Aiorya (EUW)
: If teddy decides to report you you actually will get banned for what you said to him xd
teddy and the other one who is called idiot arent even playing the game I dont even know why the answer me
: Really makes ur case much easier to read
cant even find a swear word can you? no you are just deluded? Btw why do I even answer you, you play bot games.
: yes
Game 1 In-Game vMrPoppy: mb vMrPoppy: we saw him vMrPoppy: we saw him vMrPoppy: stfu vMrPoppy: we saw him vMrPoppy: in my jungle vMrPoppy: I run vMrPoppy: take my farm vMrPoppy: enjoy vMrPoppy: anything more to say? vMrPoppy: next one is i am afk vMrPoppy: syndra report morg vMrPoppy: sdo bad vMrPoppy: ggs vMrPoppy: open ,id vMrPoppy: jsut open vMrPoppy: mid vMrPoppy: mid lost after 5 ganks vMrPoppy: like how bad are you? vMrPoppy: report her and m,organa too vMrPoppy: its open mid you can herald and end vMrPoppy: without me there is no team at all vMrPoppy: it is vMrPoppy: it is vMrPoppy: just herald group mid vMrPoppy: and end vMrPoppy: we have a bot who is literally running it down vMrPoppy: and a mid that lost lane after I literally %%%%ed jhin vMrPoppy: ilaoi goes kelpto vs range top vMrPoppy: big brain vMrPoppy: says the 0/10 vMrPoppy: running it down supop vMrPoppy: ITS MY TIME vMrPoppy: just report them pls vMrPoppy: im afk base I wont even waste 40 minutes to have a 30 death morg vMrPoppy: nice one syndra vMrPoppy: nice kick ass vMrPoppy: he said it vMrPoppy: hwe ias legit trolling vMrPoppy: yes vMrPoppy: kepto vs ranged top vMrPoppy: klepto vMrPoppy: 9x morgana made the game unplayble vMrPoppy: syndra is just dogshit vMrPoppy: cant report vMrPoppy: says the intentional feeder Post-Game vMrPoppy: funny gam vMrPoppy: with 1 intentional feeder vMrPoppy: you are deluded my friend vMrPoppy: that league s9 vMrPoppy: the intentional feeder vMrPoppy: says to report someone vMrPoppy: insane isnt it? vMrPoppy: and the enemy team agrees vMrPoppy: thats actually no true vMrPoppy: you started inting vMrPoppy: since min 1 vMrPoppy: bad game hahahahah vMrPoppy: actually im gonna take screenshots vMrPoppy: of tzhis vMrPoppy: and send it to riot vMrPoppy: morgana vMrPoppy: say bye to your acc vMrPoppy: in the screenshot vMrPoppy: I will vMrPoppy: vMrPoppy: 14 days ban inc for you vMrPoppy: I got 14 days for doing the same morg did vMrPoppy: I got several people banned vMrPoppy: inters vMrPoppy: 14 days vMrPoppy: some perma vMrPoppy: you are just too lazy to report them with a ticket vMrPoppy: 0? vMrPoppy: lol vMrPoppy: im in game
: That's not how reports work
Thats actually how the report system work. An automated bot by riot who gets triggered by reports,
: That's not how reports work
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