: Kalista's Q bug
Is it still in your match history? You may be able to see it and screenshot it. Would help a lot!
: Fizz can be knocked up by Blitzcrank while being untargetable
Due to the untargatability in fizz's E he should not be hit, this is not working as intended! However the issue comes due to Fizz E having a cast time, minuscule but it is not instant. Does this dissable the E or are you still able to enter the untargettable form?
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: Is it good to have 71 Armor at lv.1 ?
You'll be really resistant yes... but your attacks are going to be less effective than slapping them with a wet noodle. There's too problems really; 1. Armor and MR are the only stats that give diminishing returns, so stacking them only will suck defensively, Put some HP runes in to make more effective hp (times you can get hit). 2. It wont get you a lane advantage because it should just mean it takes them more attacks on you to zone you, you'll struggle to farm more and they'll have more time to poke you because you are less of a threat
starly135 (EUW)
: Maybe not a void map but I would love to see a void event.
2 years later it happened!
Mada (EUW)
: Allow muting specific players' pings
Map awareness is a skill that is important for improving your level of play. Pings are the first step in map awareness. It is also good to learn to check the map to be aware of enemies current position -> where they are moving -> Who can't I see -> do they pose a threat to me. I would however like to be able to mute pings from people that abuse them to annoy.
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IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Iron Solari Cersei
Gotta be the stronk brows
NiuLogic (EUW)
: it isnt a bug its able to compare to morganas w okay if you used spellshield after nasus landed his e and the e made this kind of boom it wont save the dmg but it will save you the blast dmg whitch possible can one shot you
Nasus' wiki says that magic damage will be mitigated by a spell shield, I recognise that the DoT from the terrain will not be blocked. However the Initial damage, the burst damage, should be and isn't.
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: Is Sona Broken?
If you find you do well with her then thats great, you'll find better players and start matching up your skill level! I'm curious though, how long have you been playing league?
: The new draft mode experience....
Would be nice to be able to select your pick intent before you find a game/ while you are searching for what roles you want to play. Then once you get into the lobby bans start straight away. Primarily I would like a feature where you can select a tab at the top to alter your pick intent at any time. NB you have to select that tab to alter your intent and it would alert you when it switched to your banning phase. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: The Void
Maybe not a void map but I would love to see a void event.
BANGshott (EUW)
: I Thing bronze should have a loading screen border just why not :)
: Regarding 'Demon Vi' skin
I agree that I'm not wholly captured by the voice effects so that matters enough to me, though as for her visuals I think that's more to your personal impression of the skin, not everyone thinks the same way for a visual. However given the Idea I would like to see a proper Imp champion or perhaps a demonic skin set.
: So as Karma you have a shield, a movement speed boost, as self heal, extreme high range high dmg AOE Q which slows and a stun. Which kit is overloaded again? Yasuo is too easy to harass as ranged champ. Try proccing his passive shield with basic attack maybe?
I did find it interesting he chose Karma, she's basically equipped to be the best kite mage in the game. She may not have more mobility than yas but she can out play him quite easily.
: Arrogant Players
Singed's most effective strategy is psychosocial warfare, you just gotta learn what to do when singed is doing it. The easiest lane for singed is one with no-one in it.
: Which Skins are you afraid of?
: Does anyone know a cool name for a renekton main?
Stell (EUNE)
: Now i've seen it all
Truly outrageous
TheGauntler (EUNE)
: SO
Dodge game = Low priority que No circumstances.
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F34R Andy (EUW)
: Champion Mastrey
Honestly I think the before and after lobbies need a VU. A hover over portrait would be nice for people in your after game lobby.
: why i hate playing with a brand in my team?
Trolls are worse {{champion:48}}
Stell (EUNE)
: I have the weirdest birds living near my apartment
You should experiment with them, leave them other items. food and building material so on, be cool to see :)
Zedriw (EUW)
: Smurf Smurf Smurfidy Smurf
I thought there where level brackets, something like 1-8 8-19 20-30.
