: holy crap i played a game on my old account last year and 4/5 of our champs got banned, now we are in a lobby/team of complete strangers and those banns just gave us a YOLO feeling and everyone from top to support went as a troll pick, troll playstyle, troll build and we didn't give a shit about the game we just fked around as a troll team, not like a team that wanted to lose but a team that wanted to have fun, we had one of the best chat conversations and team fights and laning phase was a blast, best game of my 7 years playing LoL, i will never forget that nocturn support game with my ivern adc
that's what i'm talking about, but to be honest when someone get's trolls or rather trolled in a negative way in his games it's usually that the matchmaking started a game with players with more players having negative behaviour, so it usually goes by you reap what you sew.
Breuert (EUW)
: Trollers
I've had my best games playing with or as troll (as championpick) ofc it can go wrong, but so does every other pick. There's been cases of Riot banning people out of "Troll Behaviour" even thought they did their best while doing so, just ending in continous reports for trying new things out, using a strategy people aren't used to see, or simply when it isn't meta it's a troll pick. It also happened to me quite a few times that someone switched roles with the champion already locked in as someone else was simply forcing a position, would you call the person adapting to the situation call a troll as well? had someone being called a troll yesterday too, when at the first 5 minutes it just rather felt like an unconventional strategy (which just could`ve been tested at that point) || sidenote that's been a normal game
Nonstopre (EUW)
: Why are you guys so toxic?
Speaking for myself at this point. I usually start being toxic myself when i'm already frustrated after playing some awful games myself or some real life stuff. When i get the feeling that someone's griefing me i refuse to play with them or rather do what's done to me to lessen the strain i feel. I do my best to keep all 10 players cheered in non competetive matches and the whole team in competetive ones, but it even hits me. Hope that's somewhat helpful :)
Niedle (EUW)
: Can we please avoid people with 100+ MS to start a game?
The whole system wouldn't work properly, I had the experience myself to be unable to play with ~50 ms due to small jumps but at the same time being able to play properly with 500+ms. Additionally as Hansiman stated as well, the game "ruining" high pings usually appear suddenly, and having inconsistent ms is far worse than just a higher base, and nearly no one is going to play like that on their own accord. I've also heard of players checking in normals / arams how their ping behaves ingame to play rankeds afterwards. Doing so is nota bad thing in my opinion and has little to no impact in those gamemodes as they're supposed to be played for "fun" that's how games work. I know the frustration of loosing games due to these issues myself, but taking the decision to play from the user himself is not a proper option either.

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