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Excandar (EUW)
: Because throwing random people together and expecting them to perform as a team doesn't work. Either you know each other, and then it's okay to call each other asshat in jest. Or you just got mashed up together for 1 game with no clear communication or leadership, and you get this. Basically put- I think it's so salty in solo play because it's not a community at all. They're just random guys stuck with each other struggling to achieve something but they can't agree on how to achieve this. All they know is that they want "it". Badly. So they blame the other guys for not following their telepathic commands. Just a theory.
Feel you dude, I get that completely. But the feeling when no one tilts and u almost play this game clean #Feelsgoodman {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Team game+ Random people you must/they must rely on + competitive environment + = toxic community. It is just the standard, in DotA 2 in CS:GO it is all the same. It is not only the LoL community. Sad reality.
True that, Honestly I was just tilted for having an inting team mate... This game is not healthy at all u get too tilted looool, we could just have fun, but the competition around it is too big, dunno why and specially at low elos, since we're "garbage" players who should play for fun cause we dont give the time to improve why be salty? Not like u're going challenger in a winning streak lol.
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MadWifeHR (EUW)
: Im a good adc, but my positioning sucks!
I feel you bro, as adc in low elo I get that. No one is initiating, but prob because the team comps are shitty as well, low elo doesnt care about team comp, and for that reason u may have comps with 0 initiation, but I guess it's just luck. If your team understands the game you will be able to split push and create pressure in the enemy team lanes, so you avoid any kind of tf. Then again you're unlucky, still try to take some champions who can clear waves safer (sivir is kinda good, jinx is ok too) If team lacks initiation u should play more jhin kalista where u can be a playmaker. Have fun dude, and dont give up on the role.
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