Swittz (EUW)
: It will not happen , why? becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WORLDS MAAAAAAN who cares about us ? It's all about WOOOORLLLDSS MAAAN, here have these op juggernauts , nerf them? NAAA MAAAN WOOOOOORLDS , can we please have some bug fixes? NAAA MAN THIS PATCH IS ABOUT WOOOORLDS WOOOOOOOOOOOORLDS %%%%% FUCK YOUR WORLDS
If it where to happen it would be around christmas, they already have all the base models and worlds will be over in Nov, thats probably enough time for a little bit of festivity.
: No sarcasm intended xD If she heals a lot, perhaps champions with grevious wounds or that work well with morellonomicon could be good against her?
Her true damage is %max health so stacking health does literally nothing to that.
: reported for taunting(no insulting, just playing the psychowarfare game)
It's BM, but hey it can feel good and it's as long as your not being too aggressive or spiteful then should never be repercussions. With the new system it now tells you if you have had a report for certain categories no matter what, it's not a punishable behaviour it's more just to make a person reflect. Some people are salty about it no-matter what you do, infact I was in a bot game as I just wanted my fwotd cause I didn't have much time, so I picked a carry and got a lot of kills, I got reported for Negative Attitude and it came up in client, I assumed it was for ks'ing as I hadn't written anything in chat. Tl;Dr reflect if you think you may have crossed a line, if you find not then you're good :)
: Altready tried all of that and that no works :c
How recently have you experienced this? and if you have another account can you try it out there? Also you should send a ticket to Riot support for further instructions on trouble shooting, they can get someone to help in your native language and have more experience with player issues. (link to riot support, drop down box for technical issues) https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
CLampToN (EUW)
: IDEA to improve team builder. Team builder will be the best choose...
I swear I've seen this before..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe lower them percentages and also I feel this should have separate values for wins and losses, hopefully to incentivise teamplay, well cause people who are dead set on winning always care about teamplay right?
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I need serious tips against Fiora.
Stell (EUNE)
: WHy is this so big of an issue for people? Did everyone suddenly become some grammar warriors or something?
: HELP ME PLEASE :'( :'(
I don't know much, but first things to always try are: Relaunching your client, Restarting your router and opening ports that LoL uses to connect to servers.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Tahm indeed feels like a interesting pick. Saw 5 Ekkos, was very hard to understand whos ghost was running in front of you, wich made is alot more fun. Going to try 5 anivias today and maybe Draven as everyone can catch the axes. Played soraka today, azir's had no chance.
I played soraka today too... everyone on my team absolutely sucked at her and were flaming all the time how all she did was heal and did no damage. We ended the game me 2/1/1 and others around 1/8/~ and I had 2 times the amount of damage dealt to champions than the next highest on our team. God knows why it was such a hard champ for them. And we were against Dongers, not a bad match, infact really passive but they still died all the time :/
: you can counter Karthus with a zhonya's right and i lost with karthus to a team of lux' and with Teemo i lost as well to annie's, but apparently others got better matchups or were just better players and destroyed their opponents
In retrospect, I have no idea why they banned Karthus, he's not strong defensivly and can be dealth with just a few mr items. Infact most teams crush Karthus, so I don't know.
It's not as much maining a role, but having a good selection of champions that you know your match ups and can play your best at. A person who mains a role will have more experience than you in that role and will likely know the power spikes and opportunities better than you, for a jungler, when to gank and good knowledge of how much gold and exp he can get.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Whenever I tried to select Karthus or Teemo it said they are disabled.
They disabled them as they were too strong for it, Karthus just meant that if you hadn't picked a tank your team would get aced every 2 minutes and I don't think I've seen a single Teemo game lose it was freakish map control.
