ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: You are harrasing people more than playing. Not sure why you are suprised. Next time less chatting more playing
The reason we won is because they eventually started listening and realized everything i was saying is completely true and that they were in fact dying the same way over and over. The fact that me telling my team to stop no braining running mid is harassment but them saying my mother is a whore is completely acceptable and not even chat restriction worthy blows my mind. This is a competitive gamemode and I get banned for telling my team how to win and it's labelled as harassment. Pathetic
: i just have to rant im sorry but wow
These bastards get off completely free not even a chat restriction while i get permanently banned for trying to win the game. I refrain from wishing death on people or their family, i refrain from calling people racial slurs I simply just tell them to stop inting and to use their brains and let me carry them and i get perma'd for that. The company is a joke and they're butchering a game that used to be my all time favorite.
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Qwinn (EUW)
: Looking for friendly players or a team
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Ingoglen (EUW)
: if you're not competitive dont spill ur aids in the forums and go watch anime or play a casual game, bye ps:dirty casual oh and not to mention ur post is extremely cringy, pls get rid of it
"wAtCh AnImE oR pLaY a CaSuAl GaMe" you trynna catch these hands or something? Unranked chig talking shit smh. Suck my %%%% xddd
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: Full Project team for flex
Quimaste (EUW)
: Looking to play some casual
MasterKPS (EUNE)
: 003 error :/
Everyone has it atm, waiting on a fix
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v Cloud x (EUW)
: Looking for Friends - No strings attached
ModestS (EUW)
: Can you please write your nicknames? we need 2 more
Filiaa and mine, too lazy to write it :P
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: Gold-Plat botlane looking for flex team & for online tournaments/Making a team
Stryanka (EUW)
: Looking for 1 more SIlver-Gold for 5 man flex
Windsteps (EUW)
: Unable to select roles
Yeah, everyone is getting it. It seems to be a client lag!
: Main Support ~ Seek team to improve
: Looking for 5 man pre in normals (2/5 atm)
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