: heres a reality check for you. YOU ARE BAD. you're in bronze with less than 50% win rate and you barely muster a kda of 2 on all yur champs..... who are you kidding complaining about your team....
thank you for yourr words . iss it bad to main yass vayne ... talon .. lee sin ? at leeasst i dnt usse nooob champs ... second ... i was silver ... third ... ur win rate is according to ur team ... what can i doo vs a fed teaam ??? and i wouldnt sasay ur bad cause i dnt know the wway u play ... aand if u waanna blame me u may seee the match detailss !! and thank you anyway{{champion:157}}
servano (EUW)
: NooBs %%%%s my rankede game
i know duddeeeeee !!! thhaats badddddddd
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