unematti (EUNE)
I think an important piece of information needed to draw any conclusions is to know how many times leona died before you starting accusing her of inting. I agree picking kayn vs darius is a troll pick. In a 1v1 (its close) but Darius always wins. They only way kayn wins is if Darius makes a mistake and gets punished for it. I don't see anything wrong with someone calling out a troll pick when they are feeding. Otherwise that would be like calling a traffic officer toxic for stating that you were speeding. Honestly, I don't think the chat is ban worthy at all. Rude yes, but toxic... i don't think so.
Antenora (EUW)
: Try the Teams, Clubs and Recruitment section or http://www.reddit.com/r/LeagueConnect http://www.reddit.com/r/TeamRedditTeams
Oh thanks very much, I'll check it out :)
Scoliidae (EUW)
: My boyfriend is silver 2 and mains Brand, Morgana and Nautilus. If you want, I can ask him for you when he comes home tonight? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I'm open to playing with anyone at this point. Ashe is more about AS than damage especially early game so best supp for me would be anyone that roots or grabs.
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Whale Oil (EUW)
: MID Instant dc's unable to remake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happened to me twice last night. AFK and unable to remake.
: I would say yuumi or lulu. Champs that speeds me up and gives ardent (leona with font of life would work fine top) is all i need. The shields/heals are just a bonus.
Yummi puts too much pressure on the ADC to win the lane - it feels like soloing with a little more damage that is not noticeable. You can't just ask what support is best for ADC. The right question to ask is what support is best to play with a particular ADC. For Ezreal and Jihn who have high burst damage, Soraka, Lux, or any tank are great. For ADC's who rely mainly on attack speed with weaker damage in early like Ashe and Kai'Sa a support that stuns or pulls like Zyra, Pyke, Blitz. For ADC's with good damage and decent attack speed like Jinx, Draven Morgana or Lux. But the best answer of all... I prefer a support that knows how to play the champ I selected as ADC. If supp knows how the champ works, they will be a good supp with any champion.
Whale Oil (EUW)
: Punish Afk Rage Quitters harder please!!!!!!!!!!
Having the same problem. 2 AFK games in the span of 6. Even an issue in silver. The other games the team fed mid and top hard. Then of course I get flammed for not being able to carry. And for the people who say "what if someone went AFK because they lost internet or a loved one died". I don't think people are suggesting perma ban for first offense. Even 3 hour ban would be nice for first offense. Then the punishment gets more severe for each subsequent offence.
nananano (EUW)
: Reminder that only if you're typing you can get banned
Agreed. This game is starting to become a joke. Ranked is filled lately with troll picks and soft inters. Only people who type are punished. People who say they know so many people who get banned for running down the mid lane... they are so full of it.
: Recommend some high mobility support champions for me?
Would Pyke be considered a high mobility support as well with his E? Bard is prolly obvious one. If you wanted to get creative maybe Miss Fortune with W as well. I think Pyke and Bard are the best options.
: and that's why I don't taunt the enemy when I want to win
Taunting the enemy team is a strategy - sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I've played games to where the enemy team has gotten all of our turrets and inhibs down with 2 barons and we still won. These were some of the closest and most suspenseful wins I've ever encountered. We won by AFK farming from engagements. Allowed us to achieve full item builds. All it takes is 1 ace to end the game. This is why a lot of people do not ff unless there is an obvious troll on their team.
: I need some help with understanding how MMR works.
The amount of LP you gain or lose is related to the MMR of the players. To avoid an overly complex discussion, Lets use win rate as an analogy. Lets hypothetically say that S4 is saturated with players with an average win rate of 53%. Some time passes and now that average increased to 54% -- people promote or demote all the time. If you won at the 53% you may of received 18 LP. If you won at the time S4 was 54% win rate you may of received 20 LP. I believe this is how it works.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: What the fucc am I supposed to do against Nasus?
As Nasus killing minions, monsters, and champions with his Q ability gives him Q stacks, which increase the damage of his Q. His Q can become more powerful without a cap similar to Cho. So when you ask... what do you do? Simply prevent him from getting Q stacks. The team should be working together to disrupt his farming (e.g., never leave him alone to farm while the team is chasing kills - usually the most common mistake). Most Nasus players try to get 300+ stacks within 20 mins, so strategize to ensure it doesn't happen. As an ADC main I try to roam and encourage jungle to focus on destroying nasus' early game - then he is completely vulnerable. If your team is not strategizing and you are faced with a fed Nasus.... Your team should be building damage with penetration to counter. If your doing neither, than the game is lost.
quibstab (EUW)
: i would like to know what makes someone stop playing and start typing toxic comments
Dying a lot just feeds enemies with gold and in most cases perm % increase to their damage for each kill. This is counter productive to the team for sure. Even if your ADC gets the kill each time... both ADCs are getting fed and that's not good for the rest of your team mates. You are creating a situation where the best ADC wins the game. A support should focus on supporting and leave the carry to the appropriate roles.
