all trades , you have three purposes , Tilt the enemy , get Fed , and Gank a jungler only has to get 1 kill early and he is already ahead , he buys a jungle item after some farming and then hits a power spike because jungle items are really good (support main too)
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