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not on this account m8. i got on another account lvl 30..for 3 years playing on it! i had no ban in last 6 all of a sudden this 2 one after another. as i just sayd before..i wish people get same treatment when you need to prove something and all your rights are taken away from you. cause riot wont move a muscle for this, nor read nor care about anything. and u know what is more absurde? that in a VIOLENT game, with blood and "deaths" you cannot curse! :)) their last reworks on banning system is just chieldish and completely absurd for a competitive violent game. I am not saying dont ban the guys who make death treaths, get cancer or die with all your family, but for calling nob and calling for report is just QQ. the typical 12 years old kids who see you curs them and they go tell momy!thats the riot and people from tribunal attitude. oh he is so rude... oh he disrespected calling his team nob, oh.... lets cry cause we cant stand so much complains...
: you really believe this guy? I didnt read 2 sentence that was telling "report j4 for flame or something" .I read 40 that are highly toxic for example : > pls report j4 for unskilled, 2nd time j4, calling us "%%%" and troll > he needs instaban > j4 muted and reported > u destory bot lane That was i guess at mid game and not when enemy team was at nexus. Its no the same with that: > Report j4 I dont say that asking for report is nice but its different spamming it whole game than just type it one time at end of game. __________ I also believe this guy hide most of this chat +he is lv 27 which means he flamed a lot and im 100% for that
I did not got banned on this account. but anyways ...i dont get people like you. i mean i know your type and i just dont get it. you complaing about people complaining about you. cause if you are the type of dude that gives a shit about anything like others say when they come ranked: i dont give a shit, is just a game (so why not go normals? but anyways..) you are not even that type of guy. you are the guy that cant stand people complaining about him, and you make complains for that! thats why you are here trying to point the finger on us about how much we complain. so i have to be banned because i complain about people in ranked who destroy games without saying nothing (acutally he did calld me %%% after first comment i did to him, thats why I sayd homophobic coments are instaban but couldent get to report him anyways.)! and thats the reason ranked games in lol are so rotten! because you dont need nothing more than lvl 30 to destroy the games of someone who wants to take this game more serious. because actually this is my problem. i only play ranked cause i want a better experience. a more higher lvl people ...but everyone knows that is not the care. cause HOW CAN YOU HAVE A BETTER and HIGHER LVL EXPERIENCE when ranked games have no criterias for letting people ranked?! anywas I just say bye bye... and wish you all get same treatment when u have a real LAW SUIT! you get away your rights to say anything, you cant prove what the others sayd (now you only get what you said not enemys, that is not important in takign a decision in real life nor in a game), etc etc etc..all this COMUNIST decisions riot took for what can and cant say in game, how bans work and tribunal...just communist mentality!
: Hmm....Im usually the guy who tells that the Thread starter is toxic as fvck...but in this case, I really dont see anything ban worthy in your chat....either you are lying or you've been banned for no real reason
i swear this was the only think i had in email. i was quite toxic player is my second permaban...first one like 3 years ago..and since last ban i just try not to curs the trolls, but as i see now riot dont like people talking...thats it! period ! so i get "get cancer" and "die you and all of your familly" type of coments....and for calling someone bad and ask for report on a total troll and feeder, i get permaban :) is just funny I know they wont change anything...but riot has this so comunist policy on what you talk about. 1 of my other chat logs from the 14 days it was for no insult at all, not even asking for reports. i just talk a lot...cause i was playing with low lvl accounts and was explaining how to do..some dude reported me and ....that game entered in the "inflamatory conduct" that got me 14 days banned. as I sayd I know it wont change nothing..just posting it here, cause I feel like is pathetic. riot becomes more pathetic patch by patch... and than there are the "Fabulous Unicorn " type of guys who with no other life what so ever enjoy being cocky and kiss some riot buts thinking it will never happen to him. (you are just a sick person by the way dude! with that trashy attitude!) I am not saying I dont talk because I do, and is a competitive game and as in all competitive sports people get mad when they practice or play they curse, they fight...the only thing you can do in an online game where you dont see the other players (who destroy your game and your time is telling them something they guy you suck.. pls uninstal, and ask for other players to report him. but nope! maybe all my team reports that guy, maybe we even honor between us or i get honorable opponent, but still if the trash who likes to troll reported me i am considered for ban!) again: just pathetic! gl to all decent players out riot and the cocky kids like fabulous have no good things to say or wish. (excuse my english by the way, not my first language ^^)
: 1. you don't get perma banned before you have been punished multiple times before. 2. asking for reports is a serious violation of the summoners code. 3. i doubt that these are the only logs they gave you.
THE ONLY ONE! yea i'v been banned for 14 days yesterady. i played like 3 games since than and now this... the only thing i have in my email!
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