: So, I just played an Aram, I had an S- but no chest.
Seeing as this seems to be the most popular thread so far, I'll add to this. Mastery currently doesn't work at all, except for showing the rank in the end game screen. It doesn't grant any chests/mastery tokens, it doesn't show S- or higher in chat, it doesn't show in the match history, and, to add something I haven't seen mentioned yet, it also does not grant any progress toward a champion's mastery.
Bontahero (EUW)
: There should be a benchmark test about connection quality.
How is a custom game losing time, when you're suggesting a 1 minute long test? :P
Lil Peeep (EUW)
: Rito turning every champion into a robot...
First of all, I doubt PROJECT skins are robots, they're merely futuristic. Second, those are just a few out of MANY skins. I don't see how there's too many of them. (plus, all three sets have a different enough art style)
: They nerfed her by making her boring to play so she won't be seen as often.
I actually prefer her current playstyle over the old one.
: {{champion:14}} run, run for your Life.....
I now imagine Sion running back home pantless whilst screaming COWAAARDSSS.
Rioter Comments
Attix (EUW)
: Botlane? Never again
The story can easely be the other way around, you know?
: Mobile Authentication
> [{quoted}](name=Bivel Gamesick,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=KEkKmVOE,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-26T15:37:31.115+0000)Even if I might have 128 characters with numbers upper and lower cased letters with some symbols in there I'm sacred one day my account will get hacked. The universe might stop existing before such a password is cracked through brute force.* :P *based on current technology
: Ao Shin doesn't exist.
That's how broken he is, it even destroys his existence.
: Aurelion Soul nerf
Tell you what: ADCs also have "infinite damage with no cost or cooldown". {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Rehab (EUW)
: If "Vote to Kick" system would be implemented, what would be the downsides of it?
Humans are assholes. If something can be misused, you sure can bet it WILL be misused.
Stell (EUNE)
: Are you over exaggerating, maybe it was just the W? which is empowered attack and shouldn't get blocked
Actually, you should be able to block empowered attacks as well, if I'm not mistaken. Maybe I was seeing ghosts, but I think you can even block stuff like Jinx's rockets.
: Muting the oponent turns off all his taunts, jokes and laughs. And I guess mastery badges too. http://cdn.theatlantic.com/assets/media/img/mt/2014/09/The_More_You_Know/lead_large.png
I wish that worked, but it seems to be bugged from time to time (or maybe bugged on ARAM I read?). Had a Garen spamming emotes on ARAM just an hour or so ago and that was annoying the hell out of me and muting didn't help. :(
: It's very strange that...........
That's not how it works...
Lawetz (EUW)
: It's not possible to adjust in while in champ select, so that takes the fuzz of doing it in-game. Goodbye, invades.
Because you have to invade every game, right? :P You can't adjust it in the ingame client, btw. It's the lobby client, or whatever that's called, where you can change the volume. True, it doesn't work during champ select, but it should work just about everywhere else.
Lawetz (EUW)
: Too loud sounds when going into queue
Did you know that you can adjust the volume of music and SFX each in the client?
Prod0x (EUW)
: More than 15 mins queue..??
The queue is definitely either bugged or messed up through dynamic queue, or both. Theres no alternate reality in which it can be working as intended when you get a varying up to 10 minute queue, instant invite after resetting it and then again a 10 minute queue when someone doesn't accept.
: jinx is the most attractive female champion in league.
I have a feeling OP is going to be killed soon...
: Isn't Karma a bit too strong?
Isn't her attack range like 475? Because that's not good at all and I'd play her everywhere but definetly not as adc. Edit: Ok, it's 525... Still, considering her kit isn't an ADCs, it's still kinda low.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I usually go Q-E-W with both of them till Level 3. 2 Points in MF Q can work if it's pokelane, but if some longer trades happen W is defo stronger. But my main Problem really is maxing E second, even tho W would obviously be much better in most situations. >.<
I also max E second on MF. :P Her DPS is kinda bad, better improve that slow for your team mates and for better ults.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Bad habits - played too much Ezreal
It's not that bad. I actually like going Q-E-Q on MF myself and Q-E is fine on Quinn as well, you should really take some W afterwards though. :P This sometimes happens to me too though, when I play champs I don't play often. Then I lefel like E second and I'm like, wait a minute, I don't need E. What the hell am I doing?
: If someone goes AFK, usually he gets reported, BUT:...
: About a month has passed since the preseason patch. I distinctly remember people flaming that Riot destroys Quinn with the rework. The ultimate cannot be used as an escape and the damage is so low. Please don't rework Quinn. Blah blah blah. Finally people understand the importance of map mobility. Quinn is not broken. Your spirit is.
Quinn is actually pretty strong right now, with that mobility and potential burst (triple mark). But people weren't negative about the rework because it made her so bad. They were because it totally changed Quinns identity and playstyle.
: sound played during champion select
Do you want to change it DURING champion select or in general? Because you can set the volume of the launcher from the home screen (cogwheel in the upper right corner).
: Anybody SICK of that fking camera LOCK button???? Plz get it fking deleted
This could be said nicer but yes, the permanently locking camera until you restart the game is a pain. (and I kinda doubt it's the button's fault)
: trinkets upgrade
You are not upgrading them, you are sidegrading them. Except for the red one... What's the point?
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Paulster99, This was hotfixed to only crit against champions, and not minions/monsters. The description is incorrect until next patch, but this hotfix was noted in the [Patch Notes](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-522-notes#patch-patch-updates)
You guys should really make an extra news post and link it in the client when this kind of hotfixes happen. I only knew of it through an external site and many (I believe the vast majority of the playerbase) doesn't know about this. Communication is the key. To the chest. With epic loot. And stuff.
