sm4ce (EUW)
: look at my recent games. Its not that I lost so much. But I get pissed when the games are so uneven and there are so many "new beginners" that flame and blame.
Btw, how did you come to the conclusion that I was part of the weakness? If you look at my 10 last games I have won 7 of them. I also had 3 wins before that. So 10 out of last 13 games were wins. The reason I flipped out was that I was forced to play Nasus top, no big deal. But when the jungle do not respond at all after 20 pings and a Garen pushing in to my turret for the first 5 minutes with little HP. I kind of snapped. When the jungle simply ignore you. He is even playing Master Yi which makes it even more depressing. That this kid/idiot/troller absolutely refuse to let me play jungle and als ignore me in game and don't respond at all. Also his friend who is also feeding mid lane start defending him and calling me a noob. So sure there was a flame war. But since they were passive aggressive and outnumbering me and actually reported me, I guess its what riot wants. That the beginners should mix in with the more experienced (not so skilful) players only to cause irritation and anger.
Tarkamacska (EUNE)
: ? I had a sht game as Zyra today, btw the entire team was bad and we lost, I had a good game with Liss, even if i died more than i should we won. Our team as a team was stronger than their. Conclusion? The better team wins. Friend, you were always on the weaker team, and you were the part of the weakness. You lost. Just accept it, and it will be better in your next games. Also stop using the chat. It helps.
look at my recent games. Its not that I lost so much. But I get pissed when the games are so uneven and there are so many "new beginners" that flame and blame.
: but if rito ban themself, then they cant ban toxic people like you? :(
Such a constructive comment, full of insight :)
Vo1dWalker (EUNE)
: You are crying about your teammates.
did I mention my teammates?
: Riot > not Rito. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
rito is a meme/joke/ or whatever its called :) Its like "teh" which was a similar phenomena around year 2000
Strigina (EUNE)
: Am I replying to you? No? Then my reply was not to your essay probably but to the comment above.
I am sorry. My misstake :) It was me who was ignorant ;)
Vo1dWalker (EUNE)
: I read it you just can't admit that you are the reason why you can't win.
Am I saying anything about that I can't win?
Strigina (EUNE)
: How many toxic challengers you know? Also, how about another comparsion? Team full of toxic challengers balming each other vs team full of cool challengers focusing on themselves. Who do you think will win? You are not matched agains players 5 tiers above you in rankeds.
Is that my problem or question here? Are you another ignorant person who doesn't read before making statements? Seems like you didn't understood the text.
sm4ce (EUW)
: And you reply without reading what I wrote? Read again and then comment.
I think you may be one of the many people who is causing my headaches. First of all there is a difference between bronze and silver (should be?) Secondly, flame doesn't equal defeat (some think that a single comment that could be perceived as negative is "flaming"). I watch lcs and some streamers because its fun and I learn stuff, but I'm not here to climb any ladder. I am here to have fun playing games that are even and exiting. I don't care much about the bronze silver or gold. I want to face off against similarly skilled and experienced players. The whole problem is the dysfunctional matchmaking. I don't think riot cares much about this because then there would be a much better system. In fact I believe that there is mechanisms controlling the matchmaking to adjust chances of wining games.
: Well think again for a moment. This year you are having anger burst in some computer game and you get BAN. Next you will have burst of angar in real life, you will fight with some guy, accident will happen, you hit him, he falls down, dead. And then your ass will be raped in prison, your wife will get her ass raped, so she can earn money to take care of your girl, and her fate will be no different growing without father - no doubt about that. All of this because you cant control yourself? Calm down bro, think about what really matters ... When you do bad to other people , you are doing bad to yourself. Tolerance, self control, respect. I know my example is harsh, and this wont happen to you, but anythign between my example and ban in video game is option... I hope you will be better , after thouse 14 days.
You can't compare real life to this. And no I wouldn't hit anybody, I am to old for that kind of retarded behaviour. I am pretty sure that most of the players being rude and annoying wouldn't dare or even think of behaving like this in real life. I have been in several fights as a kid but that was many years ago and I have no trouble having a discussion with people these days. It is both meaningful and enlightening to talk with people that have different views on things. But knowing that there is some stupid troll hiding behind the "firewall" get on my nerves. So you don't agree that there should be a tighter skill span in the games?
Vo1dWalker (EUNE)
: First of all there is no difference between bronze and silver. Secondly, flame=defeat. Thirdly, if you are bronze it is just because you deserve it. Finally , if you want to climb the ladder just forget about the chat or the flame watch streams and guides and you will become better.
And you reply without reading what I wrote? Read again and then comment.
: > I know the reason for 99.9% of my own outbursts of anger. It is the feeling of being surrounded by fools and blamers. No, it's your lack of self control. Everyone, and I mean everyone, at some point in their time playing this game have been a situation like yours (or what you perceive it to be like), yet, not everyone feels the need to flame the guy that's doing bad.
Yes you are right. But the reason for "losing" it is still the same.
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sm4ce (EUW)
: the root problem..
I guess the title was a bit misleading :) But what do you think about this?
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