vladiq (EUW)
Meh Idk You started Really well But after a while it gets kindoff boring maybe smaller montages also add smalers streamer into it because Your using some alot and you get it after once also their comunitys wil llikely follow you If they find it :D
Saibbo (EUW)
: If it get buffered no, like for the W - rocket jump of tristana.
Smerk (EUW)
: It's not a bug, the only way to stop Ez from ulting is to kill him
Okey Thank you For saying it <3 at least i learned something :D
: Ez ulti has a cast animation. Cast animations aren't channels. You can only cancel Ezreal ult by killing him.
Okey Thanks For telling me <3
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LazySlav (EUNE)
: chat room in alpha client
i have the same question actually
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. It's pretty simple, and you don't need a list: > No software should interfere directly with the in-game player experience between when you press “Play” and the end of game screen. If the software interferes directly with the in-game player experience between pressing "Play" and the end of game screen: Don't use it. Riot is also not able to provide a list of what tools are ok to use, and which ones are not, simply because a tool may be ok today, but update tomorrow adding a feature that makes it not ok tomorrow.
yes but aparently its not clear eneigh for most ofthe players that are getting banned for it :/
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: I have another Problem with Patch 6.9! Why do you make Veigar so op, that you literally can't win against him, if the player who plays Veigar has no Disconnect. Why do you always make a few champs so op, just because they haven't been played really???
veigar has just more burst and he needed it normally if you just get a QSS you should still be able to win or otherwise get a champ like zed lb or fizz you will do just fine against them :)
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: Kindred was actually jhin in their early stages, http://lol.esportspedia.com/w/images/e/e3/Jhin_concept_13.jpg, this became high noon jhin. It's not officially but it is very possible. Kindred's lore: "He took an axe and split himself in to", this is actually kindred in their early stages https://youtu.be/iGDqKpdde7U
here is an other one about it. And yes its really intressting more of this stuff would be awsome! and its also really cool riot is putting more and more efforts to dessign characters. :) {{champion:203}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:267}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPCMGDcr_E
: He? I'm pretty sure not all the champs are male. I know you're still learning English so try using 'They', 'Them' and 'Their' when referring to a mixed group or someone who's gender you're not sure of :) I also really like looking at character designs and sketches, helps me as an artist and character designer.
Allright ill try to correct it as soon as I get home
Riot Lyte (EUW)
: Hrm, after looking at your account again, are you sharing your account with someone? Language, playstyles, performance are quite different in games. Account sharing is a bannable offense :\ Also, you're creating a worse experience for your friend because you're getting tagged as a smurf and that's why you're being matched against other smurfs.
Hello Lyte could you just inform me is it possible to know when your getting tagged as a smurf ? And is it possible to inform Riot witch one of your acc is ure main and witch is ure smurf. cause if these get messed up it really seems anoying. Anyway thanks for the help and sry for my bad englisch {{champion:267}}
: >Deer regards http://gfp.sd.gov/hunting/big-game/images/deer1-01.jpg Also i agree
Allright its pretty funny so I won't take out that mistake :)
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Àvalon (EUW)
: I see, good luck with your art. :)
thanks man i wish you a good life ^^
Àvalon (EUW)
: I understand, and i apologize for not being much of use. :/
hey you don't have to apologize :) i really enjoyed the video :p thanks
Àvalon (EUW)
: Hey theoempire, Sorry to say, but I do not seem to find a video of them showing us how they paint step by step (would be nice if someone did), although I could find this for you! http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/media/art/artwork/ & this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs1yD8m2fvE Hope this will help with your interest in art! I wish you the best of luck. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hey ty y it helped me but it even makes me more curious :p cause i really wanne see the evolution in the sketches that are drawned :) thanks alot tho{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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