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: Let me guess ... u never had a bad game where u lost ur lane or got camped by the Jgl cuz u are the Challenjour god we need but dont deserve amirite? Tell them how a System can look into the Future and only give u the "good"players. With such a system in mind both teams should be 0/0 and the games goes unlimited since no1 makes a mistake This shit doesnt work... The MM is fine
First of all, thanks for the reply. I never said "look at me i am the greatest". I've said i have a problem and maybe more importantly, searching the board i see i am not the only one that sees a problem and i do not believe that the other people or i are mongrels that can't understand that "the system is fine" because it has no flaws. As an example i looked into 7 -10 games that i lost during a week times and i considered the matchmaking to be unbalanced. I've seen a theme: large discrepances between divisions ( ex a diamond V player vs 2 gold I players with 70 % win rate, the diamond player lost btw...) and they picked champions they have low win rate with. The second one can be attributed to stupidity and maybe will be addressed with the updates that are coming with positional rank but the first one doesn't seems right. Harder division locks might help a ton the quality of the games. I do not mind to wait 3-5 minutes more for a quality game than a shlt show. I also would like to see a system that rewards good players. I have been carried myself from time to time and truthfully i didn't deserve that 20 lp compared to the one that carried me. Or if i did, he deserved 60 lp. This situation most than any needs to be addressed: individual impact on the game must be measured and connected to elo and not only the win rate of a player.
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: > [{quoted}](name=urgeN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=J1XFkGu3,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-24T18:53:35.573+0000) > > You don't judge their overall skill, you judge what has been revealed in your current game. The overall skill statistic will be a sum of the skill that has been revealed in individual games. Doesn't even mean you're qualified to actually see the skill they displayed.
There is a player's elo ( what i've expressed a little confusing maybe as overall skill) then there's the player's performance in a specific game.
: > MAKE EVERY PLAYER RATE THE OTHER PLAYERS. Ah ye. I think I even know what those ratings are going to be. > /all report jungle x9 thank you > /all ff 15 report bot ffs
I proposed that enemy players should rate too, the opinion of your adversary is many times even more relevant than the opinion of your teammates.
urgeN (EUW)
: I love this thread already. It would be nice to hear more opinions.
EDIT: The player rating multiplier that i proposed can be tweaked to reduce the elo gain/loss or increase it. I aim to making possible a situation when a player played exemplary 3 games, he lost the first two, won the third and gained a slight elo boost, simply because he was rated highly.
Shamose (EUW)
: I don't even trust 4 strangers to win me a game. Let alone for them to decide if I can play another. This system is just stupid all around.
You will be allowed to enter the queue again if you rated all the players, including the enemy team. They will not be able to enter the queue again if they did not rate all the players after the game. That was the idea.
: There is just one problem with that: Players are absolutely shitty at judging other peoples performance even remotely accurately. Part of the reason (apart from all the human flaws and biases) is the simple fact that, during a match, you don't even see everything your teammates are doing for roughly 90% of the time. How could you possibly judge someone's skill accurately if have only a tiny part of the information that is necessary to do so? Even if people were perfectly objective, without any human flaws, limitations or biases (which applies to absolutely no one)...the judgment would still be nonsense because the required information is not there.
You don't judge their overall skill ( the actual elo of a player), you judge the performanceof the player in your current game. The overall skill (elo) statistic will be a sum of the results of the player's games(win/lose) multiplied by ratings (?) multiplied by the impact his role can have on the game(?) //there are boundaries to each role, as an example you don't ask a support to tank 50K damage in a game to perform great. Depending on your role you expand less or more energy to clarify the information in the game. For example as a jungler you have the most consistent view of the map and pretty much should know how everyone is performing and where the enemy jungler is presumably at. Some simple questions to determine if someone is doing his/her job ? Can he/she farm ? Does he/she have more creeps than the enemy laner ? Is he/she counter-picked? Has he/she picked a wrong champion for the team ? Does he/she roam if possible ? Does he /she lose lane 1 v 1 ? Does he she lose and still push ? Does he/she controls the mechanics of his/her champion? How does he/she position in team fights ? How does he/she perform in team fights ? Does he/she understand and joins team objectives ? ( dragon/baron/ team tower pushing/ preparing for teamfight) Does he/she has good item build ? And a few more... Whatever role i choose, be it toplane/botlane/midlane or jungle i know that i have the possibility to roam and i look at how the others perform. The fact that the information isn't there is false because you are actively participating in the game and observing all the information, the difficult aspect is to be able to process all the information ( part of the macro aspect of the game) and still be fine with your mechanics and beeing able to transition to team objectives. After every game i know how all of the enemies performed and of course my own teammates. You also have the stats @ end game to see the damage / tanked damage / supporting / farm etc.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: 99% of the players cant even tell their own mistakes and you want them to rate others gameplay?
You may not realize your own mistakes sometimes, but you may able to admire some people sometimes and thus being able to perfect yourself and realize your mistakes.
urgeN (EUW)
: Bringing democracy to LOL
I love this thread already. It would be nice to hear more opinions.
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urgeN (EUW)
: The state of ranked
Just to make myself clear and not be misunderstood: League is a **beautiful** game and has progressed in many aspects over the years. By generating this poll i want to **investigate the current state of ranked**. My current opinion is that the matchmaking algorithm is **unhealthy** for a player that desires to** improve** himself and win games, simply because rather than generating an environment that incentivizes you to play your best, it incentivizes you to play more to obtain that "prestige" of a higher rank. Also i must add, because in many games via third-parties u spy on your teammates stats , because you want to win or because you don't want a **headache**, you will **dodge** games... **A LOT**...unfortunately a very unhealthy practice for any game. The fact that people are dodging is a symptom the matchmaking ain't right.
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