Inspîre (EUW)
: Tryhard Rank P3+ LF mostly Support, but can be other lanes..
Syranja (EUW)
: Adc Plat female
if only i was a girl
: P4(p1 previus season) LF support duoQ! Euwest! LOSING IS NOT AN OPTION
Verosk (EUW)
: LF plat support
Hey, i'm interested, i sent you an invitation In game
Rioter Comments
: TNL recruiting AD carry & Support
Hi i would like to know what rank is the group/ player, Anyways, i play mainly support nowadays, i'm currently plat 1 and i apprently ifill all the required conditions "tropcool" in game, feel free to invite and discuss
: Lag on the new Ranked champion select
I can't even select a role... server kick me out before


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