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: Well done Riot! Gangplank is really dead now...
Ok i don't know what changes they made to GP but nearly more than 90% of teemo mains say that his rework was an overall nerf. Throwing is just to give him some utility, but in return they took so much off him. It's a rework to make you think he is buffed but obviously rito cant fool everyone.
: You invest too much time coming up with suggestions to make Soraka stronger. You really should just play her more. Riot isn't gonna do any of that, because of her winrate and because of all the hate that "backline healers without counterplay" get. The first argument if you suggest so many buffs will always be her winrate which is good enough and its something you can't just ignore.
I just wanted to say that those suggestions are not buff: Root before silence will allow soraka to live for longer (more utility) whilst decreasing her potential as a support since adc will get burst damage faster. From my experience, soraks does horrendously bad if she has bad team mates who do not understand her gameplay well. Winrates are calculated from high elo players which i am sure have alot more teamwork than low elo players hence the winrate. Giving her more health regen, means hardly anything. Maybe it'll help her more in her early phase where she is literally a better damage dealer than a healer. If your with an adc he will rage if you take his farm or if you dont heal him because you spammed Q's too many times . As you mentioned, solo lane she is good but they are always taken and she falls off fast. I rather just be supp with her. Increasing her range for W is debatable as that is more like a buff but necessary for her if her late self health sacrifice is not improved. Any clever player, who knows to target soraka late game, will diminish her contribution by a huge margin. The thing about her staying in backline and not having counter is because it's suicide to go frontline with her. If she had more utility, maybe players will actually require skill to go upfront and heal and go back, giving the moaners a chance to take her down.
: You invest too much time coming up with suggestions to make Soraka stronger. You really should just play her more. Riot isn't gonna do any of that, because of her winrate and because of all the hate that "backline healers without counterplay" get. The first argument if you suggest so many buffs will always be her winrate which is good enough and its something you can't just ignore.
i am sure there are many other champs with higher winrate and more cancerous than soraka that have not been nerfed yet. Only because they are protected by riot due to favoritism. Only decent healer the game has so maybe spend more time fixing her? This way at least the support lovers will have something less to moan about :D I think i played enough with her to know her strengths and weaknesses but i dare say i have mastered her.
: If you get zoned because your ally dives too deep then thats not your fault. You need a clear frontline. It still depends on what kind of 2 enemies we are talking about and ... how fed they are. There are a lot of factors. Sometimes you can QE to buy some time or use exhaust and then there is also your ult. You need to calculate it somehow. xD
I know lots of people have commented but from all i think you probably understand soraka the most, plus you made an awesome guide on her. I have SUGGESTIONS that riot could use to fix her (if she needs a rework) Her E as we all know is very situational so CD doesn't matter. However, we all know that the enemy either gets silenced or rooted. Why? raidus is small so you can walk out of it before root. If you wanted to root then you will place E ahead of the enemy so silence doesn't matter here. HOWEVER, what if root took place first followed by silence? Here are the consequences of root taking place before silence Will ensure enemy stays rooted Will ensure that jungl during ganks has and HAS to take an alternative root so to prevent a root. With silence it just walks over the small radius and then dashes. Will ensure raka can use it in team fights to escape after she has done her healing will also ensure that if your getting chased or allies getting chased, this will provide more time to escape. However silence will be useless in this case as you will be at a distant from the enemy after the root has taken place. Cons Adc will die more often as silence really helped to decrease burst damage output of enemy you might die when you go to heal ally and enemy targets you (can't silence anymore) there are also situations like where you would want to silence blitz to stop his hook so adc can get a kill. hard to execute but worth it. Summary Will help raka to have more utility to save herself. Because if she survives, she will be able to contribute to team more instead of chunking every one of her ability to save an ally. Her range for W increase range so that she doesn't so easily get CC and still be useful. Those few seconds in team fights can mean the difference between a win or loss i.e. (ACE) so raka needs to have some use in those cases. OR/AND increase her base health regen (no idea why this is so low)? Maybe give her a passive movement speed as that would ensure that she is moving all the time and positioning will matter alot more. Currently i just wait in backline and go frontline to heal just to walk back. Not saying to give her everything i have suggested but atleast consider them. What do you think cav? Maybe add few of your own suggestions?
angelopulos (EUNE)
: Soraka is high healing champ but also high damage.Biggest mistake is to build tank soraka.Best build is ap with lots health items.I personaly play her top only with 92% better score then avarage just because igo high damage build.Benefits of high damage is a higher heaaling too/I hope i helped a little.Items like crystal scepter and rod of ages gives u enough health.For high damage go Nashor for attack speed and .......Greetings
Thank you for your help and yes AP soraka is by far the best in my opinion. However, issue here is not her laning phase. It's the fact that as a support she lacks the utility to save herself when in danger and since her healing cost mana and health, it's important for her to have some utility. The current utility she has is very limited. Also cancer cavailer knows what he is talking about in his guide. The link is in comments below :D
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sobi999 (EUW)
: Make a new healer champ?
i dont mind a weak healer but one that has outplay potential. So a champ with literally no damage but full of roots/snares/stuns/silences (could be AOE) and healing. Someone that exists for its team mates and is pure garbage alone. Maybe some mobility or even camouflage. I know those are for assassins but never hurts to try something different. It's so typical seeing assassins get dashes, stealth and what not but mages just throwing circles and cones.
