RouanRO (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=admKya07,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-02T17:28:44.861+0000) > > Hi NoxDecima, > > New missions are due out today, and will be every week (Monday) from now on ^_^ When today? Today is almost over in EU
very good good question. Bought the masterpass on 21.9 not getting any new missions for almost 2 weeks.
Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, I saw it and that's not possible in real game. So not a problem
of course its impossible to get 30k in normal game.. but still it creates some zone of uncertainty..
just jump into flexQ and you will face even more absurd matchmaking. we were 3 gold 5s and 2 silver 3ish players matched against Plat 3, Plat 2, and Plat 5, Gold 1 and Silver 1. I wrote to support with printscreens of the players rankings and the answer I got was something in sense of: ´it is normal to face platinum plaers as a silver in promo to gold, because it is something completly different from SoloQ - even diamond players can play much worse in FlexQ´ .. Holy shit, could someone explain to me how can 3 platinums play worse in flex against silvers and gold5? like if the lost game at 22 min is their worse performance.. I cannot imagine their full potential.
: Remember that runes and masteries will be merged. So at the first look this can looks "omg this is too op" but this new system need to compensate masteries.
have you seen the video where they stacked 32k dmg on jayce, oneshotting Baron? solid merge thouhg :-D
Smerk (EUW)
: October 2 next round
thank you, whehre can i get such info?
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: im challenger riven otp top main and top lane sucks, has 0 influence and tbh i dont see the point in playing it myself anymore. most of my chall friends just gave up and started playing support and tank junglers. its much less effort, much more game influence, much more wins... top just sucks right now and riven is not the best champion right now so yeah. i will quit my role too and just play sona soraka janna support and rammus jungle.. and on eune rank 6 challenger is a girl who spams ardent supports so that should tell u everything
what is the name of that prodigy girl?
: Riot is literally cashgrabing,they don't care if you just want a chroma thats worth 290RP NORMALY,putting it behind 1,3k RP where u have to spend WEEKS of doing missions just to get that chroma worth 290rp?%%%% no, I would even pay 600rp for that Chroma since its a onetime thing or grind my ass off if it was for free BUT putting it behind 1,3k rp with some extra goods that won't interest someone that just wants that chroma is a joke
a skin worth of 290 RP? I rememer YT thash talk about Neo PAX Sivir being formally worth 300€ but ´playerbase estimation´ was not 290 RP coz it has nothing new and no special visuals. and you just say the same.. but think for a while. Regular skateboard from your local shop worth 290 RP is something totally different from a signature Tony Hawk skateboard you need to buy for xTimes more €. And still, byuing that costly Tony Hawk desk will not make you look more cool and will not do the fancy trick by itself. It is only abut being that 1 in thousands who owns it. CHS Riven did not have any extra next-level visuals, just blue animation-recolor and it is still hella valuable skin. coz only limited amout of players actually onw it. {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:39}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:11}} {{champion:92}}
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: I get it. Basically what you're saying is that we are below average players, who gimp ourselves by playing together, instead of solo.
you said you spent months in normal games after you got to lvl 30 and you jumped on rankeds. All we can advise is to spend some month playing those rankeds and you will see against whom you´re playing and what are your chances.
Doomley (EUW)
: >Riot, your matchmaking system must have been coded by a monkey When it comes to ranked, Riot has probably the best matchmaking from all team based multiplayer games. It gets a lot better after you have played games so that the system will have a better picture of your skill. >How is it possible that 2 unranked players going duo are constantly placed at odds? Because that is how the system works. Duo has an inherent advantage with superior communication which needs to be balanced out by making the enemy team's individuals better. > keeping unranked players away from silver players... Low silver is the average of all ranked league players. And just for the record, silver is not a good elo. It's not surprising to find less skilled players from there. You can't throw new players too low because there might be a reasonable good player there with gold level skills so putting him in bronze would just destroy the matchmaking there. The new players have to be placed somewhere and the best place to put them is silver. It is the average after all and it's simply the best starting rank option.
