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: Been playing since season 1, from bronze player to diamond. But now i am done. This game sucks.
This Juggernaut meta is stupid as hell, u can play ANY champ on top with the 3 core op tank items and still win lane when u have them. For example i owned a tank kassa as riven on top in early, he had sunfire and i litteraly became useless and no i dont suck at the game. (Dia V currently) The game is less fun for me to play aswell, i like to actually deal dmg with my skills and the plays im able to pull off and not simply 3 items that make any champ strong. Edit: I want bruisers to actually be able to carry back and not just staying afk in a teamfight to win games :/
: If You Could Play Any Game For the First Time Again What Would You Pick?
: So in 6 years, you're still trying to argue that the system is broken? I've also played since season 1 and I'm mature enough to understand how the game works. You can win a lot and you can lose a lot. it's totally random. Why is it a surprise you can win 10 in a row, then you cry when you lose 10 in a row, you act like it's black magic and not possible.
im not trying to argue that the system is broken, just asking for tips
: I completely understand it, last week you was In promo to Diamond 3, every since **LAST WEEK **you've lost.... Like I said, you think the game has changed in 1 week.
i dont think so, just happened that way for me, i'm playing since season 1 btw
: Well you're either stupid, or a total moron to believe that the playerbase changes from week to week.
ok u dont understand my post, thats fine
: I gave you a helpful comment, you just didn't like it because it's true.
calling someone stupid isnt helpfull
: Why is it different this week, than last week? Oh, it's not. Stop being stupid.
i asked for helpfull comments not ur offensive shit
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Dragyen (EUNE)
: no it was fine until you hit it
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L Xpecial (EUNE)
: Spectating Live Matches
You can watch the Challengers play, go to top players and if right to their name is the eye, you can right click them and spectate. {{summoner:13}}
: Thoughts to the Community: Ranked needs its importance back, Player behavior affecting your LP.
They should make it the same way like it is in CS:GO, every time u leave or troll +4 reports of ur team obviously, banned from rankeds for 1h and so on... im sure there are people who will be banned for 1 week pretty fast.

top lane cringe

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