Fos (EUNE)
: Don't blame the company blame the players. I checked your op.gg, you play decently. My advice, mute and focus on the minimap, don't type, I see that you're tilted even here. Chill. Find a decent duo partner and climb. Good luck on the rift. Edit: Actually blame the company, I learned yesterday some unsettling or perhaps disturbing stuff that happed at rito. Abusive behavior in the company which resulted in 150 people quiting their jobs and the count keeps on going.
Nah, I think he is right for blaming the company and not the players. You have to ask yourself why people behave this way.... simple... 1 reason... because someone did it to them and went unpunished. If you can't beat em, join em. Riot simply needs to ban people for X amount of time from ranked as a punishment. But they are too caught up in focusing on the chat logs even tho chat can be muted. Sounds counter productive and something an automated system can handle. I actually recently experienced 11 AFK games just over the weekend. I mean, the problem is just getting worse and worse over time. I look at this game as luck over skill tbh.
Afelers (EUNE)
: You must be one of those toxic people who wrongly believe toxicity to be entirely about using curse words. >so i responded 'yi logic'. negative. lol? It might not be negative in itself but you said this: >Azir: yi logic >Azir: you assist the whole team smh That's extremely negative and don't even say 'but he said'... because it is your chatlog represents your own negativity. He could be negative as well however if you were the same, then you are no better. Also you probably had a 14 days ban recently which flags your account to be banned for even the smallest offence.
Isn't calling someone out, holding someone accountable or having a healthy debate part of what team work is all about? Expressing harmless negativity can create dialogue and lead to more analytical and rigorous decision-making. I didn't see anything that was a personal attack in those chat logs. This is just getting out of hand. Couldn't kill miss fortune (this is a fact) How late can you ss seriously? (appeal to emotion to encourage ss) 2/4 is int 1/3 is not (debate) yi logic (rebuttal) I suppose next time your team mate doesn't ss and you die, you should write something along the lines of: "Thank you so much for not signaling. It was super cool to see myself die in my new skin. Looked so cool! Keep up the good work". You don't get banned for trolling or AFK, but you get banned for this? Houston we have a problem.
entriX (EUW)
: Thank you for the response. We do not have antiviruses, and regarding log writing we will check that, will write back once we have some evidence. But it is strange that buffered forward appender will be used for log writing
Yea no problem. It might be worth writing a python script to monitor the file for changes and on change copy the file to a different location. Then have your bot read from the copy instead. It would rule our any locking or permission issues as well as a test.
entriX (EUW)
: Question for Riot Engineers/Programmers regarding game logs
I'd look at GAMESTATE as well - don't work for riot. But two thoughts came to mind... I wonder if you have antivirus and he doesn't. I've heard of antivirus software checking files on each write which can cause delays. If this is the case, you can re-install to a different path like D:\ and exempt it from the antivirus software. Do you have anitvirus and he doesn't? The other thing that I thought of... perhaps their log writing is using a buffered forward appender - meaning it doesn't write until a certain amount of memory is filled. Perhaps your limit is larger than his if the setting is dynamic based on hardware?
: What do you tell friends who want to play with you but they're bad at the game?
I will play normal with anyone. Had some of my most fun games there - especially when you play unexpectedly. Like heimer jungle or as ADC :) However with ranked... its a different story. I simply tell people that I don't want a win or a loss attributed to anyone else other than myself in a ranked game. I am very picky about who I play ranked with... they must make it competitively enjoyable and that doesn't mean able to win. Try saying that. Another good one to use is that you want to try out a new character or play a different lane that isn't suitable for rank :) Good way to learn more countering.
Zedant (EUW)
: Bot lane always lose promo (no bias)
I always lose after a promo due to a feeding top or mid laner. Tbh, I don't remember a game where I lost bot lane :) I think the conclusion to draw here is that we are matched with players with lower MMR in the other lanes and its our job to show off our carry skills no matter what lane your playing. To be honest when I noticed this myself, I changed my play style... I roam more as ADC, gank other lanes, and set up vision for them as well. I also give them the kill when I gank to help them. I'd recommend doing this yourself for other lanes. No harm in doing a little roam before you "b" after pushing a wave. Hope this helps - it really changed things for me.
