Solash (EUW)
: Clearly you've reformed then
just wish i could get unbanned spent a lot of money and time on this account
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: Yeah they removed the warning and remodelled the punishments, now its 10game chat restrict>25 game chat restrict>14day ban>perma ban.
The only time i ever got chat restricted was in season 5 i think for 3 games
: Well, but that is how the system works. 14 day ban is your final warning. Any sort of misbehavior, even very slight will get you permanent ban after you had been temporarily banned once. After all, how many last chances can one give? There even is a warning about what will happen if you don't reform in the email about the 14 days ban. It's a shame that so few people bother to read it carefully...
: according to your match history, it'sd safe to assume your 2 week ban was a week ago. had you bothered to read the notification for the ban, you'd know that after the temp ban, ANY INSULT or proof or bad behaviour is plenty reason for a permaban oh? you didn't read it? well whose fault is that?:D
2 week ban was a weak ago... that's just... wow
: Hes a 5 year old player. Back when he started people were getting 1,7,14,21,30 day bans all the time so thats probably why hes wondering how he got perma "after only one temporary ban".
Yeah that used to happen, i remember if you flamed it came up with a little warning asking you not to do it but apparently that doesn't happen anymore they just ban you with no warning
Meitser (EUW)
: well uhh, why though?
Got angry one game because my top laner let their nasus free farm he had like 250 stacks at 0 mins and he kept dying mid, called him out for it
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Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Champs i wanna play on U.R.F
{{champion:55}} smash your face on the keyboard at lvl 3 to win
: Do you know excatly when?
No not even riot know when they are putting it online. if you look at the last sentence on paragraph 3 of the rotating game mode post they mention it.
: When is URF?
It is again. riot announced it will come out twice this year.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Ive got great ideas for 5.4 patch
So get rid of him being a jungler?
: New Game Mode Idea :D
Would be cool but hard to make like really hard
Ice8oy (EUNE)
: Script on Kattarina
You report him at the end of the game :/
C Dz Nuts (EUW)
: All champions and skins free to play and use for a day/ Return of ERF?
: New Gnar skin
What about Bruce Wayne turning into batman xDD
: Ranked match making kick
Thanks for the feedback was just thinking it would help but most people don't seem to like the idea sadly and i can understand why just thought it would be a good idea.{{item:3070}}
Farm=0 xD but looks cool maybe just as a gamemode doe not the real thing
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Geeeee (EUW)
: profil update in client
Looks good would like this in league nicely done m8
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luriCos (EUNE)
: So i cant go to the toilet any more during loading screens since i could miss important informations? Dislike!
XD true but maybe if you dont take so long and hope someone is playing on there phone xD


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