: I told you they were working on a new client, and then you started insulting me for no reason. Is that how business should work?
i told u the truth i did not insult u. its still the stupidest comment i ve ever seen... should i tell you it was well written and give u all straight As? im telling you a fact not an opinion on your persona and franckly i should add that is cause of people like you that riot think its ok to do this... shame on you
: Then next time read your comments before sending them.
bud my comment is not stupid... is reality. u just dont know how business should work
: They are working on a brand new client that won't be this outdated, isn't that enough for you?
of course not lol u think its reasonable to let us play in a bugged client for 6 mounth waiting the new client? holy shit i ve never seen a more idiotic comment
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kjono1 (EUW)
: There's no one way to code, and because of the vast amount of coding along with the multiple different options available in order to achieve the same outcome, there's bound to be problems that appear now and again, sometimes in large numbers, sometimes small easy fixes. I'm sure Riot are doing there best to resolve the issues behind the bugs and crashes but these things take time and unfortunately, fixing 1 problem can lead to having more due to the above reason. Yes 3 weeks is a long time but over those 3 weeks many of the previous issues have been resolved.
which ones? tell me... cause apart of the obviusly broken as %%%% bugs like annie s perma stun or pyke ulting allies there is not a single one fixed
Trime (EUW)
: didnt have a crash, may be your pc? :D
nope and if u didnt u are lucky xD at least half the people in this server are crashing like crazy 3 remakes in a row lol edit just got a double remake... one bug splat for each team. so no... its not my pc and %%%% you with that passive aggressive face :D idiot
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