raps1355 (EUW)
: Buff wukong please
Any buffs will make Wukong Op. You are definitely doing something wrong. Any decent Wukong should destroy Ryze and many other squishy champs in lane. His level 2 all ins are really strong! He does have it´s bad matchups (mostly juggernauts) which you should just farm out and outscale in the midgame. Just checkout his winrate on Champion.gg, he is among the top performers for a while now. His ult cd is just fine, you are buying BC and Ghostblade anyway which should provide plenty of cdr for it to be up any meaningfull fight. Also. Dont build him tanky, he will be just a knock up bot and is a waste of all his AD scaling.
Zikr (EUW)
: I quit maining WuKong after 1.3k Wuk games
Couldn't agree more with you. As a Wukong main (not as dedicated as you though: 350 rankeds S5/S6 currently p5) i really do not pick him toplane anymore. He just gets shit on by every meta toplaner. Firstpicking him is not even an option since every pick your opponent with more than 2 braincells does, makes your lane miserably. If you go even in lane, mid to late game you are still strong. However if your opponent wants to trade with you, going even in lane is extremely hard. Also your trading get limited due to your manapool. As one out of very few champs he never got a compensation of his manapool after the removal of mana pots. In my opinion Wukong can still be strong, but the current meta simply does not fit him. His matchups in Toplane are horrible, and the meta favoring strong disengage supports does not help either. He does need some sort of compensation buffs to improve his laning. Buffing him in any other way would make him too strong.
MistWind (EUW)
: i think the days of lane wukong will be harsh...but hey my jungle wukong seems in a better spot now since here will be less tanks and more squishy targets and better AD items!
Don't those arguments count for toplane Wukong as well?
Rioter Comments
: Diana jungle; Runeglaive or Devourer?
Runeglaive without a doubt. Your job is to kill the carry with Q-R-R, zhonias, and let your team follow up. I usually never find myself doing sustained dps by AAing for a longer period during teamfights.


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