Phyrz (EUW)
: I don't know we could try tonight if I will have time!
Kamdoro (EUW)
: I hope you're asking for a duo partner and not asking for boosting
i am just asking for a duo partner :) Wanna duo?
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: None of them are fun to play against. * Azir is fun to play if you can learn him. There is not a single part of the game, early mid or late in which he isn't useful. * Gnar is a bit RNG with his transformations; you have to make the best of an opportunity. Other than that, mini-gnar is a blast, and turning a 1v2 into a double kill with mega Gnar is just hilarious. Spamming boomerangs and boulders all day in lane really pisses off opponents. * Kalista is a boring, I'm not gonna lie; the appeal of jumping everywhere dies fast. You have to have really good positioning to make the most of her. I cannot play her to save my life. * Rek'Sai is a fun jungler with great clears and damage depending on how you build her. She can also tank with Cinderhulk and has nice mobility. That said, she seems to be on the receiving end of constant nerfs at the moment. Sad... * Ekko is scum. He's not fun to play, simply because he's so easy to play. I've never known a more mistake forgiving champion. His overloaded kit just gives the illusion that he's complex. Overall, it depends upon what role you enjoy playing most.
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