: I can certainly tell you why the automated system picked that up: 1. writing too much 2. writing in ALL CAPS 3. writing smth like "how can you suck so much", "youre reported", "report X", "troll", "please surrender" (as this falls under abusive/negative) However, the whole case is rather mild IMO, did you had any previous cases? Maybe you can get it appealed/turned into a chat restriction. For future games, just use the mute button, most ppl dont rly read the stuff you write anyways, sucks, but its the reality.
Thank you for your balanced opinion, I have been banned before, I did deserve it as i was flaming. I honestly dont care much about this account, i had an account with $500 spent on it a while ago, got it banned and since then have just been buy accounts getting them banned and not investing anything in them, as they will likely get banned anyway for reasons i dont agree with. I look at it as a weekly subscriptions of $5 which i pay for new accounts, i then dont invest a penny in the account, as the liklyhood of being banned is to great. I understand the need for a ban system, but I think the system is deeply flawed, as they wont discuss it with the community, i will not abide by their rules.
: > [{quoted}](name=springhen,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=493Ude1u,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-28T23:53:31.175+0000) > > I know how you feel, premades are awful often gang up on other people or troll, i'm sorry you got banned, i have had the same issues with premades as well. > No you didn't. One or nine reports per match dont make a difference. Premades do not have any more power, they cannot "gang up on you" using the report system. Stop making excuses for your behaviour.
I thing "ganging"up on a single player is something pre-mades do often, I'm not referring to the aspect of reporting, but the fact that the loyalty they have for each other often means that one person will instigate the insults or the troll behavior, the other will follow with the the same behavior. i've experienced this myself plenty of time.
Smerk (EUW)
: dude, do you not understand, the problem is not the question, it's how you asked it.
how i asked it is as show above : It start positive and very friendly, asking the team what they want me to do and if i should play something with dmg or tanky, im offering to play whatever the team needs, specially i said this : springhen: Hi all springhen: do you need me to tank or do dmg? springhen: i dont want to pick a tank then end up being the one with the higest dmg because we have no dmg dealer springhen: jinx, are you good? springhen: so i should pick a tank? Having picked for the benifit of the team, midlane locks in shaco, i say "springhen: why did you trollpick shaco mid?" and i get banned for it..
Smerk (EUW)
: Yes, sure thing, ask if you need to know. But you didn't just ask why he picked shaco, you assumed that he's trolling from the get-go. It's actually possible that Shaco decided to troll after your accusation and not before. I met people like that.
man, you can't be banning people for questioning odd picks, you don't think that ridiculous? If i picked rengar support and someone questions it, i wouldn't call him toxic. I would probably try and explain myself or just ignore him.
Smerk (EUW)
: I didn't even have to try hard to find something negative in this case, in fact I didn't have to try at all, it's all in the open. As a little example: you started blaming Shaco for his pick when gave didn't even begin.
someone picks shaco mid, and i ask "springhen: why did you trollpick shaco mid?" and this is blaming? If someone picks Soraka jungle, im going to ask why as well, someone picks something unsual, i think its natural to ask why, no? when he then starts losing lane hard, i say i cant gank him because he is shaco and i rather focus on a winning lane that i can gank successfully. they proceed to flame, i tell them i dont gank their lanes because they are losing lanes, i shouldnt even have to explain myself. its hard blaming.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Doesn't matter what happened in the game. The chat log is viewed out of context for everyone. Your list of mistakes: Negative attitude, report calling, light flaming.
thanks Zandor, you have given some concrete answers, which i appreciate, Can you advise on what a negative attitude is? Because i get flamed for replicating what pro players do, which is to not gank losing lanes and focus on the ones that can carry and win late, its not being negative but a strategic choice. light flaming, i really dont think there is much flaming at all, nothing worth reporting or acting on. report calling is me trying to get them to improve their behavior in the game by invoking some fear of retribution, as no other way is working.
Smerk (EUW)
: yes, it's real. And deserved. You spend too much time blaming others.
just looked at your profile, saw your previous comments, it must be nice to be a on high horse. In fact a person can actually find something negative with everything if one looks hard enough. Such a dystopian vib, lucky i can just buy another account, at this rate, im treating it like $5 weekly subscription, which is actually fine and keeps the banning police at a job, so i see it as giving back.
springhen (EUW)
: Is this a real ban? or someone misclicked at Riot?
oh, sorry, please show me the blame, i will try and address it.
springhen (EUW)
: Is this a real ban? or someone misclicked at Riot?
Let me clarify game 1, i was playing with a shaco top and heimer mid lane, they where losing lanes against fiora and malz, so i focus on setting bot side ahead, as bot side was the only salvagable lane, they then proceed to troll me in my on jungle, stealing my camps and being toxic towards me.
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