: Been playing almost 7 years. i think I dont have to learn on the game, Just need to get to where the players who started with me are
if you really belonged far from bronze, you could be out of it playing maokai mid full ap. its hard, but its the truth edit: i have, seen your op.gg, you average 10 deaths on your most played champions, most of them who are ranged, you obviously have much to learn yet and denial is not a nice place to start from
: I am not sure that it is possible to escape bronze as a support in SoloQ. Your only hope is to find a good ADC to queue with and hope that the rest of your team are not feeding. These conditions are rarely met in low elo though. Perhaps switch to another role where you can have more impact on the game. Remember that SoloQ, and particularly in Bronze, no one really plays as a team; you are on your own. A support is a lonely and hopeless role in down here.
that or play some playmaking/hard damage supports (brand, zyra, blitz) but that will only work better if you are waay better than the other players. ill suggest to do what wa5abi65 says and find a adc you get along with or change the role, not only for climbing, also to learn better the game (you are not learning stuck 20 minutes into babysitting a farming adc and then grouping mid and perma aram util someone eventually wins)
: I keep dying constantly?
im going to assume you are a toplaner. first of all you have to understand that half the work in the toplane is to manage and fight around the wave of minions so you dont have to farm past the river middle lane. to do this you have to learn wave manegament and when and how to trade/freze lane. second of all, top is a long lane, and unless you're ranged or have some sort of form to cheap farm from distance you will be exposed and if the jungler or the mid come and kill you once, they are going to come back. they key here is to ward, to look at the map. if you make them lose time and get nothing, probably they will leave you alone. a key concept in league of legends is pressure, ideally if you can drag 2 or more people to gank you, this does mean your teammates are in 3vs4 or 2vs4 in the rest of the map and should take towers/dragons/enemy jungle camps in the moment they lose the pressure just to kill you. however, you can't aford to be overextended and die if your team is not in position to punish the roam (if they are in base, very low, etc), if you dont have a ward up, the mid is mia, your team has no pressure, you will probably have to give up some cs to avoid dying


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