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: I think his damage is too high for his passive to be too effective
well that is true, but you know exactly what you scale on, and on which items to build everytime, making you take less damage while making it appear that the enemy is taking way more damage because you now both deal the same amount of damage, but if you want to nerf Mundo's all-ins vs a whole team, then you can make a quality of life for all champions, make grievous wounds stack, but at half efficiency, so if two champions has 40% grievous the math would be like this: (40/2) + (40/2) = 40 but if you, for an example have three grievous it would just be (40/2) + (40/2) + (60/2 if they have Kled or Katarina) = 70% or the more like ''the more you are the less effective it would be'' approach, so if they have 4 grievous wounds, it will be split into 40/4 this would make Kled and Katarina if fallen behind, making them more useful because now they have some healing reduction contribution
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: He's due for a rework soon anyway so after the kayle rework I'd say he's more than likely getting the same treatment in terms of scaling.
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