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Jakog7 (EUW)
: So you say because, for example, I go 0/10/30 in thresh and carried the game with that because I initiated every team fight and I died so we could win the fights and the game I should get punished for that? Just because my score and mark would be bad then? Thatz doesn't sound fair to me.
With 30 assists, good roaming and vision score, I hardly doubt you would score anything less than a B.
: > [{quoted}](name=ryandub,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=8wcMr1Jh,comment-id=0000000200000000,timestamp=2019-04-30T09:41:06.221+0000) > > I think its agreed that you aren't going to be able to establish a bullet proof system that will prevent all cases like the one you mentioned. But if they are purposely missing their abilities but maintain an "acceptable KDA", then at least you still have a chance to win. I've finished a game with 0-0-0 years ago, iirc ... the opposing top laner had a similar score ... I couldn't kill him, he couldn't kill me, everyone else never came top and eventually I stayed there to split-push, took the inhibitor and eventually we won. By your system both top laners were trolling, even though they were trying their best ... :p Also, your system would have flagged and eventually banned the vast majority of LoL players ... here is one of my last games : http://oi68.tinypic.com/t8lq3l.jpg Your system would have flagged **six** of them ...
Your calculations are wrong cause none of the players in your example/image would of been flagged. In fact none would of passed the first check to allow the subsequent ones. Anyways, I didn't present "the solution" I presented guidance on how a solution can be done.
Aezander (EUW)
: 'soft inting/trolling' ? ... O_o ... Who makes up these terms ? ... There is no such thing as 'soft inting/trolling'. As Yoda once said "You Int/Troll, or you don't". Also. Since when low Assists are a sign of Trolling. Why don't you take into account Kill Participation ? How to you account for someone purposely missing his abilities in the fight leading to his team losing fight after fight ?
I think its agreed that you aren't going to be able to establish a bullet proof system that will prevent all cases like the one you mentioned. But if they are purposely missing their abilities but maintain an "acceptable KDA", then at least you still have a chance to win.
: You will get downvoted and also they will provide you with an explanation flame is easy to detect while inting/feeding is not. Therefore we should never do anything about this problem and spike our flame detection system even more so it bans for using words. Glory to the trolls!!!
I really don't get why people say inting/feeding is not easy to detect -- its very easy to detect using basic statistics. An outlier is a data point that differs significantly from other observations. So look for them based on the average KDA of the team in the game that was played. Say for example you have 5 players with the following stats: 3/6/10 = 2.17 6/10/10 = 1.60 16/6/5 = 3.50 7/6/4 = 1.83 2/4/9 = 2.75 if(extreme_outlier_kda) // check their stats for outliers if (extreme_outlier_d) // e.g. > 19 in this case // feeder if (extreme_outlier_a) // e.g. < 2 in this case // troll if (outlier_d & outlier_a) // e.g. d > 10 & a < 5 // soft inting/trolling None of the players above would be flagged in this example by the way. But if they did, they get a warning that they were flagged by the system and banned for 3 hours. If they didn't do it intentionally, well their stats were so bad they could use the break. They do it a second time in the row... They are banned for a longer period of time (e.g., days). 3rd time in a row... Their account is suspended and they have to go through the re-training program again as if they just started their account.
: I am an intentional feeder/troll (Ask me anything)
All you needed to do was report someone and verify that they are continuing to play to figure this out. All the players I've reported are still playing unpunished. Most AFKer's and Inters do it cause it was done to them and they know it will go unpunished. This is actually the reason why there are so many -- Riot took a small problem and made it much bigger problem simply by doing nothing. They would rather waste their time focusing on words people write that can be muted. You should actually submit your story to gaming magazines and/or newspapers. I'm sure someone would love to write about your experience. I find it very interesting.
ryandub (EUW)
: Worst LP You Have Lost? Bug?
Got the answer to my question: When you lose your promotional series you are never guaranteed to start at 75 LP. Your LP after your promos will be dependent on how much LP you gain and lose during your promos.
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: Inting vs Flaming
Very well said! 100% agree with you!
: how do you know if you win lane or not?
I consider lane won when you met the following conditions: 1) Enemy Turret is down 2) ADC's CS is more than the enemy's 3) You've landed more kills in your lane If #2 and #3 hold true, as soon as their turret is down and your's isn't than you can declare your lane won :)
Whale Oil (EUW)
: AFKs happen move on, yeah it happens to you, but it also happens to bloody everyone, you can win games 4v5 but many people chose to be %%%%%%ed and flame about the afk instead of trying to win. might just be a lower elo or flamer thing, but iv come across around 5 afks in a year and a half. so the likely hood is ur flaming and getting reported for it, this then causes the system to match you with %%%%%%ed flamers and afkers. so your were u belong
Wow 5 AFK per year? I'd love to have that statistic with my games. I can't recall any game where anyone has said to report me for flaming. I suppose your honour score is what they use to determine how to match toxic players with other toxic players. I need to look at how to find out my honour score.
