Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Please remove duos from solo q and make it solo q
i think if u´d remove the duo from solo/duo a lot of players would stop playing. i like to play with friends and if i can´t i would stop playing. they would loose too many of their players
: Me and my friends accidently reported each other
would be careful with that, better not use chat when joking with friends. We did that once and i got an instant 14 day ban (first offense ever). We were a full premade too, i understand yor situation but i wouldn´t joke around with such things. I learned the hard way that someone can insult u and ur family and threaten to kill you irl but the moment you say one of those "triggerwords" all your prestige is gone.
: Encouraging good behaviour
how do you have that many keys and no chests? one trick pony?
Dikast1s (EUNE)
: Kayn used r while suppressed
can u clip it and send me the replay, didnt even find the game in your match history
: Loss prevented won't activate for me?
you get a loss prevented if there are problems from the servers side, not because of an afk. if there are any problems with the servers riot reacts by giving all losing teams a loss prevented (not loosing lp) and all winning teams get half the lp (since it wasn´t under fair conditions). i´m guessing the afk in the enemy team was just an accident and it confused you. So normally you would get about 20lp but there were server difficulties, thus you get half the lp and the enemy team gets a loss prevented. hope i understood your point
aluucard (EUNE)
: SION Q BUG 9.3
already reproted bug, same with varus, xerath, etc. every chaneling ability
: ''All members must select their roles before entering queue''.
known bug, happens pretty often if you play with others and then want to play soloq or with less people without creating a new lobby. simply close your lobby and create a new game. don´t think it is one of the bugs fixed in near future as it is easily solvable and doesnt have that much of a bad impact as other bugs.

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