Wref (EUNE)
: Graves Q mana cost
Afaik it has been hotfixed to have a higher mana cost, tooltip will be fixed next patch.
DraskoGames (EUNE)
Wow, Olaf. Over 1700 ranked games this season.
Tsurupettan (EUNE)
: Illaoi browser minigame doesn't work properly on Opera.
Bombardox (EUW)
: why do they barely reply in champion select ?
Because screw you and your puny social interactions. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: How did you main your champion?
One day Rito decided to release a champion with my name slapped onto him/her/it (ooo, so mysterious). I already was an adc main and that champion had a kinda cool kit so boom, there you go.
Axelney (EUW)
: Every day in soloq xD
But... "You are at that specific elo because you deserve to be there"
gswsn4845 (EUNE)
: League of Legends on Windows 10
In a world where monitors have "Compatible with Windows" written on them, you can expect anything.
: Caitlyn 1,7K crit without full build XD #Balance
: Then the mastery is missing out the correct description on my client.
Yeah, it only got fixed serverside so the description couldn't be changed in the client.
: Warlords Bloodlust will only apply on champions in 5.23, making his laning phase (slightly) more difficult.
This got hotfixed and is already the case.
: On how much DPI you play league of legends?
You can have a high DPI and a slow cursor speed setting, basically cancelling eachother out while being somewhat smoother. If it's any use, I don't know. Maybe for shooters, but I suck at them anyway. :D
: AP itemization gutted in terms of cost, so Diana and all mana-dependent mages are less powerful at points in the game where they were previously more powerful.
And gold income has been increased so you'd get the items at about the same time as before the patch.
: > [{quoted}](name=sfts,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=hxNQ0m8n,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-17T23:11:42.603+0000) > > The second hit of her Q is a guaranteed crit if it kills the first target. No. The second hit deals increased damage. It is not a crit according to the tool tip. That is where the confusion lies.
It may not be stated as such (and I never payed attention to the tooltip, but it was mentioned in the patchnotes when she got her changes however many patches ago). But the hit on the enemy clearly is shown as a critical strike. Edit: And I assume it is intended to critically strike, as the 5.22 patch notes don't mention any change about her Q.
: Miss Fortune + Warlord's Bloodlust bug (balance breaking)
The second hit of her Q is a guaranteed crit if it kills the first target.
ClimaM (EUNE)
: http://www.pcgarage.ro/notebook-laptop/asus/156-quot-x550jx-hd-procesor-intel-core-i5-4200h-28ghz-haswell-4gb-1tb-geforce-gtx-950m-2gb-freedos-dark-grey/ - this is a link to the laptop ik it's in romanian but hopefuly you will understand what matters if not i can search something in english ^^
Ok, I have 2 problems with that one: 1. As I said the video memory. If you're only looking to play League, it wouldn't matter, but if you ever wish to play something which requires more power, the memory type alone might cost you ~15%. 2. The display. It's 1366 x 768 holy crap, why. o_O (This may even look decent on a 15'' screen, I don't know but meh... Why...). Also it doesn't have an anti-glare filter meaning you would see the reflection of just about anything in there. http://www.pcgarage.ro/notebook-laptop/asus/156-n551jx-fhd-procesor-intel-core-i5-4200h-28ghz-haswell-8gb-1tb-geforce-gtx-950m-4gb-grey-wifi-ac/ This one is pretty much the same except for the display but it cost a whooping 1000 RON (~250€) more. After all you'd need to set your priorities and look at your budget. Your laptop isn't too bad (except for the display holy f it hurts argh!) and I have to say I am no fan of laptops anyway. If you want to look for some other laptops, here's some tips (no spears, don't worry): - The CPU shouldn't have a U at the end, but H or HQ instead. - GPU should be something like 860 or 960 or better, the 50s probably will be fine too, if your budget allows it. Same goes for memory, should be GDDR5 and not 3, but then again, budget and what you wish to be able to play. - A decent display (1920x1080 and anti-glare is a MUST imo). Hint: My ex has a 860M in her laptop and she can play Witcher 3 with somewhat meidumish settings, according to her. So you don't need the newest shit, but if you don't get it, it might grow old really fast.
ClimaM (EUNE)
: http://www.pcgarage.ro/notebook-laptop/asus/156-quot-x550jx-hd-procesor-intel-core-i5-4200h-28ghz-haswell-4gb-1tb-geforce-gtx-950m-2gb-freedos-dark-grey/ - this is a link to the laptop ik it's in romanian but hopefuly you will understand what matters if not i can search something in english ^^
Fun fact: I originate from Romania, but I can't guarentee that I'll understand everything. :D I'll take a look.
ClimaM (EUNE)
: Laptop good enough for lol?
That is complete overkill just for LoL. However, the GPU looks fishy. If that is GDDR3 for its VRAM, then ditch it. No reason not to buy something with GDDR5. If bla bla too technical: Any link to that laptop?
: A little advice to very low elo players
This is so wrong. If you want to reach higher elos (and actually stay there) you should pick up some champions you like and then play them until you become really good with them. If you permanently switch to whatever is considered fotm, you are focusing on the wrong thing.
: I've lost my touch with League
Take a break. After every break I am playing better than ever before. :D
Intocabille (EUNE)
: NOpe, they are like almost half the diameter. Basically just really the rendered object. If you place three in line to river exit, there is more than enough space to walk around them.
They definetly felt smaller. I just had a Varus in ARAM basically stating with a foot on the trap and he didn't spring it. I was like, "any moment now, it just takes its minute to arm" o_O
Intocabille (EUNE)
: Caitlyn Traps - Too small, Too slow or just ok?
Xtreme4ce (EUW)
: Season 6 Ruined The Game
Season 6 is like a kid: Ruins the game before it's even born yet. (hint: It's preseason, things are basically still WIP, let Rito do their work for now.)
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