> [{quoted}](name=Doomley,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lBsvdrws,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-21T13:40:38.810+0000) > > When it comes to ranked, Riot has probably the best matchmaking from all team based multiplayer games. It gets a lot better after you have played games so that the system will have a better picture of your skill. by that you mean that i regularly face plat 3, plat 5, plat 5 gold 1 enemy, while my team is 4x gold 5 and silver 3!?! :-D
Daeidreath (EUNE)
: there are 4 other players in your team and 5 in enemy judged by simple math there is higher chance of there being bad player in enemy team than in yours, provided you are good keep in mind that statistics require more than a few games so there is still room for bad luck but if you play enough you will see how it works
y all the people keep telling the story about 4 players in one´s own team and 5 on the enemy team. Statistics is about the PROBABILITY, not about reality. just saying.
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: > Here you go, that's called kiting, if you are mage you missed your spells for him to get in your range. If you are adc, its YOUR FAULT you are hugging him. And no I haven't been 1 shot by Garen. I would do that if I was bronze and would be running 0 armor runes, playing an adc, without kiting him, with 2 items less than him, and decided to 1v1 him then yes.
nice play man. but you play an antitank champ? was it 5-6 hits to kill full HP Nautilus? Was it Vayne who doesnt suffer from Silence except for E? I got your point. I know whats kiting for but.. you stil u dont do this 100% of plays. + your damage looked like you were prettx fed!?
: if you have issues dealing with tanks/juggernauts play {{champion:67}}. No champion can 1v1 her(though adc's are not supposed to 1v1) unless its a burst dmg from a mage or an assassin, she kites every one else so hard. tank/juggernauts are supposed to be front line so they can soak dmg. Their DPS isn't high but their damage over time may be high because your top laner/jungler decided to feed them, so now it takes too damn long to kill them. You are mixing DPS and Damage. TLDR: Tanks/Juggernauts are suppose to do damage over longer period of time but they aren't supposed to have high damage per second, that is the responsibility of an adc. That is how some times you see in a losing game your top laner doing more damage than your adc(top laner blaming adc for loss), but in actuality adc must have been dieing before his output dmg, resulting in low dmg in-total, or enemy team not focusing the tank resulting him living longer and doing more dmg.
> [{quoted}](name=Batman or Joker,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=j9xhiAA7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-08-25T05:10:19.524+0000) > > TLDR: Tanks/Juggernauts are suppose to do damage over longer period of time but they aren't supposed to have high damage per Have you ever got oneshot by garen with BC+4tank items? Coz its true reality, which doesnt conform to your ´damage over time´ concept. And pls, do not answer such as ´can only happen in bronze´ ..
Leptyx (EUW)
: Never saw a single bot in like 2 years, maybe your account is flagged as "let's put him with bots" lol
I was getting my 2nd acc to lvl30. Man i played 20 Twisted Treeling games and there was at least 1 bot in each team every single game.
: btw, Championship Riven is getting visually reworked (particles), PLUS original CS Riven owners have a very unique and "in-your-face" border during the loading screen.
the awesome CH Riven particles ´updated´ to some bullshait Q effects which look like spilled purple/blue liquid instead of the ground being broken showing the blue lava from the splashart, ugly W effect which distorts the visual input even more than that of Arcade skin .. not even mentioning the trololo 2R recolour, which was then CH Riven ultimate trademark. I will probably download the Wooxy and use the old CH Riven custom skin.. what more to say.. Goodbye nicely looking old CH Riven {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{champion:92}}
BeASporTm8 (EUNE)
: Redeemed Riven Skin
Last week, I opened the Box and found there the Rare Gem. Unfortunately, I didnt click on ´Add to Loot´, I only left the Hextech interface .. and guess what .. Rare Gem is nowhere. Seems like a bug.
whomp45 (EUW)
: Unfair matchmaking (ranked/normal)
As a solo player in Gold4, my teams mostly consist of G5/G4 sometimes G3/G2 and I regularly play against G2/G1 teams. Yesterday, it was 2x P5 + 2X G1 and G2 players while my team was G4/G3 players. Doesnt seem objective though. Why do I need to beat G1/G2 or even Plat players to earn LP getting me to G3 promos..? As a G4 .. Im fine with getting matched with G2/G3 .. and when I beat them, I belong to them .. legit. But wtf i earn 25 LP for beting Plat5 players .. why dont i jump divisions after beating such players. Just a short note . .the case of being matched with P5 players is pretty consistent. Not 1 game out of 10.
