: 1 Simple change to Yasuo that would resurrect the champion for SoloQ play once again
fallen of his prime lol he is still perma ban almost every game cancerous q wich cd reduce with as and can knock up and crit , wall that cancell all skillshot even ultimate perma dash for free on creep and a free 50% armor pen ult which can be used with lot of champ. You're not supposed to 1v 2or higher player with one combo ... that champ even if he 0 10 like vayne and jax 2 item and he is god of 1v1 if he need something its probably a limit on his dash and a nerf on his passive which give too many things or reduce the armro pen with his ult
: been using yasuo for a while
you serious ? as if that champ wasn't enough cancerous can dash to the infiny cna kill you with berserker boots first item and have jsut %%%%%%ed dmg he need a real nerf not a buff .
: Need Your Thoughts On What Is The Best Champion To Climb With?
rushed silver 4 to gold 3 with yorick kayle urgot panth malhzard top and cait bot jsut take your best and spam it but don't forget to ban your hard counter
NaG4zaK1 (EUW)
: nerf
well i play her top with mortal tempo with ad ad and armor ( the bonus you choose) and ignite i take the risk to die but i can kill early why take phase rush when you can trinity XD ( berserker boots brk nashoor tooth guinsoo and either trinity/frozen and ga/zonya max e first then q ) the change they did was logic nobody play kayle ap its useless ( i miss the first kayle with the 1 ap ratio on a and good ratio on w e ) before she started with 56 ad because adaptative dmg went to ap now she is easier to play Take malhazard top and the game is done she can't farm and you outdmg her and in worst case jsut ban her like yasuo yorick zed and co she have strong late its the aim from 1 to 11 she is jsut easy to kill because she is melee
NaG4zaK1 (EUW)
: nerf
i play her a lot and vs her at top and she is very easy to kill from 1 to 11 you pick champ like riven jax panth anything that can dash on her face and crush her her early is weak as hell because all her skill cost lot of mana its sure if you let her farm and get to 11 you're %%%%ed
Megidus (EUW)
: More feeders this season than any other season
i confirm silver is full of brain dead people player who instalock kayle top/mid first ( you take panth you rip her open from 1 to 18 ) adc who can't farm and people who try a champ in ranked or just troll like soraka jungle
: Is Kayle getting a nerf?
as if her early was good you can farm her from 1 to 11 now she will be even more behind everyone... better nerf sylas rengar and other op champ
Älücard (EUW)
: New Kayle is awesome
she is good but her early suck really hard everything cost lot of mana and she is melee until 11 so almost everyone can kill you vs champ like darius and other who you can kite its good but vs things like riven yasuo jax fiora or anything that can dash like a %%%%%% its out of question
: Kayle is too overpowered after her rework
people complain about kayle but she is free kill until lv 11 and she have a lot of counter inf act anything that have a dash can kill her she is very slow and all her skill cost lot of mana pref fight a kayle than a jax/yasuo or anyone who can 1v3 kill the 3 and can go back farm easily
: Just the typical guy who wants to say a few words about the game before quitting it for good.
well kayle is really weak until 11 you camp her the work is done you pick jax fiora or anything that can reach her its the same you probably played with boosted player or just hard troll x) the best i got was g2 last season and it was already hell i really wonner what are the lv of ,troll in plat diamond and higher XD
: Kayle Adaptative Force
right now her early is very very weak because she is melee until lv 11 before that you are behind everyone one lane in farm and you can't even try to kill the other because you will be oom veryf ast
: There's 2 kinds of people complaining about the ranked system:
the issue right now is that people who doesn't belong to xxx division are feeding there ( was gold last season but wow sivler this season is littteraly hell ) you can't win the game if one of your mates is already 0 6 before 15min vs a hyper carry tried the flex got a inter kayle 0 9 who afj after feeding the veigar it was jsut impossible to win with his dmg
: Two of the worst cases from the new ranked system ive seen
this season is horrible was gold 4 last season now im stuck s3-s2 with all troll feeder and first time champ ... they really need to improve ranked matchmaking
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Does Malzahar have too much going for him in his kit?
i main him and i pref the old one if you fight vs anything which ahve aoe your w is useless because your minion instant die your q is very easy to dodge, your e is good but use lot of mana and sometime bug and stop to give mana for no reason and your ult need either a rework or a buff bugged as hell
: New keystone for Yasuo?
that champ still need a serious nerf all his kit is free no mana op wall op ult wich give 50% armor pen.... you can be 0 10 2 item you 1v1 everyone ( ps : brand zyra and other are supposed to be nerfed but when its annoying to see a brand melt your hp with only a lyandry and rilay + passive one ult in a tf and the job is almost done , zyra the same but with even less risk with her plant and maybe the walking joke sylas was already good still buffed him what next up again vayne ....
: Is it me or Conqueror feels really dogshit on Darius?
with darius i take mortal tempo why bother with conqueror when you can full stack veryfast with mortal tempo and the attack speed mastery and trinity conqueror very good on champ who essentially use aa or use lot of skill


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