Kioshek (EUNE)
: Shaco's boxes
I main shaco and its true comet never worked or other item passive or rune. But boxes can put you slow when attacking foes.
chεf (EUW)
: Bye Bye Ranked Awards Part 2!
Every player need to click esc then go to interface and desactivate chat or /mute all. And if you are that player who are constantly chat to the enemy team for exemple "Report my team" or "Report adc". I want to tell you "Stop get some help", we dont care if your team feed us just chat for your team ok?. Or dont chat at all and then report them after the game simple as that.
: Will ranked matchmaking be fixed when the season starts? like mine, My team full of iron, bronze and unranked and theirs full silvers. AHAHAHAHaA and I think not, this is old this problem its allways here sooooo good luck.
WTF? You int in game and you blame riot for ban you? Comeone kid grow up. Why you are so cast to meta picks? I like to play alistar jungle and I can win, I play maokai mid and I can win, I play zac supp and guess what I can win. Go and try new solutions this is a game for people having fun. And you get mad because a normal game? Wow just wow, this prove my point of view why this comunity get´s so mad about a normal game or even in a fun mode? Just stop pls, really dude just stop, go play single player games if you dont have the maturity to play with another people. Sorry but I needed to say the true.
Eratos (EUW)
: Plz focus on trolers...god damn it.
{{champion:48}} the only troll in League of Legends.
: Unplayable game at this point...
Try to carry your self pick mid. Its the easiest lane to carry a game. If you go supp you will cry alot, every people are diferent because in that elo only 5% know the mechanics of the game. You cant blame, do normals and train mid lane, and you will ranking up dont blame RIOT this game is too big, they cant ban everyone. They have stuff to do like make the game fresh, you dont know because you dont have a game with millions of people registered. You will caught people of all age I know its boring and sometimes anoying but you need to carry on.
: I love these kind of "tips for low elo" {{sticker:sg-syndra}} ... And everybody gets excited and happy now they are gonna finally get out of low elo... HELL NAH, BRUH. The real reason why most players get stuck in low elo is because of feeders, afkers, flamers and so on.. I lost a matches because people get mad, leave, flame, feed, (sometimes all of that above in 1 game). You can ward here and there as much as you want, but if enemy Yasuo is 5/1/0 and my Zed is 0/5/0, there is no help. Or when somebody is trying new champion (and of course he is in my team) and he ends up being 2/5/1..... starts flaming and raging... It is very hard to play against those players, and most of the time they don't get punished which is sad. If you really wanna climb up you gotta leave your ego and temper behind...
They do not look at map, That is my first tip and the much have. What is the problem to try new champs in normal games? Normal games is for players to train I dont know why every mode fun or not have flamers I cant understand this comunity. Flaming in ranked is normal because people want to ranked up when having 6 or 7 win streak and cant pass the promo. Ok i get it, but they dont know how to speak each other they insult so much and that will bring bad karma to all team, that game is a 98% a lose. But flaming and insulting so hard in a normal match, aram or one for all, that my friend I cant understand. Almost all the time I see the enemy jungler team try for their luck to gank and my team have the ward but cant see them xD, when I want to laugh I not ping just for the lols because they will blame someone else and not themselfs.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That map is pretty old, i guess it's a good enough as a direction where to aim to ward, but the 3 ward limit makes things alot more complicated, which is where my "when" issue comes. You have to take into consideration your teams position and possible future actions. Map is also lacking some wards locations since the introduction of plants(specific champion match ups can change them too).
The wards spot from the images work well. And this is only a basic tips ofc you need to counter evelin or twicth but that map works for the general. Like I said this is only a basic tips, you need to use your brain, because league have more than 100 champs. I will not make tips for that much xD.
Levıathan (EUNE)
: Hey there, I have to say that is a good guide you made, I once searched for a guide as good as this but I wasn't successful. This will help a lot of new players that want to climb {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks mate for your vote apreciated.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > Allways put wards, wards, wards and more wards. I can get 60 vision points in 25/30 min. this sounds a bit missleading, early in the game you have to be really smart with how and when you use your wards and it doesnt change much later on with you having only 3 wards in your inventory and going back too often is not good. wards should be used like a precious recource, in the right places and right time.
You have a link for images where to put wards you saw it? In "WHERE TO WARD (images)" section
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: Then counter her. Or run away. Both are options. Don't fight her in her shroud unless you have a sure-proof way of hitting her.
Say that to my team ;)
Infernape (EUW)
: That's the point. It prevents certain champions like Akali being completely nullified by a single item.
Then its a farm kills in game for her. She is so strong, and we cant do nothing about it. I dont know if high rankeds play with her but silver at least is so hard play against her. I can counter her with galio or other champ with area attacks. But if I use a champ without that attacks I gona die and my team too.
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