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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: What this guy said plus something I'like to add. who ever flames you do not answer to him mute him ! and also report him after game for him to typing such a useless words to you it means 1st that he has close to no understanding of the game. secondly he has nothing important to say about the game . and 3rd why care about what an asshole has to say . mute and report best action possible. oh and dont become toxic your self mind your own game even if you start to see mistakes
I've never been toxic to anyone since occasionally I get teammates who don't talk. But i won't deny that sometimes I think I know I'm not playing properly and need more practice, but having not played as well as they others, my teammate(s) - mostly the jungler - stops helping me :/
Encrux (EUW)
: going into a 2vs3 is always the wrong decision. Even if you can outplay them - you are never forced to go for a play like that to win games. Getting caught obviously is bad - but dying helping someone who got caught is **a lot** worse. Obviously, there are rare occassions where it's okay to help, but since OP is level 26, going for the safe play should be the highest priority.
I had a gameplay where Jax was fed and had fizz with him and they catch our jungler (Hericam) I was mid (Heimer) and came to help, stunned them but my jungler still died. He then pinged me and said that 'i didn't help so he's not ganking for me'. I was a bit confused on what I did wrong. I think helped, but then he died?! He even ganked mid fizz under the turret, I stunned fizz, Hericam did a lot of damage but then he died and blamed me again. Until now, i'm abit confused on what I did wrong x'D
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: league of legends is not about aram. aram is not entirely but kinda dependent on you luck i champ select with the random champs and team compositions. what really matters is summoner's rift, that's what the game is all about.
I see. Mostly played Arams because it's a quick game. Maybe should try to be more challenging and stick to summoners rift :D
: yeah aram doesn't count it's totally random ~pretty much~ if you'll win. if you're losing a lot on summoner's rift however, it's not always due to bad teams sure there will be one or two out of the 10 losses you'll get that you just have a troll and they don't but you need to look at your game play and more importantly your map play. i see silvers all the time complain, but they play mid lane leblanc and lose, simply; they got fed in the mid lane and didn't use that gold to kill the other lanes, take dragons, kill towers or counter jungle. "pressure" - pushing the minions or ganking a lane so you can roam to another lane/ take objectives "vision" - where is the enemy jungler? there isn't a person in the game that isn't thinking this "objectives" - what objectives can I take and what do i need to do to make sure i get it? "opportunity" - the enemy adc and jungler are botlane? let's take baron/ force a 3v5 (some higher level tips I guess) you have to force the enemy lanes to lose too. even if it's only a dragon or first tower. best of luck :) i hope this helps anyone.
Wow, I'll try remembering this! Thank you for the tip. I'll probably start playing more summoners rift than arams then. Hopefully I'll improve :)
: aram doesnt really count tbh. no one really cares about winning or losing in aram XD and if u want to get better at the game just pick a role you're comfortable with and try to play that role only. the idea is to have a main role where u can play a lot of champs really well and then 1 or 2 champions you do well with in other roles.
Thanks for the tip! So i shouldnt really care as much on getting defeats in arams? I just hate seeing all the reds on my match history. Makes me feel Im a bad player x"D
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Kjelldor (EUW)
: If this isn't a help or support question, why did you post it in this category? That just makes people misunderstand your post and honestly it wastes people's time.
Because it didn't give me an option to post things on gameplay etc. Only Help and Support and New Players advice.{{champion:32}} I think it's bc I'm only lvl 10.
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Colsh (EUW)
: They are probably level bots, people put bots on accounts to level them up and it's usually done in aram games.
Ahh, ok. That explains it. Thank you !
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Aww. Ok then, nevermind. Thanks! :)
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