: The community is at its peak
> [{quoted}](name=hydraneder,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=U22ZxNn5,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-21T21:17:13.244+0000) > > So ive just been told to kill myself from 3 individuals, on 3 different games all in the same day, i doubt anyone can beat my record. You gotta pump up those numbers. Those are rookie numbers
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Zanador (EUNE)
: Or maybe, just maybe, don't pick full support Ivern jungle against full gank-oriented teams. Ivern is in a bad spot now and if you see the whole enemy team picking roamers and assassins (kass, lee, akali, zed, pantheon, twitch, kha, ahri, just to name a few from your matches today), you might want to consider either picking some weight and hard CC to protect your team or some damage of your own. Ivern basically has neither. Just consider the needs of your team a bit before you pick your champion. You don't seem to be maining neither jungle nor Ivern, so why did you start it in ranked when he is weak too?
I was first pick jungle and it happens to be that I like to play Ivern aswell and he still has potential to win games for you. I main ADC and jungle. Also, I dont think picking Ivern has something to do with my matchmaking, nor my team inting. I also play rammus and xin jungle who have lots of CC but that does not change the behaviour of my teammates. Also this is not a qq thread about unbalanced champions. It is about matchmaking not making sense. If i get an ADC that has 45 cs after 20+ minutes, it doesnt matter what jungler i play.
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SloopyHD (EUW)
: pls RAISE tempBAN for AFKing to 48h+
48 hours? Just ban them for a week if they do it 2 times. Still going afk? 2 weeks? Do it again? Perma bye
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