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cutiematch (EUNE)
: I get sick of getting complaints about how I should play as a supp!!!!
Hello cutiematch, There are 2 simple things you can do to make this stop, * 1 . Mute the players telling you how to play support. * 2 . Report them at the end of the match for verbal abuse. Have a good day sir, **_~SoFar_**
Bükachu (EUW)
: I wanna report Riot "support" for botting.
Hello Bükachu, Every big company has their own support system, and every single one of them use bots. Bots make the process faster, since they (bots) are programmed to do so, as you sed previously, even the bot took you 1 month to answer to your support ticket, if it wasn't a bot, it probably would've taken alot longer. Now, imagine if the whole Europe West server (about 40 million players) were to send a ticket to riot support, Riot would need about 10 million diferent people to answer to all the tickets, that being sed, the reason to the usage of bots is explained. Also what do you mean with ''I wanna report..'' ? Have a good day sir, _**~SoFar**_


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