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: Lag Spikes 28-999 MS. (HELP!)
yesterday, I experienced very strange ping increase .. i have constant 25ms, rarely 32ms ..but yesterday it randomly jumped to 150+ .. also got 3x attempting to recconect (which cost me the game btw) ..while the internet was working properly.. {{champion:92}}
: Yet you're playing on EUNE which high diamond is like plat 5 on EUW.
cannot wait for the comment stating that EUNE plat is bronze 5 on EUW.. What is EUNE Challenger then? How come EUNE Nervarien plays so damn well..or how come Polish Jankos plays in an established pro-team?? Yes I was of the same opinion once..but I play on both servers for 2 cannot say EUNE dia2 is EUW plat5 .. lol .. I got to G2 from G5 on EUW in 3 days (yes, it took me 3 days since I wasnt playing non-stop, hyped on some chemical juice) come I could get there if I was only low plat on EUNE..??? pls, just dont tell me I was lucky..
: The " It's you, not your teams" quote
4 months ago, I made a statistics of my ranked games. Results? In 100 ranked games, on average, my botlane duo had 6-7 kills less than the enemy botlane while having 11-12 more deaths than the enemy bot duo. ´Git gud´ somehow did not wok eventhough I stomped my lane opponent in 64% of those games. {{champion:103}}
: > Seems to me like current punishments do not hit that hard The minimum punishment for intentionally feeding / griefing is a 14day ban.
is there a statistics of how succesful is the system in banning such players? I play really a plenty of games and in 75/80% of them, there is a person who deserves the report (either in my or enemy team). Very rarely do I get the notification that the player I reported was punished.
k1ler4eto (EUNE)
: No, i mean this is the answer. Get good. If you do well enough in your lane since the start of the game it will boost your team's morale and in most of cases they will not be inclined into trolling. Not always, ofc, but most of times it is like that since below high plat people are unstable. First 5 minutes can decide the outcome of the whole game sometimes
They do not necessarily troll, they just threaten you with the power in their hands to lose you the game whatever you do. I am sorry if I described such players as ´direct trolls´. Lets say they play kind of legitimately well, they just are not as lucky as they they want to be (in the right time at the right place). They do not play totally badly but you somehow feel sth is not 100% .. you try to give an advice, support them, rise the morale and BOOOOM .. ´shut up or I troll´ .. it puts YOU into the corner. .. that is endangering the games by its nature .. I am not sure if I made myself clear enough.
: > there is no appropriate category Griefing? > Could there be a solution of getting such players into low priority matchmaking Why not just ban them? Players who sabotage the game intentionally have no place in this community.
I agree with banning them. But there firstly need to be the mechanism allowing to do so. If griefing report can fulfill the job .. when I started with LoL back in season3, my acc got banned for 24 hours for leaving 8-10 times in 1 week (30-40 games). Seems to me like current punishments do not hit that hard .. or the human element of tribunal is missing.
: > the amount of the behaviour of our interest should rapidly reduce with higher MMR Not really relevant for this discussion, but: It doesn't. Toxic behavior is equally spread over all leagues.
then the previous comment has no value: getting good does not reduce the behaviour of our interest. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
k1ler4eto (EUNE)
: There is a solution for you, if you played for 3 years and you peaked only to low plat. _**Get good**_
Thx for your comment, but it is not focusing the topic. I am not going into details why I have not climbed higher, yet. I do mistakes and have many areas to improve in to get good. That is right + the amount of the behaviour of our interest should rapidly reduce with higher MMR, I agree. But we surely talk about the 60% of playerbase + lower, but still, presence of such behaviour in other 25-30% of playerbase experience. 100% of population cannot climb to Challenger, thats the law of normal distribution. I belong where I am, coz there are better than me. But that does not mean the players deserve to experience such a bad behaviour, just because they belong where they are. Competitive mode of ranked games should reflect the skill and consistency in the skill presented, not behavioral flaws.
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: Who to watch to learn
phy lol has tons of educational videos on YT .. mostly about adc, but many of it applies to any role (cs, trades, lane manipulation, positioning)
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: Check out the support website, they have walkthroughs and ways to help
: Those crashes have reasons, ask the riot support for help with sending them logs which contain imformation about the crash. instead complaining in forums
what log? LoL screen completely froze.. couldnt even cose it or minimize..
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