ThisManBaku (EUNE)
: Diana needs to be nerfed ASAP
hmm snydra works quite well against her. when she tries to R to you stun her away with E. I think akali might be fine too, when she comes into you use shroud.
ZED supp (EUNE)
: un nerf la ZED
damn your french is hard to read. i think he is from the maghreb
Ratatouka (EUW)
: why is the icon for alistar's q a penis?
i think its supposed to be a fist?
Sinking (EUW)
: Who's better to main? now with a poll!
kassadin has a terrible laning early... he has a long ramp uptime until he becomes good... same for vlad.... both champs are shitty
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: So Ekko is not getting nerfed, and got several buffs because he had a few skins on its way?
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Voltago (EUW)
: It's time for more bans in champ select
i agree we need more bans. there are so many broken champions out there right now. You cant ban all of them.
: I think it is time to fix Lee Sin
Lee Sin is one of the only fun junglers left in this game. Change him, kill jungler
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Majordx (EUW)
: Cant log in to euwest!
its happening to everyone coz riot is sabotaging eu to get more money from paychecks
: Can't wait for that blue essence compensation for not being able to play for 2 days during event.
yea dude they get seth like now and we dont get shit because RIOT HATES EU. they once said it too that phreak dislikes eu because they beat na during worlds
Kkumee (EUW)
: How do I improve as a bronze player ?
you dont necessarily have to gank your lanes. bronze is more about getting fed and being able to end the game quickly. if people are playing super defensive and you cant get ganks off start counter jungling. set up vision in the enemy jungle and go hunt. Only if you have a stronger jungler obviously. If you are fed keep pushing your advantage by taking turrets one by one and drakes. Do not let the enemy team get to late game where everyone is maxed out and one team fight decides the game. Know how to push your advantage to end the game quickly is my advice.
dude server broken for the third time this week!!!! WTF RIOT report
: Who counters Ahri?
i wouldnt say ahri has a real counter. she has very strong laning. has a cc, 3 dashes with her R and a heal from passive. shes my go to mid laner because she has a very solid kit.
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: Bot lane relevance is sad and boring
couldnt agree more. im a top laner now
: What is going on with autofill?
idk the whole game is %%%%%%ed atm. you dont get drake you lose game. how stupid is this game now lol
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PurpleOrk (EUW)
: The automated system wouldn't pick this, so you'd have to report it through support ticket. Support will send you an automated message saying you better report in-client. If you insist, a rioter will copy-paste a response saying it's better to report in-client, so they can check easier. They may also tell you they'll take a look. From thousands of games experience, and a couple dozen serious griefing and trolling cases reported through ticket and supposedly checked personally by human... nothing will happen. The troll will continue to play unhindered, and you will have lost your time.
thats great to know. im gonna do the same now lol
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: ADC is funny role
agree. adc are utter trash right now. i mean even heimerdinger bot is a thing now wtf!!!
Getcuxcd (EUW)
: TFT quest "Spend 25 gold in one turn"
which mission is it? im only getting missions for league
: Also tanks scaling too well without conq true dmg to cut em down. Bot lane is do or die. If you dont ban Leona or Naut or pick you're pretty much f'ed. Because if these 2 land a hook or sword on you, you can say goodbye. Their mana costs are absurd aswell. Having almost no mana cost in their abilities so they can spam them later. Also engage ranges are stupid. Jungler falls behind because of early mistake, no catch up bonus to get back in game. its so much fun "ganking" enemy laner, when 3lvls behind in xp. Top lane was infested with mages recently thankfully conq change made it abit easier for other than mages at top. Bruiser items costing 300-600gold more with less scaling than other classes have. I can go full armor {{champion:33}} and deal most damage in team, which is stupid. Same goes with {{champion:32}}, {{champion:36}}, {{champion:516}} and {{champion:2}}. I dont know what is up with the matchmaking aswell. Feels weird having unrankeds and bronze players in gold tier, feeding enemy team to oblivion and ragequit later, had this happend in 6 gamest past 2 days. And yeah the champs with dashes still are able to run away from example champs like {{champion:77}} which runs aproxx at 500MS at you while ghosting minions, but still cant catchup with the absurd amount of dashes and peeling ingame. As Udyr main since s4, ive quit jungling during preseason completely because of the dumb meta junglers just being over the top. Ive swapped into abusing Tristana in midlane, because I dont want to be bothered sharing exp with supports anymore, Trist can manage on her own with W and R to escape any gank easilly and Crazy all ins early.
good summary of why this game is trash
: League's just %%%%ing broken and unfun.
i feel you bro. i started playing end of s3 and was all about that esports. gambit gaming alex ich and all that. coming back to this game this winter, I have to say it turned into a gigantic one shit show. games experience went to shiiiiiiiit balance wise. kinda similar to what happened to world of warcraft. riot trying to reinvent this game every season is hard because its already the 10th iteration of the game.
: Why do people refer to Ezreal so much in games?
means easy. thats considered toxic afaik so dont do that Xd
Kpuc (EUW)
: rip euw
i cant even login its so bugged omg im gonna %%% I WANT TO PLAY LEAGUE GIVE ME RANKED
the client is so fkn broken, so fkn sad
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Roomys (EUW)
: Crazy Matchmaking
yea matchmaking is trash right now. i cant remember when i had a fun equal game in league.
: I remember a time when supports were supports
it makes people wanna play support more at least. but at the same time makes less people wanna play adc lol
: League is trying to get back on track
no. league is not getting back on track. matchmaking is completely broken and constantly leads to awful games. I cant remember when I had a close fun game the last time in league... Its always someone feeds hard and game is done. Bronze Mids against Plat Mids because matchmaking considers average tier level
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: Why can't riot display owned skins right by the default skin intead of off the screen?
another thing would be to actually see skin animations in the client. so you dont ahve to go on youtube to see the animations.....
: Qiyanas balanced but other assassins outperform her, my suggestion in fixing her.
i tihnk the easiest way to would be to rework her ult. since this is the biggest problem. it depends on positioning of the ENEMY.
Gashru1 (EUW)
: Pantheon
pantheon was fine, idk why teh changed him
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: League of broken mm if you are not premade or not boosting ur friend then get out!
0 Fay 0 (EUW)
: Rip Sylas 2019 - 2019
sylas is strong as fok i welcome the nerf.
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Zmizzz (EUNE)
: Ekko ultimate
thats why i permaban ekko. hes broken as shit
: singed is actually useless
well his kit is what it is. singed always has trouble farming in lane because he has to walk into the minions.... so yea thats the biggest problem with singed imo, his laning is horrible.
Devain (EUNE)
they should make a tentacle anime skin
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Spolchen (EUW)
: [Yasou vs Ornn] Yasou can destroy Ornn's Ult with his Windshield
ˆXùˇ (EUW)
: idk
i think its sett champ shard
: A champ that could repair turrets would be cool
i think we need to remove half the champions is better
: Qiyana need some buffs
her ult is %%%%%%ed. its hard to land it becuse it actaullly depends on the positioning of the ennemy team... so if the enemy is not %%%%%%ed your ult will be practically useless. this is what gimps her imo. her ult can work really well in ganking scenarios as a jungler but not in teamfights.
: Tanks and mages
well leona is just absurd. if she catches u in lane you are practically dead most of the time. they need to get away from this stupid exploding someone meta... seriously its not fun to be blown up constantly as an adc.
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