: ye,ye they all w8 for you to sabotage that is extraordinary huge numbers of afks, i am playing actively for few days and i didnt had more than few (counting both teams) not more than 5 afks in few days of active playing
Yea, I average 3 AFK games a day. Only had 2 today out of 8 so far.
Whale Oil (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ryandub,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pN6NArx8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-23T22:22:25.317+0000) > > Exactly, i don't mind the flame - I just mute. Thats enough in itself. What I do mind is all the AFK's that Riot is doing nothing about. 6 AFK games today and 3 yesterday. All still playing making other people's time miserable. This will be Riots downfall... not enforcing a proper policy around AFK. Leave Buster is a joke. They wait longer just to get into my game. no dude, people who repeatedly afk or flame get matched all the time with people that also get reported as a form of punishment and it can last a loooong time 2 even more if you carry on flaming. when i was younger and flamed a looot my win rate was around 45%, now iv stopped flaming its around 52%-56% depending on my que. its even stated in many places you will be matched with flamers if you flame and get reported for it
Oh I like this policy... you get matched with people who flame -- I have never read that anywhere.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You beat it by reporting the toxic people at the end of the game or with a support ticket
Don't agree. Every player I've reported for purposely inting or rage quiting is still playing ranked. I have created a ticket and send videos of the games. The report system is purely a feel good system with no action. They focus too much on language and not behaviour. You rarely get banned for inting and can't get banned for AFK "unless under extreme circumstances".
MrPing01 (EUW)
: Im fed up with this communuty
Exactly, i don't mind the flame - I just mute. Thats enough in itself. What I do mind is all the AFK's that Riot is doing nothing about. 6 AFK games today and 3 yesterday. All still playing making other people's time miserable. This will be Riots downfall... not enforcing a proper policy around AFK. Leave Buster is a joke. They wait longer just to get into my game.
: All players should just go afk if one goes afk get the - 20lp out of the way its not like Riot is going to punish anyone anyway. Maybe when Riot sees tons of games end before 15min then they will pay attention.
This is a brilliant suggestion! Leave Buster is not a form of punishment. Longer queues.... pfff... they still get into my games. I'd rather queue longer to get someone who doesn't AFK.
Madnasher (EUW)
: Well Im currently debating with support on it. To take a comment directly from the email: 'Now, that being said, I had a look over your account, including reading through your recent chatlogs, and I'll have to be honest with you here, alright? The ban was indeed correctly placed... lemme explain why, though! So, the ban wasn't issued due to some specific terms only, it was also about your overall behavior in that game and in your recent games as well, you see.' Yet Ive been given only one reason, and only one chat log. Ive even said yes I was wrong to talk like that, but its my first offence in 7 years of playing. i feel the punishment does not fit the crime at all.
When I'm in these situations, i buy control wards and I literally sit at my turret and farm there and don't push pass mid-way until someone comes. I know its boring but at least your still increasing cs and not dying. We've all lost our cool for sure in at least 1 game - no one is innocent. But man, you flamed hard bro. ha ha. At least its only a temporary ban.
Madnasher (EUW)
: Help me understand this
Thats crap. I find it funny they ban someone for 14 days over some chat that someone can mute, but they don't ban someone for going AFK in a ranked game. They put the Leave Buster after them so they queue longer - and thats if they actually do something about it.
: Riot should improve their banning system
Unfortunately, Riot doesn't ban for AFK - thats the main problem. If someone AFK's in a ranked game they should be banned from playing ranked for a period of time. Even if its like 3 hours for first offense. They only implement the Leave Buster system for AFK'ers. So basically they queue longer. But unfortunately that does not prevent them from getting into my game. I tend to get 3 AFK games per day. About 33% of them. And AFK comes in all sorts of flavours... Farming top lane while your camp is being destroyed. Walking around in circles so the system doesn't flag you, etc...
jacktjong (EUW)
: League of Legends patcher is a ******** mess
It is a mess. I went to queue for a match immediately following the new patch update. It froze during ban selection for a couple minutes. Then it said I had left the queue. I lost 3 LP points for this. When I sent a ticket to report the issue, their response was: it may be true, but we can't give you the LP back. Thanks Riot.


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