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: I urge that a rioter sees what you are saying. I definetly do NOT wish you to get banned because mostly ,you are an understandable person. But I sure want them to see ,to see that you admit at what I am saying. I really want the people to see that when you have one,two ,three and so on games with trollers in your team,there is no way you could NOT be toxic. Everyone has a bad game. Everyone has a rought time. But hell ,why is it that every time someone has a "bad game" ,he must completely ignore us (the team) ,provoke us with actions (doesn't matter if muted or not) and at the end of all. I am the one being punished.
Keeping your cool in a game is just creating an illusion for yourself that you are supporting good behaviour, while toxicity will grow and always exist, except if Riot will stop ignoring the problem.
Sianyze (EUW)
: And here you are. A prime example of what I mean. Because I cannot report you for trolling. You can troll and not feed/afk ,then how do I report you ? But hey ,you can report me for saying things like "f*c* o*f". Isn't that cute ? Overall ,you can ruin as many games as you want ,while I cannot type anything without the possibility of you reporting me because I said something you did not like. How lovely :)
That's what I mean man. I have been so frustrated because of trollers, because you simply cannot report them. Trolling is just griefing in a non-reportable way, because you can troll in such way that the IFS can't detect it. That's why I am trolling myself to inspire people to do so as well so that Riot will finally work on their ban system.
Sianyze (EUW)
: Purpose of the game
Lately I have been trolling in aram games, because I feel like staying positive for 2 years now hasn't changed anything. Toxicity in league got worse and all we get is unbalanced matchmaking. To say thank you to Rito, I am trolling myself now :D (in aram games only, because I want to see people flame and that's when I can report them)
: 1000th win with a Rioter?
Then I hope you wouldn't get Phreak as your teammate, because then you have at least 1 teammate that has no mana :')
Rismosch (EUW)
: lmao People get butthurt over a simple "gg ez" and even though they have the tools to ingore it, they rather choose not to use it and get offended by it? What is this logic? If you can't handle it, why don't you do something about it? Look at me for a prime example. I have /all-chat disabled for half a year now. And since then my enjoyment of this game drasticly improved. People use chat only for flaming and taunting, they don't use it for anything else. So why keep it? Why keep the most toxic hazard thing in this game? But go ahead, disagree with me, downvote me. In the end I will have more fun with this game than you will ever have, since I don't get offended by shit the enemy said like you.
Well, then keep saying gg ez and let's see when you come back to the boards to cry about your punishment :')
: Morgana needs hotfix ASAP
NVM guys, this just showed up in a pbe update: 12/7 Mid Patch Update A mid-patch update was pushed for Morgana: "12/7/2017 Balance Update Morgana Morgana's overall durability in teamfights is just too high, thanks to the massive heal she's getting from her ultimate. HEALTH GROWTH STAT 98 ⇒ 90 STILL DEFINITELY NOT SPELL VAMP Damage to heal conversion ratio adjusted from 15/20/25/30/35/40% (at levels 1/4/7/10/13/16) ⇒ 20% (at all levels) LESS TORMENT W - Tormented Soil cooldown increased from 10 ⇒ 12"
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: It is only at above platinum division. In rest her win rate is lower than Malzahar and others. So the explanation of her high win rate could be not enough people played her until now. Changes to Morgana were not that big, to make her number one champion at midlane. If you would look closer, her play percentage is only 2.88. Where Malzahar has a 5.72% and 53.68% win ratio, Xerath 5.49% and 54.55% WR, Katarina 9.10% and 52.80% WR. And this is only at above platinum. Taking into an account all divisions, her win rate can't be that high.
Malz got hit pretty hard because his ult got completely nerfed. Sona is getting nerf after nerf and now even ardent censer is planned to be nerfed as well. Morg has 60% winrate and yeah that's day 1, so imagine if more Morgana players/mains start to play her mid....
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: As long as you avoid using chat and blatantly trolling/inting it should go up pretty fast.
Well as I stated, my main account I never abused the chat for flaming, but still lvl 2 there xD
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