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Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Just tell your team, you are very bad at that role :D THey will either dodge, or you can swap with someone :D
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: >Thabestofall: ff 15 That count as being negative. >Thabestofall: 9x times janna int and she's following me into the jungle and taking my camps That count as a threat, why calling for reports is a threat you may ask ? Because 9 reports in a match is worth 1 report, so if you want to report a player do it yourself. So that's against the TOU: > 5.1. Can I troll, flame, threaten or harass people while using the Riot Services? (No. If you do, you might get banned.) Alright next. >Thabestofall: look at her Thabestofall: LOOK AT JANNA Thabestofall: can we open and not waste time? Thabestofall: can Thabestofall: we Thabestofall: open Thabestofall: LEAVE Thabestofall: can we please freaking open That's a very negative attitude. >Thabestofall: dont forget to 9x janna int and troll Another threat. >Thabestofall: why dont you go back to school and find an english teacher before you go online That's not a very positive attitude. So overall you have threatened a player by calling for reports and you had a very very negative attitude so in my book you deserve it. Here's the TOU: Here's the summoner code:
is asking people to call the police a threat to the criminal? no, asking to report someone who is legit doing something they shouldnt is not a threat. now asking to report someone just because they had a bad game and you didnt liked them is. also some of yall spam ping and say you're not toxic because you didnt type, should get ping restricted XD
Fajerk (EUW)
: There is actually a lot of people who care about it, still. And even more will once it works. The problem is, Riot dig up such a hole, that if they do not make clash work, league will probably be over. Just straight up not even kidding now. There is insane amount of dev time devoted to the game mode and underlying game systems and applications. There is shit ton of people waiting for it and they will likely quit the game completely if it does not happen. At this point Riot cannot afford to not make clash work, or league will be done.
thats some bullcrab you just said man, league will not die if crash doesnt work again, but it wont make players that quit comeback, and thats what they want with clash. i know so many people that wanted to play clash that had quit and came back for a while before and after but still quitted. people also said that overwatch was going to kill league and then fortnite and now you hear overwatch in 2018 memes and fortnite isnt most of the time the most popular game on twich (atleast when i check its rarely)
: Broken client
hey atleast you have people to talk to, i only have a reconect button {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Stuck in champion select (TT)
same, stuck in game after it ended, smh every month euw servers have a stroke :/ hope saturday it doesnt become clash crash again {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}


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