: juggernaut suggestions
Darius: I like the Q and E reworks though I don't think the W needs changing like that. Garen: I get the thematics of the passive, but I personally feel his current one should just be toned down a little. I think that's a good idea. though I disagree on making him slowed, and perhaps compensate with a little extra ms towards as you're reducing it's functionality. E, Disagree R, Agree Skarner, yeah, he's just so unwieldy and weak unless you are fighting in your zones. Mordekaiser, I really dislike exp passives, it's just a finger to good zoning and pressing advantages. The dragon isn't actually terribly strong, it's pretty unique too so I think it should stay, however I feel it should take 150% bonus damage from tower shots so it doesn't always go directly into a tower kill.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: One for all, (Russian doll Tham Kench)
Had this in a game with Karthus, we all just Russian dolled inside one with a spell shield as five ults came down xD Best parts for me where, chucking teammates over walls for them to eat you across it and bring you over, GTFO by frog hopping through allies and the poor scuttle crab chucked a 1000 times at baron.
: AZIR playing ping pong
That was beautiful xD
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Emillie (EUW)
: Ahri in the free champion rotation?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What were they thinking when they removed both Atma's Impaler and Jarvan E's armor passive?
Some days I'm pretty sad about Atma's and Executioners calling, however I did find I started building more reliably after as both those items had useful passives but sub-par base stats, still would be nice as a melee champion to be able to do something about Swain.
: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kmA6YM1k200/VhQxfjLOcUI/AAAAAAAAycM/_z6aUHvzfaI/s1600/MonkeyKing_Splash_3.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TEtx6gphQ60/VhQxep1jgLI/AAAAAAAAycA/krxq54HAr4k/s1600/Brand_Splash_2.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-c517E1s91rA/VhQxeuRziRI/AAAAAAAAyb8/6luDWoF562M/s1600/Ezreal_Splash_3.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-V0eVMD8Vklo/VhQxerQDwpI/AAAAAAAAycE/Up-t3W9rkH0/s1600/Masteryi_Splash_1.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-5yXnFWl3Whg/VhQxfTH0GyI/AAAAAAAAycY/LY7r0BCpMck/s1600/Masteryi_Splash_2.jpg Which one of these remade splash arts is your favourite?
Still not sure if it's my favourite but I am so happy the updated the Assassin Yi splash, looks so so good compared to what it used to be.
Daimonori (EUNE)
: Well he can eat them after getting 3 stacks. Before he gets 3 stacks, I usually destroy both him and his ally with someone like {{champion:89}} . I never really lost to him. That's also one of the reasons why I posted this. I wonder how exactly can he outplay a 'stronger' support.
In and offensive lane Leona is better, in a poke lane Janna is better. To bring a fair amount of utility and more global pressure than any other support then Tahm Kench is better.
: Login Error, This account has been permanently suspended. Please check the email address associated
You should send a recovery ticket to the support team if you havn't already https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=4584 , If your account has been wrongfully band then you should be able to explain it, If it is that your friends with your details have done this then there is nothing you can do.
: They still need to buff J4 again. The "Patch Roundup" they did where they explained how "we did lots and lots of maths and found 2 base armour was good enough" was painful to watch... With no sustain he needs better armour, but then he would have the same issue as before of being too tanky for his damage. Solution? Give his E a sustain passive. Hey, I mean they gave Darius one on his Q right? Don't think they are worried about champion thematics as much as balance at this point.
Rozer95 (EUW)
: Champion rotation question
As for how they select the individuals I don't know, However there will always be at least 1 450 ip champ and then enough free champs to play every role. E.g 1 tank, 2 mages, 2 adc, and so on. There is one pair that are usualy on the same week, Kha'zix and Rengar. Also Yorick has never been in the free rotation. Upon looking at freechampionrotation.net/history firstly It's dates mess up as there are two 7th of augusts, secondly the week wukong was in the rotation freechampionrotation.net has Corki instead. I would say use it to maybe see what's next but don't get your hopes too high as it seems to sometimes have errors.
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