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: Login issue
Server maintenance You'll see the blue "!" above ___ {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Arikitoka (EUW)
: FPS Reduced very Hard without a Reason
Not sure if this will help but check these out: ___ ___ ___ thetalkingfish {{champion:267}}
Maleficio (EUW)
: Cant login ?
Small Indie Company BTW They should just shut down EU servers and save us all these headaches....
Fajerk (EUW)
: At this point I'm amazed how every week something else breaks.
Login broken too, shall we play LoL Bingo and see who wins?
Riot tmx (EUW)
: Thanks for the report. We're checking it at the moment.
Have noticed that ending LeagueClient.exe after logging out allows you to log back in (process does not shut down when you close client)
: chat not working
: i don't understand why people would play if they consistently have 200 ms though, as in ,that's both horrible for themselves and their team :I Thank god it's getting fixed soon
We try okay {{sticker:sg-soraka}} ___ It's more predictive gameplay than reactive, but this can be easily countered by someone with at least 10IQ. Landing skillshots make you feel proud ;)
: South Africa Needs Servers
RSA players could end up playing on Brazilian servers New article: ___ TL;DR SACS connects South Africa to South America through a 40Tbps fibre cable, resulting in decreased ping spikes from our servers to theirs - RSA players could potentially have between 60-90ms playing on Brazilian servers once they go live in September, 2018.
: > [{quoted}](name=thetalkingfish,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=0Zo5e9Bp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-10T14:53:30.086+0000) > > They estimate that ping to the US will be reduced as well > > Oh, the options {{item:3400}} i would prefer to talk to usa users over eu.
I /mute all so that is not a problem for me ^^ Pings can reveal enough for me to be a team player (imo)
: Sweeet, way over due as the cable to the usa has been hard loaded for way too long.
They estimate that ping to the US will be reduced as well Oh, the options {{item:3400}}
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: Yes it won't happen... On this rate... Riot will only do in the future if their game players are almost 0... Because more and more old players are leaving due to better games with better ms...
More players have moved on to games like Dota 2 (Has RSA server), Rocket league, CoD, CS-GO etc.... Tencent is a conglomerate after all, and the need to survive and grow all lies with one thing: MONEY! Third world countries are slightly shunned unfortunately (:
Ìxeas (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WolfstineDX,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Onf0VFei,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-08T12:33:25.807+0000) > > How do they know our playerbase if there are no surveys to ask such thing where we live? And political what political issues? If server is Egipt or Namibia our ms would increase and we will be able to play ranked and make our own team to participate in league of legends and increase the economic growth of league of legends. > > The other player or players know we good players and they are scared we might make our server the best. Someone actually quoted Riot's response on this topic in the discussion I linked, but you're too lazy to research and would rather circle jerk. You people should look at this from Riot's viewpoint, but I guess it's not something you're capable of.
I made a post a few months back about this and A Red Herring (Red User on Boards) had stated the following, after I have questioned RSA servers: "Tryndamere addressed this question on his AMA on his stream last night: Currently the opinion is that the player base in that region is just too small to support it. I know this sucks to hear :(" So don't think it will be happening anytime soon (or ever - in fact)
: South Africa Needs Servers
In case you never opened my post that I commented previously; A Red Herring (Red User on Boards) had stated the following, after I have questioned RSA servers: ___ "Tryndamere addressed this question on his AMA on his stream last night: Currently the opinion is that the player base in that region is just too small to support it. I know this sucks to hear :(" ___ So don't think it will be happening anytime soon (or ever - in fact) Edit:
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: Can you upload a replay or a video?
This is legit what you comment on each post :P
: Fizz can be knocked up by Blitzcrank while being untargetable
Similar thing happened to me, played a Blitz on ARAM -> targeted Akali before she went into shroud -> was able to knock her up even though she was invis (targeting was not lost). Working as intended?
: Something unexpected happende while trying to create your lobby
Didn't know that maintenance meant to fix problems affecting gameplay could actually create more problems affecting gameplay. GG Riot, monkeys throwing bananas at the server to try and fix the problem
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: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
EVERY single of one your comments are passive aggressive or plain outright aggressive. Chill out man
: >what message are you trying to convey with this assertion? (also no need to be so patronizing) just because your imagination is lacking, it doesn't mean everyone else has this problem >that you believe that an automated system to detect if a player is inting and not just playing bad is easy? i'm sure it isn't that doesn't mean it's your or my job to deduce what the system can and can't do based on **assumptions** >i said that it could be proof of inting, yes and my question is "how could it?"
