SepharU (EUNE)
: Want to become a psychiatrist?
i've been playing for 5 years and i am one of the patients now.
1m4z3 (EUW)
: You didn't read the blog post, they said event modes are cool but they didn't see it attracting enough players to make them anymore. As for URF i never said it was about winning the game, i said it is pointless without an objective and the lack of goal for which players can work towards it's just sandbox with sped up key smashing.
and that is wat makes urf fun my favorite gamemode
: Dunkmaster Ivern
this is the best skin riot could gave given him git gud
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: So why Dunkmaster Ivern?
Gόld (EUW)
: Is ARURF Pay2Win Now ?
you might have a higher chance to get op champ but at the same time u have a higherchance at getting soraka or some random support
Prophecy (EUW)
: Help me please
dont use the chat
: Everyone who says EZ in every game should get 3 days Chat Restriction
thats just stupid its just a little bit of fun if u cant take that little bit of disrespect in game why are u even on the internet its not like they are saying any thing actually offensive
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Yeah exactly, I would even prefer them to roll it back, even thought I have nothing to do for it. I feel so sorry fot hte people who actually spent money on this game...
why would u feel sorry for people that spent the money on the game for cosmetics they are not forced to do it they choose if they want to or not to pay for skins as they are not important to the actual game
Rioter Comments
N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
get disrespected and git gud
TheRobator (EUNE)
: [ANIMATION] 3 types of ANNOYING people you will meet in League of Legends
Rioter Comments
: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
Somewhere in January: Teemos (me) a good boi on euw been in bronze 5 for the 4 years i have been playing league. But then 14/01/18 i remember it as if it was yesterday the day i got out of bronze 5 and into bronze 4 but that was not the end not even close to it i was bloodthirsty on victory. Sadly i was left by a friend who helped me to win in bronze he decided it was time to part with the game. But i wasn't done not yet i couldn't give up. I climbed the peaks of bronze meeting afk to trolls but i got past them. **AS I GRASPED ON BRONZE 3 I WAS ALREADY STARING DOWN BRONZE 2** In no time i had it finally bronze 1. But the real challenge came now **_promo games_** i am yet to complete them. Im on 2 wins 1 loss but it dosent matter whether i win or lose what matters is the learning experience. But remember if u ever think u hit your limit remember your treacherous journey stop typing and win you godamn game. - Sincerely A Bronzie
72 VirJhins (EUNE)
: <100 fps causes the game to feel like 30 fps + input lag
hmm it feels fine for me i normally have 80 to 120 fps
: How long are you going to ignore the worlds mission bugs?
atleast the pass gives tokens everytime u get a good grade ooga booga dont need missions if u have no life
Naranjo1 (EUNE)
: Make control wards reveal INVISIBLE units
im a teemo main and this post is very teemocist to me i have enough trouble when someone buys a red ward and atleast 1 person on the enemy team has an ability to shoot at me or knock my shit up
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Too many Alter Pings - a way for anger expression
no people are blind sometimes 1 ping per 10 sec would be bad
: Block the troll pick
nothings a troll pick as long as they can play the champ well they can prolly win on a lane
: New Mage Item Concept: Arcane Scope
imagine how much more i could bully people as teemo max q
Ton4oto (EUW)
: Not sure if this is a bug..
u just went super saiyan its normal
: The game is great, people are not.
i like ur name reminds me of mine
: tobias fate? the low plat gangplank main? who actually got banned once
kovaSLO69 (EUW)
: Are you somewhat special or what? There is a lot of people that play on both servers, me included. Perkz, Jankos, Wunder were all on eune I believe or atleast they are still playing there sometimes. You wanna call them "eune scrubs"? Also there is no difference between those servers until D1. You are either being sarcastic or have an IQ of <50 {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
eune scrubs eune scrubs yall dont get it a joke
i have this with the new akali i only had lvl 6 on akali coz she one hit everyone not anymore tho sad
: Skin Concept Dark Star Nunu
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Merge the servers EUNE with EUW?
no i dont want thos eune scrubs here it goes like this korea > euw > na > eune the other servers are just somewhere
VortexV9 (EUNE)
: Emotes
rito no want u get free oe
HookedOnLsD (EUNE)
: Zac Skin Concept art
: I cannot even force myself to play.
every season this game changes so much it can be a diff game so just wait for now go play minecraft or something
IuStrenght (EUNE)
: Honor Level 1. Is there a chance to get honor level 2 in one month?
: Keep up the good work!
my soul has left me
: Youtubers icons available(links)
None of these people are relevant wtf riot why not pick someone like tobias fate
Eltormodo (EUNE)
: Why does the reworked Akali have a backpack/pouch?
we cant see the ass coz of the pouch
: Add a "place a ward here" ping?
i just spam missing pings into a bush
: Soo Riot good job on Akali rework *cough cough*
i dont like the new akali looks weak
: Disable Chat
you see now i use chat strategically i talk with the enemy team and befriend them this makes them drop their guard and i am able to unleash my full power to rip them a new universe
Adjust91 (EUW)
: Seriously need help getting out of bronze
alright heres wat ur gonna do play mundo and only mundo spirit visage first ignore all other lanes until u can dominate ur top by that i mean *slap* *slap* *SLAP* then go to ur other lanes and 1 hit their adc with ur e
which one is butcher i only see a gangbang
: WTF is Riot smoking?!
if riot disabled every 'op' champ noone would play arurf since it would just be boring
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Too many people climbing with luck is not funny riot..
What about we give them all dragon buffs with elder drake, blue, red buff and baron buff and make it so it never ends. Also give them all the buffing potions {{item:2140}} {{item:2139}} {{item:2138}}
: yasuo
i dont get it
Rhearbail (EUW)
: Where is my Buddy to climb the ladder? :)
How does a bronze 3 with - 3 lp sound
TwîsT (EUW)
: Name changer need help for name
: I wonder...
Wat if i wanna write bout to %%%% them up when im going in and it would pop up and make me die
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Is Riot's ban system working?
People who troll and intentionally feed dont get banned as much as before. But if u even say %%% as a joke u might get banned straight away
ninjawi (EUW)
: i'm waiting for a new champion, when !
preety sure they release one every 3 months
: Udyr visual update
Just get spirit guard udyr and forget about wat he looked like. but have u seen blitzcranks feet he needs a visual update
: Hashinshin is the Best
Why yall flaming on the super top lane hashinshin is the best
: every aram game these days
the only thing i get in every aram game are bots
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