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Fajerk (EUW)
: The problem that Soraka has is her being a "healbot". Traditionally Soraka served for purpose of sustain, being a healer. In general healing mechanic is absolutely annoying in PvP, it does not matter what game are we in. In LoL this is only amplified by fact that Soraka is pretty much only healer. Sure there are other champions with heal, Nami, Sona or Alistar for example, however they are not "healers" as what defines them. The peel, poke, CC and so on, also they have some heal but that does not make them healers. The concept of healers is either balanced by giving both sides same option, this would mean we need more healer champions ( which would made Soraka even more generic), or you can make healers so weak that they don't have major impact and dealing with them means you can kill it and they can't stop it (which is where Soraka pretty much is at now). Riot needs to revisit healing support concept entirely, they at one hand try to promote it via items and mastery. on other hand they have to overnerf only true healer because those changes would make healer broken. Personally I would not mind having more "healing" supports, even tho it is pretty hard to make them unique, or they could just completely remake Soraka about dealing dmg-->healing which would put her into position of every other similar support. Tbh Soraka is exactly the case of "being broken because of other stuff", essentially having unhealthy concept amplified a lot by other means. This loophole happened before, unfortunately this time it is not only single item (Feral flare would be nice example), it is multiple "fine" items on single champion. Maybe restricting healing items for Soraka would make her possible to balance.
I agree, there are just not enough champs complimenting soraka and therefore everyone sees her as broken. The game is pretty vague on healers and needs more champs that can heal like soraka. Soraka is OP at the moment because her other abilities are of little use so you focus on pure healing. This means your obviously going to be good at that one thing which your focusing all of your items/runes/masteries at. When the enemy lets her do her job, she is broken af and then they complain about her. If you ever decide to give her reduced healing RIOT then please also increase her utility/damage.
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: You are crazy. Q and E are already big for something that can't be blocked by minions. You need to practice and maybe change your build / playstyle. You can absolutely outtrade an adc in early game. You just throw 1 banana and if you see that he wants to return the auto or use a spell, you drop the Q and walk away, maybe throw 1 more banana after the Q. Also if the adc goes for cs you can hit starcall to ruin their day. When enemies are headed somewhere you just cast Q in front of them, so they will be stopped etiher way. E is best used directly after hitting an enemy with a Q or as a very fast counter to channels like MF ult or Kata ult. Timing and where you aim matter a lot, depending on the situation.
I think I have addressed the issue here improperly and just been ranting on soraka’s weaknesses. I do believe this champ has a lot of potential but I think the utility she has been given through her Q and E does not serve it's purpose. I will be making a new discussion board with a better title.
: Soraka is fine i think, maybe even a bit too strong with the starcall harass. Only {{item:3123}} is problematic, it reduces heals too much for such a cheap item. The other day i played soraka mid vs Diana, got 2 kills before she hit 6. Thats the state of Soraka, a 1 spell wonder in early game. PS: read my guide
The only changes i have suggested for are a bigger radius for Q and E and some more movement speed in any way possible. This is for the simple fact that she couldn't be anymore immobile and thus requires at least some utility.Also jut wanted to point out that just because you have won games with her doesn't mean she is OP but rather that's a very bad excuse to say if a champ is OP. MOBA requires team co-operation and with every champ being countered from another champ , it makes it hard to judge what exactly were the winning factor and not simply a champ is OP. That's also why i said to check her pick and win rate after the nerfs. I have won many games with her and thus why i believe that her W even with self health sacrifice and with low range is perfect and her R with global healing but with high CD is useful in many ways. The problem here is not that Q and E are not useful but they are stupid abilities that you don't use because they don't server their purpose. I say it again, her Q is not for poking ( it does hardly any damage) and the rejuvenation bonus it provides is not worth it if your 90% of the time will get hurt in process or may even die if you mess up. Someone said to not go mindlessly to Q and that's exactly what i have mentioned. You just cannot go mindlessly that close to execute Q except in team fights where you're not the focus. Other than that if blitz just used his Q and it's on CD then obviously he will back away until CD is back up whilst the adc will not just sit back and let you have a free Q hit, please use common sense before opining. Her Q hits 1/10 times in lanes and in team fights your sacrificing enough to go into danger for a Q. Her W does health sacrifice and yet LOL decide to maker her so immobile and lack utility.
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sobi999 (EUW)
: Blind Pick Vs Draft Pick
Yolo the news is that draft pick will be completely removed, it has been done in some servers but LOL might be planning on doing it on all regions. Also people mentioning that low elo being more toxic but i am the opposite. I am definitely from the low elo but i never be toxic and find it utmost disturbing to do so as well.
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