: I tried my best, haha I used to have bad junglers against me, they just fall behind 10-15 mins later in the game. But these 2... they are just destroying my team out of position everytime, no matter how many camps I steal, how many ganks I do... Jeez they outplayed me so hard xD
Literally a joke statement bud! Haha! I did not mean any hostility :))) I see that Kindred had some pretty heavy pockets at the end of that second game 0_0
: New features aren't always there on the first day, same thing for the background on last patch, wait a few days ;)
lalalagirl (EUNE)
: Thanks for your opinion!
Doj (EUW)
: No offence but this reads like it was written by a 12 year old. Why does it have so many upvotes lol
Friends and friends of friends upvoting. Or logging into smurf accounts and upvoting. Agreed, should not have so many as it is quite grammatically inept.
: Demoted to gold 5, thanks Matchmaking System
: Pizza Delivery Sivir - Sneaky did it better BibleThump
Sneaky showed more cleavage and thigh gap :P Props to you though - you're gorgeous and pulled it off!
Mattheos (EUW)
Got tired of NB3's videos.... Too 'clickbaity' with his stupid titles ONE SHOT 10000 AP NAMI JUNGLE IS OP RIOT PLEASE DON'T BAN ME Please. Stop.
Rismosch (EUW)
: They change it? That's dissapointing, because I want champs more than skins, honestly...
They're supposed to be changing it, but have yet to see it change. Note that it's just for the Gemstone Hextech chest and not the normal ones you get from getting an S/missions
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: How to change back to the normal commentator?
There is an option in game that lets you disable the commentators
dilonisga (EUNE)
: Missing lol.launcher.exe and lol.launcher.admin.exe
Hey buddy! Apparently Wooxy does not work with the new client: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, As mentioned on the Service Status messaging we're looking into this issue on both EUNE and EUW. EUNE should be back to health right now we believe (please let us know if not, Ranked is still disabled while we confirm), and EUW is still under investigation.
: Game green online perfect Client green online perfect GJ RIOT !!!
Still says Game is online. Love Riot's definition of 'working'
: server down ..
"New Feature" = Catastrophic Server Failure
Le Pisos (EUW)
: cant login
Same here :( Edit: They know - check the red !!!!!
: euw server
Can't even log in :(
: As we speak in EUW none of the game modes work
TA Tosti (EUW)
: need help with fps problems
New LoL updates are bringing fps issues, not windows update. Many people experiencing new fps issues although no changes have been made to their hardware. Don't know wtf Riot is doing exactly......
Yeah Riot been fking up recently :(
: i'll promise i'll reform, just give me one last chance... please
You had plenty of chances to reform, sorry Summoner. Enjoy the break
Shiwah (EUW)
: In 2016 the playerbase was still too small anyway...
Yet RIot's reasoning was that we did not have the infrastructure to support a server at that time - leading to players not wanting to waste their time with 200ms and moved on. Catch 22
Shiwah (EUW)
: Just few days ago Riot addressed the issue. The answer is "the playerbase is too small to create a healthy server".
Do you have any particular source for this information? Have been trying to find it (even went on Tryndamere's twitch channel) and still could not find the actual address. Any info would be greatly appreciated (:
Shiwah (EUW)
: What Riot is saying is "Africans, if you want to have a local server, you should play LoL, not Dota".
And us Africans have cried for a server for years, most have moved on after Riot didn't care to acknowledge their player base pre-2016 (:
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=AZkJiTVN,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-05-11T16:39:37.019+0000) > > Those are not server related... The very reason why Riot doesn't make a local server, is because the African population would be too small to support decent queue times. so Africa, get some computers with dem internets is what Riot is saying
The ignorance is palpable
: OMG that terrible. if I were U I quit LOL instead of suffering like this ! the game should be entertainment after all
Shiwah (EUW)
: I don't think so, because ping depends on distance, and EUW or EUNE are the closest servers (EUNE is located in Frankfurt).
EUNE ping was over 400ms - EUW it is. Thanks!
Stennix (EUW)
: Why no S rank?
It also has to do with how supporting you were to your teammates - things like healing and shielding count towards your score when playing support. Everything else looks fine (KDA, CS) but I think your KP was a bit too low (around 50%).
better13 (EUNE)
: i have problem with boxes
Check and see if you never auto-unlocked an emote (as they immediately go to your collection after opening a chest)
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